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  • Best Trade in Simulation Baseball

    What do you feel was the best trade you ever made in a simulation baseball league? (or Yahoo! Fantasy League, it doesn't matter)

    I don't mean to brag, so I'm not going to share mine, but I'm interested to see what others people have done, what amazing steals people have made.

    I once saw a trade where one guy traded Roy Oswalt for Mike Maroth!!!
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    From my Customized HH2001 Sim League

    -The New York Mets traded LHP Billy Traber, C Hal Bevan, and C Kurt Suzuki to the Chicago White Sox for C Mickey Cochrane.

    Traber was coming off an arm injury and while he developed a sinker, it wasn't in time to help the White Sox (claimed by the Baltimore Orioles in the Rule V Draft), Bevan was 41, and Suzuki had no MLB experience (though would become an above average player). Cochrane belted his way into the Hall of Fame and is currently my manager. Also, while I didn't do it...

    -The Cleveland Indians traded RHP Ervin Santana and LHP Blake McGinley to the Cincinnati Reds for LHP Herb Score, LHP Dave Williams, and Minor League RHP Alex Main.

    This could have been the most lopsided trade any one team made. The aging Ervin Santana lasted just one season with Cincinnati before being shipped to the White Sox and then hooking on with the Yankees for half a season. Blake McGinley was actually a pretty good combo LOOGY/Long Reliever and certainly better than Dave Williams was in the same role. Herb Score was 35 years old at the time of the trade, but hadn't lost his touch. Pitching until he was 42, he would win 20 games three times with Cleveland. Alex Main also turned out pretty good too, once winning 25 games in a single season (albeit a fluke). The Indians turned into the AL Central juggernaut. The Reds, while a contender, were severely cost wins. The motivation behind the trade appears to be McGinley, since the Reds lacked a reliable left-handed reliever. Even in simulation baseball, teams will do anything for lefties. Including give up other lefties for them.
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      Worst: Trading Wily Mo Pena, who would become a back-to-back MVP, for Andy Sisco.

      Best: Trading Jermaine Dye (who would be released halfway through the year) for Jason Bay, Mike Vento, and T.J. Tucker, two of whom were all-stars.


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        my fantasy league this year is going crazy. It's a 20 team 25 man roster league. First I pick up Towles out of the free agent pool. Then some guy puts Johjima on the block so I figured why not make an offer( you can never be sure with catchers) and I get him for Mora. Not really a steal, but with O's in transition I think Mora is set for a bad year. Then I look and someone releases Votto so I pick him up for nothing. Next day I get a trade offer, the guy gave me Moises Alou for Mark Loretta. Sure Alou is always hurt, but him at 50 games is better then Loretta for 100(which he won't sniff this year barring injuries). And my outfield was real weakness. Now today I pick up Eric Byrnes off the waiver wire. All this and I have A-Rod and a bunch of other good players already. I almost want to quit cause so far it has been too easy. Maybe I will release a big name guy if I get off to a early lead.
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          Here are some trades I've done in my two fantasy leagues:

          Traded Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon for Johan Santana and Billy Wagner

          Beckett could lose some time with blisters, Papelbon may be babied again. Santana will get more starts. Wagner is a downgrade but not by much. I might trade him if he has another good first half.

          Traded Russell Martin and Peter Moylan for BJ Upton and Brandon Phillips
          Absolute steal for me. While a very good C, Martin may not have the same numbers as last year (played 151 games, rare for a catcher). I also have Geovany Soto as my C. I have Phillips to play 2B replacing Yunel Escobar (who is a UTIL guy now) and add Upton to an already loaded OF with Sizemore, Delmon Young, Chris Young, Jay Bruce, and Reggie Willits.

          Traded Greg Maddux for Mark Buehrle
          The other guy offered it. Maddux is consistent but is declining while Buehrle should improve.

          Traded Homer Bailey, Matt Cain, and Jhonny Peralta for Hanley Ramirez and Yovani Gallardo
          Bailey and Cain have suspect mechanics and could be injured. I already have a good rotation and I like Gallardo more than Bailey and Cain. Upgrade Peralta to Ramirez which is very good.
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