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FBBL Retro - Beginning 1989 Season (OOTP League)

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  • FBBL Retro - Beginning 1989 Season (OOTP League)


    We just wrapped up our first season with the Oakland Athletics beating the San Diego Padres in a 4 game sweep. We are now entering the off-season and have four open teams to fill. All of these teams are pretty much untouched from the way they were originally when the league began with pretty much their entire core rosters. So, it's not like you'll be inheriting someone elses mess.

    Now, we do have some rules that are rather unique (I guess?) as far as no contract extensions until July 1st, in game and things like that. We just voted the franchise tag out so you can ignore that section in the FAQ. It no longer applies. Here is the FAQ with all of the rules explained. I urge you to read it before joining:

    You also must own a copy of OOTP 2007 or OOTP 8 which you can obtain here: in order to participate.

    We sim three times a week and have a three man commissioner panel. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are our sim times.

    Any other questions or if you'd like to join, please e-mail us at [email protected] -- DO NOT PM ME ON HERE OR SIMPLY POST IN THIS THREAD, I DO NOT COME HERE THAT OFTEN! -- one of us will square you away once you send us a proper application to [email protected].

    Here are the open teams.

    TEAM: Detroit Tigers
    1988 Record: 84-78
    FARM: 16th featuring Jim Abbott, SP
    FINANCIAL: In great financial shape
    BIG NAMES: Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris

    TEAM: Kansas City Royals
    1988 Record: 95-67
    FARM: 22nd featuring 1988 ROY Tom Gordon, SP
    FINANCIAL: In great financial shape
    BIG NAMES: Danny Tartabull, George Brett, Bo Jackson (LOADED ROSTER!)

    TEAM: California Angels
    1988 Record: 85-77
    FARM: 17th featuring Dave Justice, RF
    FINANCIAL: On a tight budget
    BIG NAMES: Chuck Finley, Wally Joyner and Bryan Harvey.

    TEAM: Chicago Whitesox
    1988 Record: 70-92
    FARM: 8th featuring Jack McDowell
    FINANCIAL: In excellent financial shape
    BIG NAMES: Harold Baines, Melido Perez and Carlton Fisk.

    Here is a link to our forums:
    Here is a link to the webpage:
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