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Did I draft a good team or does it Blow???

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    Originally posted by holyroman
    what!! kent on the DL. what did he do get in a fist fight with a team mate?
    Don't be ridiculous, it was with his car wash utensils
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      i see where he got hit in the arm with a pitch, but i don't see any mention of the DL yet, but thats why I have biggio a pretty good backup


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        Thank god for that injury!!! Kent had like 8 or 9 rbi's againsy the braves this series.
        Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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          Here's my team in a 7 team league

          C Varitek
          1B Pujols
          2B Cantu
          3B Glaus
          SS M. Young
          OF Damon
          OF H. Matsui
          OF Winn
          Util Konerko
          BN M. Ordonez
          BN Biggio
          BN Blalock
          BN Pierre
          BN R. Howard

          SP C. Zambrano
          SP Colon
          RP Street
          RP Jenks
          P F. Cabrera
          P J. Beckett
          P Capuano
          GOT ALBERT?
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            Originally posted by HankAaron86
            C Javy Lopez
            1B Chad Tracy
            2B Placido Polanco
            3B Aramis Ramirez*
            SS Rafeal Furcal
            OF Vlad *
            OF Geoff Jenkins
            OF Vernon Wells
            Util Sean Casey
            BN Milton Bradley
            BN Shea Hillenbrand
            BN Luis Castillo
            BN David Dellucci

            SP Jake Peavy*
            SP Chris Capuano
            RP B.J. Ryan
            RP Eddie Guadardo
            P Justin Duchsherer
            P Kyle Farnsworth
            P Livan Hernandez
            DL Ben Sheets

            Here's my team in another league of 12.

            Pending trades:
            V.Wells and S.Casey for B.Abreu and N. Swisher ( he can play first )
            Now ranked 1st out of twelve in this one!!
            Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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              Should I accept Burrell and Sheilds for Casey and Guadado???
              Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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                Originally posted by HankAaron86
                Should I accept Burrell and Sheilds for Casey and Guadado???
                I did, here is my updated roster.

                C J. Lopez
                1B C. Wilson ( swinging a hot bat )
                2B P. Polanco
                3B A. Ramirez
                SS R. Furcal
                OF C. Tracy
                OF B. Abreu
                OF G. Jenkins
                UTIL O. Vizquel
                BN M. Bradley
                BN P. Burrell ( Doesn't have game tonight )
                BN J. Morneau

                Sp J. Peavy
                Sp C. Capuano
                RP S. Sheilds
                RP B. Ryan
                P J. Duchsherer
                P K. Farnsworth
                P T. Glavine
                BN J. Marquis
                Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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