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  • Amateur Draft Redux

    The official draft tracker of the Major League Baseball draft including ranking, schools, and draft order.

    Complete draft history of the amateur draft from 1965-present. I don't think we should be bothering redoing the draft from last year, since we have no way of knowing how good the players will be. So I am open to suggestions of what years we should cover. Basically, I am looking for 19 more people. The draft started in 1965, and there were 20 teams then. There is the problem of expansion, so when a new team comes into play, I will ask for a volunteer to take a second team. Once you have taken a second team, you will not be asked to take another unless it is absolutely necessary. I am not trying to recreate the history of each franchise, rather, I am curious who you think each franchise would have taken in the draft given hindsight. There is another problem, which is that certain teams that either drafted poorly or were forced to keep their salary low will end up in the draft history as having quite a few high draft choices, which may skew the results, given our knowledge of the quality of the players drafted. I should note here that we are doing the first round only of each draft. But to continue with my previous thought, would you prefer we stick with the original draft order for each year, or do it snake-style after the first draft is completed, that is, 1966 would be the reverse of 1965, and so forth? Or perhaps something else entirely? Again, I am open to suggestion.

    So here is what I need you to do. Let me know if you want to join, choose your team (only those that were around for the 1965 June amateur draft), choose which years you want this project to cover (1965-?), and give your opinion on how we should deal with the draft order. I know we've just had a fantasy draft, but this might be different enough to be interesting.
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