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  • Your MLB 08 player

    Here's mine -

    Name - PJ Reid (My real name)
    Height - 5'7
    Weight - 163
    Position - LF
    2nd Position - OF
    Bats - Left
    Throws - Right
    Number - 34
    Batting Stance - Victor Martinez
    Team - Syracuse Chiefs
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    *My real name*
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 214 lbs
    Position: LF
    Second Position: RF
    Bats: Switch
    Throws: Right
    Number 22
    Batting cleanup
    Batting stance: Sean Casey
    Team: NY Mets
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      Name-Bryce Maddox
      Primary Position-RF
      Secondary Position-OF
      Originally posted by bhss89
      "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
      Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
      Originally posted by ChineseDemocracy
      Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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        Name - Paul Masing
        Height - 6'4
        Weight - 220
        Position - 1B
        2nd Position - OF
        Bats - Left
        Throws - Left
        Number - 16
        Batting Stance - Carlos Delgado
        Team - San Antonio Missions

        .323/.390/.540 8 homers 25 rbi 17 runs in 124 at bats

        Blacksilver... I like your players last name!
        Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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          Name - Bobby Evans
          Height - 6'5"
          Weight - 233
          Position - CP
          Second Position - n/a
          Bats - L
          Throws - L
          Number - 43 (wanted 45)
          Pitching Motion - Generic 17 (not sure, it's a nice easy, fluid motion)
          Team - Montgomery Biscuits

          Halfway through the season as a setup guy, I've got about a 3.30 ERA. I've been playing Franchise mode a lot more, though.


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            Hope '07s good enough
            Name:Randy Smithe
            Wind-up:I think Koufax
            Has the tools to be a star. 102 mph heater. Devastating change and dangerous curve.
            Best performnce: For Boston 12 K,4 H,8.0 Inn.


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              Name - Maximillion Corbett (definitely not my real name)
              Height - 6' 4"
              Weight - 222 lbs
              Position - SS
              2nd Position - 2nd
              Bats - Left
              Throws - Right
              Number - 34
              Batting Stance - Ken Griffey Junior
              Team - AA West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx

              After a poor start to the Spring he picked it up getting a handful of RBIs and proved himself in clutch situations getting three walkoff hits including a walkoff homerun. Since Spring he's been in AA where he's been lucky enough to get a starting role after the normal second baseman got injured. He hit very well including a game where he hit for the cycle. After that performance he slumped. Now at the end of April he's got a .411 average with 3 homers and 12 RBI. Now I've got to find some way of getting 11 base on balls in the next month.
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                Randy is now the Boston ace winning 17 and 16 games in hi previous 2 seasons. He recently signeda 10 year deal with the Sox worth 9 mil. In his first start of the year he got the win although giving up 4 runs


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                  Why would you sign a ten-year deal if you're getting 900K per season?

                  In one of my MLB 07 careers, I was playing for the Orioles, making about 1.25M per, but I had a .885 OPS, stole 33 bases, and hit 31 HRs. So I opted out, went to the D-Backs, and signed a two-year deal worth 20M per.


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                    Name - Frank W*********
                    Height - 5'10
                    Weight - 155
                    Position - SP
                    Bats - Right
                    Throws - Right
                    Number - 7 (No.8 On new team. :/)
                    Pitching Delivery - Lefty Gomez
                    Team - Houston Astros

                    This is modeled after my brother, who was a terrific pitcher in high school (he was kind of a junker, with a 89 MPH Fastball, but a deadly 12-6 curve, and a regular curve, and a circle change), but destroyed his shoulder in a freak skateboarding accident.

                    Started with the Pirates Double A tream, threw 4 CG SHO's in a row in AA in the second season and got called up. He left the Pirates at the end of this two-year contract, and went to Houston, where he was called up to the show less than a month into the season.
                    AL East Champions: 1981 1982
                    AL Pennant: 1982
                    NL Central Champions: 2011
                    NL Wild Card: 2008

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                      Name: Tom Tipono
                      Height: 6'3
                      Weight: 213
                      Position: SP
                      Bats: Left
                      Throws: Right
                      Number: 46
                      Pitching Delivery: Walter Johnson
                      Team: Houston Astros

                      4-seam: usually around 94-96 MPH
                      Cutter: nice break; reaches up to 90 MPH
                      Curveball: decent pitch; used least often
                      Sinker- my bad-boy beast:bowdown:. Usually gets the third strike.

                      Current Record in MLB- 8-4
                      ERA: 3.71
                      K's: 56
                      "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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                        I created myself as a CF trying to take over Melky Cabrera's spot on the Yankees. After a rough spring training, I went down to AA with the Trenton Thunder.

                        I'm about 60 games in... batting .305 with 6 HR's, 35 RBI's, and 65 stolen bases.

                        Just having a difficult time reaching these 'goals' as I'm looking for that promotion to AAA.

                        (MLB 08 for PS3)

                        My teams pretty bad though, were 10 games under .500 but I refuse to be traded since I want to stay in the Yankees organization.
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                          after signing that huge deal he played 3 more seasons for the Red Sox before he was shockingly traded to florida for Scott Olsen. After 7 grueling seasons with the Marlins(they sucked) Randy resumed playing for boston. he is now pitching for the Cardinals he is his mid thirties and has over 200 career wins
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                            So I get called up for the 3rd time during my fourth season of playing. This time around, I finally make it... as I'm the CF for the NY Yankees.

                            I win the....

                            Rookie of the Year
                            AL Playoff MVP
                            World Series MVP.

                            Come the off-season and I'm offered a 2-year deal to be the CF of the Triple A team. What the....
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                              is this game on ps2 seeing as i'm kind of a technological caveman lol
                              EAMUS CATULI

                              AC000000 IN 2008 2009 2010!!!!!


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