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  • Hows my team?

    Yahoo fantasy draft w/ 12 people.

    C Victor Martinez
    1B Travis Hafner
    2B Dustin Pedroia
    3B David Wright
    SS Michael Young
    OF Juan Pierre
    OF Aaron Rowand
    OF Vladimir Guerrero
    UTIL Brian McCann
    BN Willy Taveras
    BN Joey Votto
    BN Luis Castillo
    BN Jason Giambi

    SP Cole Hamels
    SP Rich Hill
    RP Fransisco Cordero
    RP Trevor Hoffman
    P Rafael Soriano
    P Bronson Arroyo
    P Joe Borowski
    BN Zack Grenkie
    Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)

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    When did you draft McCann? If you drafted Victor Martinez, I do not see why you would draft McCann.

    Votto and Taveras were good selections since you drafted Pierre and Rowand. I suspect both Rowand and Pierre will end up being dropped and Taveras and Votto will take their positions in your starting lineup. I just wonder when you drafted Rowand and Piere.

    You're pitching on the weak side. You'll need Grenkie to reach his potential to give you thre viable starters, that's if Hill doesn't regress this season. Hamels should be fine. I said three, because Arroyo isn't a viable starter. He isn't that good. He'll be projected between 12-14 wins and a ERA above 4.50, which isn't that good.

    I like Soriano heading into the season. I don't like Hoffman too much, but he should be fine. Cordero did have a meltdown in Texas, I do believe it could happen again. I like Cordero, but I did not believe he should have been ranked as high. Borowski a nice late round pitcher. If he's no good, it's not a big deal since you should have drafted him in the later rounds. He could just come back and lead AL in saves again, even if he's adventure.

    All and all, I believe you're team decent, but it's got holes. Two catchers? I like Martinez, but burning a early pitch on McCann then? Your pitching lacking on the starting rotation front. The closers, even if a couple fail, should be fine since you have four. You should win saves most of the weeks.


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      I think you got some offensive players. Good that you got both Vlad and Wright. I'm assuming they went 1 and 2?


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        Nice job grabbing Dustin.


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          I would try and trade Pierre away, he doesn't play full time.


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