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  • MLB 2K8 Difficulty Sliders

    As many of you already know, MLB 2k8 does not play like a baseball simulation. It is more of a homerun fest. When i first purchased this game, I was very disappointed. Not only were there alot of graphical quirks, etc, the game just did not play like Baseball... I have was playing 2k7 before this and had to adjust the difficulty sliders to make the game playable. The end result of a few hours trail and error adjustments and testing left me with a very solid baseball sim that was alot of fun to play. This years rendition has the same issues. Basically, i have spent a few days making adjustments to the sliders and have finally hit paydirt. The sliders that I have been using result in some very close, realistic games. Gone are the 10 homerun games, and the 20-0 loses. I have been having very good luck with these. If anyone would like them, I can post them here. Just send me a message requesting them or post within the thread.

    As a side note: you still get the achievements and cards when using my custom sliders. Also, once you save the sliders to your profile, you must re-enter them when entering your franchise and save them within the franchise for them to take effect. It was kind of a pain in the ass, but once you have my sliders, you only have to count the number of clicks from the left to the right and you're set.

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