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  • Wanting to join keeper league

    Me and a friend of mine are looking to join a keeper league. We are looking for a rotissare 5x5 style league where if you have 10 teams, the person with the most homers gets 10 points, the person with the fewest teams gets 1 point.

    we are also looking for a league with an online live draft (the weekend of March 25th-26th is the prefered time (with 25th the preferred date of the draft). i want to be able to make daily roster moves.

    i wouldnt mind getting in a league that will cost around $50-$75 bucks that the winner might get a little money back. But if I cant get in a league like that and have a free league with these options, i would join that. it doesnt matter if it is on yahoo or cbs sportsline, etc..

    email me at [email protected] and let me know.thanks.
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