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  • Your Fantasies Come True (baseball only)

    This is my first post here, so I am not sure how hardcore you guys are in terms of fantasy baseball. What I'd like to do is develop the perfect fantasy sports website for fantasy fans. What I can really use are opinions and a bit of beta testing to see what you guys think.

    The biggest thing I need opinions on is my mobile fantasy news feature on the website. Since not everyone has a web browser, I figured using text messages was the best way to let everyone use the service for free.

    Basically, it works like this. . .You open up your phone and send a text message to a specific email address (listed on the website). You can grab his player news or his fantasy stats. Let's say you want to know how A-Rod has faired in his last 3 games but can't get to a computer.

    You'd text "sL rod nyy" .

    sl -> stands for stats based on last name
    rod -> the shortened version of alex's last name (since typing it all out is a pain!)
    nyy -> the team call letters to narrow down the search.

    There is a lot more to it, but this is the abbreviated version of what I created. Please, beta test this for me and provide me feedback so I can make it better. If you think it sucks then be sure and tell me that as well.

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    Cool. Can't wait to try it out. Is it free other than txt charges?


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      Yeah, its completely free. I've also created a fantasy trade analyzer that can help evaluate players worth and who ends of getting the better deal.

      I still have a few more ideas in stored that will be coming soon


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