I'm looking for a little advice on how to draft, the best order to start with, etc.
We have 8 teams in a roto league, and we use R, RBI, HR, SB, PO, A, E, and AVG. for our hitter categories, and W, L, S, H, ERA, and WHIP for our pitcher categories. We also do an auto draft, since there's no way we could all be around to do it live.
I'm thinking that catchers and 3rd basemen are really hard to find, as the talent pool drops off fairly quickly. Contrast that with 1st basemen, where most sluggers reside.
Do you all think that it would be wise to go for catchers and 3rd basemen early in the draft, so that I get the cream of the crop? I was thinking of going for Victor Martinez, David Wright, and of course A-Rod. I was looking at last years stats and seems all the catchers really dropped in offense compared to previous years. Victor seems to be a good choice.
Another thing I'm trying to do is to go for players that other folks may overlook. Say for example that everyone goes for Pujols, A-Rod, etc. Of course only one person gets each player, so if they don't get one of these guys, they may end of with whatever is left over. I'm thinking I have a 1 in 8 chance of getting someone like Pujols, but if I go for some one lower on the totem pole while everyone else is fighting over Pujols, I'm more sure to get my pick, and then they end up with even lower guys.
Of course, this means I never get the cream of the crop.
What do you guys think?