Hi, I also wanted to play in a "Sabermetric" fantasy league, but none of my friends are into that stuff. So I am looking for members. Here are the stats and relative point values:

AB (-.5)
H (.5)
1B (.94)
2B (1.56)
3B (2.18)
HR (2.80)
SB (.60)
CS (-1.2)
BB (.66)
HBP (.66)

IP (1.12)
ER (-2)
BB (-.66)
HBP (-.66)
K (.2)

I got the offensive values by taking linear weights and multiplying through by two. For the pitching values the stat selection wasn't too good, but I tried my best to make it at least somewhat sabermetric. Please PM me if you are interesed in joining (it's a mid-season league so it'll start after all star break) and I'll send you the info.