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    I don't know why, but I just started playing MVP 06 (NCAA) again about a week ago, and got really hooked on it.

    In my fourth year as Notre Dame, ranked #5:


    RF Jimmy Navarro -- Transferred as a junior, this is his senior year. Good contact hitter, good speed, decent power, great glove, though arm leaves a little to be desired.
    CF Brandon Simokaitis -- JuCo transfer out of Virginia, 80 speed, power/contact around 80 vs. RHP, 80/92 vs. LHP, decent arm/glove, and he's about 5'7".
    LF Logan Rolison -- Minnesota native in his third year at ND, recruited as SS but has played LF since the arrival of Johnny Paquette as a transfer, 99 contact vs. both but awful power, nothing special in the field, 70 speed.
    3B Stephen Marks -- The only guy who has started in all four of my years here, Marks won Big East POY this year, and finished fifth in the national race. Slender build, but that's deceiving, as he hits for great power and contact (99/95 vs. RHP, 92/94 vs. LHP), has a great arm (95 strength, 99 accuracy), runs really well (92 speed), and, if there were Gold Gloves in college, would win one. A true five-tool guy who would be a top pick in the MLB draft.
    1B Matt Kleman -- Only the 199th-ranked HS prospect in the nation, Kleman was lightly recruited coming out of Massachusetts. Notre Dame was the only team to invite him to their campus, and he signed immediately after. Kleman has since blossomed into a great 1B, hitting 24 HRs with a .290 BA, and finished third in the Big East POY race.
    SS Johnny Paquette -- Good speed, great glove, great power (mid-90's vs. both). Not a great contact hitter, and his arm isn't outstanding, but he's a quality regular on a top team.
    DH Brandon Mairena -- Great power, decent contact, but a butcher in the field with no arm. If there was no DH, he wouldn't have a spot, but as it is, he's the only walk-on starting on my team.
    C Mike Jaime -- My top recruit my first year, he redshirted his freshman year. The next year he was a backup. He was going to start his RS sophomore year, but a couple weeks in, he sustained a serious injury and missed the rest of the season. He's finally healthy this year, and has been steady, if not spectacular, behind the plate.
    2B Chad Andrade -- The other four-year starter. He's not a superstar by any means, but he's got a great glove and hits about .270, though without power.


    Brian Lankford -- A senior, who just transferred from LSU, Lankford has to great pitches, his splitter and sinker. They are nearly unhittable. I tossed a one-hitter with Lankford in the regionals.
    Kyle Laguna -- Laguna, a UCLA transfer, has four plus pitches, including a fastball that regularly hits in the high 90's, and a deceptive 10-5 curve. He's just a sophomore now, and he's got the potential to go on to a long career in the majors.
    Rashad Martinez -- A freshman walk-on who won an open tryout for the third starter role, not much was expected of Martinez going into the season. He has surpassed almost every expectation, winning seven games with an acceptable 4.02 ERA. If he can keep this up, he'll be a part of ND's rotation for a few years.

    I had so much fun with this team, I had to document it. You don't have to care, this is more for me than anything else.

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