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Single year auction league, sabermetric format

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  • Single year auction league, sabermetric format

    Need a few owners to complete a single-year, NL-only league at Mendoza is the most advanced format in fantasy baseball. It has intricate, but intuitive sabermetric scoring rules (think "Baseball Prospectus") and an e-Bay style live auction that is exhausting but also totally exhilirating. Other Mendoza leagues also have a realistic keeper system with reserve clause and arbitration simulator, but the Mike Morgan Redraft League was set up by veteran Mendoza owners who enjoy buying a new team each year.

    This is a great way to get your feet wet in the Mendoza format with no ongoing obligation. You can take a guided tour of the format here: and when you're ready to sign up go here: and click an expansion team in the Mike Morgan Redraft League. Also feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions.

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    I was interested til I saw it costs $80.00 to be an owner.No Thanks.


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      The league fee is $30, which goes towards stats service, web hosting, etc. We do ask for an $80 deposit, which covers your league fee and gives you a $50 credit in the auction. You bid real money in the auction, and all the payroll money goes into a pool that is divided up among all owners. So you're out $30 to start with, but from there you can make or lose money depending on how wisely you spend in the auction.

      We're up to 9 owners now, and are looking for 12-14 to make a deep, competitive NL-only league. Give us another look, you won't be sorry.


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        Auctions tonight!

        Last chance to get in on a Mendoza league for 2006. Auctions 1 and 2 are tonight, 9 PM and 10 PM EST. Sign up for a franchise by going here:


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