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Owner needed for Diamond Mind League

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  • Owner needed for Diamond Mind League

    Its a keeper league with a get to use all time players, starting in their rookie years and moving up a year as you go!

    I have a great bunch of owners, but one has had to bail out do to personal reasons, and I need one more. Leecemark is an owner, if you doubt me, ask him is the link to the league page. Check it out, but be advised this is for Diamond Mind Owners only. The available team is the London BadHenry's, feel free to download the file and check them out.


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    OK that was fast....opening filled, thanks.


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      Bump....I need another one!

      One of my owners, a wonderful guy by all accounts, unfortunately passed away recently. His team will forever carry a part of his name as a tribute, but all other aspects of the team are available. First come, first served (as long as you own Diamond Mind that is).


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        Will take team

        I will take the open team if you still need an owner
        It's just throwing and catching and hitting and running. What could be simplier?
        Paul Richards Orioles Manager(1955-1960)


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          missed this post still interested?


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