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The ATHFBL Need's You!! A OOTP6.5 League

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  • The ATHFBL Need's You!! A OOTP6.5 League

    The ATHFBL Wants You:

    If you would like to join a great League and have a lot of fun, this is the one to join. We Sim 3 Games a day, 7 day's a week. If you've never been in a League before, and have thought about it. Then the ATHFBL is for you. We'll teach you, how much fun it is to control your very own Major League Baseball Team.

    ATHFBL, yes "Around The Horn Fantasy Baseball League" has opening's in it. 2007 is our fifth season, were in the play-offs, so this would be a great time to join. The 2006 Season we had 30 active GM's. So come join "The League That Cares About You". The ATHFBL.

    Our League uses OOTP6.5a. Also you don't need to have OOTP6.5a to join or play. Please mention you read this on Baseball Fever

    Open Team's: Will be a couple open in the off season.

    We are on MIRC and belong to FSZ. Our server is our room is ATHFBL, come check us out. Also on our Server you can go to Football, Basketball, Hockey, and more Baseball Leagues. That is the best thing about being on one server and in a bunch of Leagues. So with joining the ATHFBL your able to join the other Leagues, its a one stop shopping ordeal.

    Our web address is

    Or you can e-mail us at [email protected]

    Thank you, Rick (RJB7777777)

    ATHFBL ~ President, CEO & Co-Owner
    ATHFBL ~ St Louis Cardinals ~ Detroit Tigers
    ATHFBL-PL ~ President, CEO, & Co-Owner
    Web Site ~
    E-Mail Address ~ [email protected]
    League Forum ~
    League Page ~
    AIM ~ ATHFBL Rick
    Yahoo ~ ATHFBL_Rick

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