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    For a points only fantasy league, what's yoour guys thoughts on Jim Thome? He's been doing good in spring training, if that's any sign. I was offered Jim Thome for Carlos Lee, is it anything to consider?

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    I'd take Thome if he can stay healthy. White Sox will likely give Thome more ABs than the Brewers with Lee which = better stats.
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      I hear a lot of talk that Thome's dropped off the face of the earth. Last year was his first "bad" year so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.


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        It depends on what type of fantacy, if hes cheap take him, but for a draft id probly take him in the later rounds because of his heath, other wise he should still hit 25-30 hrs will a good amount of rbis
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          Dumb owners are everywhere in fantasy sports I know, but just so you know I picked up Thome off the wavier wire after this other guy in my league dropped him. I had a wavier priority of 11 out of 12 too.

          Think I dropped Prince Fielder but don't quite remember.


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