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  • Somewhat urgent fantasy question

    Ok I have this league that I play in with some friends. We usually do rotisserie style with point modifiers for each category. But this year, we wanted to try something different and play head-to-head. I know that you win or lose to an opponent each week. However, are the wins each week determined on a total number of points earned, or by who wins the most categories? If the latter (which I suspect it is), is there any way to play head-to-head for total points each week?

    Thanks a lot.


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    When playing Head to Head, the score at the end of the week is determined by categories. For example, in a regular 5x5 league, there is a total of 10 categories. If you win 6 of the categories and your opponent wins 4, then your record is 6-4 for the week and his is 4-6. Your weekly records then get added to your season record.

    The great thing about fanatsy baseball is that you can come up with just about any scoring format that you want. As long as all members of the league agree to a certain format, I dont see why you couldn't make it total FPs for the week vs their toal FPs for the week.
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