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    NL West

    June will be an interesting month in this division. The Dodgers, who have had a decent offense, above average defense and excellent pitching, have a nine game homestand against the Cardinals, Cubs and Pirates. After this homestand the Dodgers go on a nine game roadtrip against the same three teams. The Reds and the Astros will be hoping that the cream of the NL East can bring the Dodgers back down to Earth.

    The Reds have gone 10-3 in the last wo weeks, but have only gained two games in the standings because LA has gone 8-5. The Reds and the Astros are becoming good rivals this season. They have an excellent offense and an excellent defense. The only advantage that the Reds have is slightly better pitching.
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      The March to 3000

      Roberto Clemente entered thw season needing 118 hits to reach 3000. He spent almost the entire month of April on the DL and got off to a slow start he returned to the lineup.

      Clemente has 21 hits this season, and needs 97 to reach 3000. If he can remain relatively injury free, he should make it easily. He is currently batting .233.


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        June 3, 1972 Game of the week

        The Game of the Week is a contest between two first place clubs: the Oakland A's at Baltimore Orioles. Last night, in the first game of the series, Oakland won 3-2. Oakland brings a good offense while Baltimore features a dead ball like style

        It's a warm drizzly day at Memorial Stadium.

        The starting line-ups:


        Campaneris, SS (his first gane back after a 3 game suspension)
        Rudi, LF
        Jackson RF
        Epstein 1B
        Bando 3B
        Tenace C
        Mangual CF
        Green 2B
        Blue P

        Baylor LF
        Grich 2B
        Rettenmund CF
        Powell 1B
        Blair CF
        Robinson 3B
        Etchebarren C
        Belanger SS
        Dobson P

        The game develops into a fast moving pitchers duel. In the bottom of the 3rd, Etchebarren singles, Mark Belanger hit a long fly to center that Mangual misplays into a three base error which scores Etchebarren, Dobson then singles scoring Belanger which gives Baltimore two unearned runs.

        The rest of the game is scoreless.

        The final line:

        Oak 000 000 000-0 R 3 H 1 E
        Bal 002 000 000-2 R 3 H 0 E

        Dobson raises his record to 8-4, Blue drops to 3-6. Light hitting Andy Etchebarren goes 2 for 3.

        Other games today:

        Cal 000 000 003-3 9 0
        Cle 400 012 00x-7 14 0
        W-Colbert (1-2) L-Wright (2-10)

        Tex 000 000 000-0 3 0
        Mil 100 100 00x-2 6 0
        W-Lockwood (2-2) L-Bosman (7-5)

        Min 000 400 000-4 7 0
        Det 000 000 200-2 5 0
        W-Kaat (7-1) L-Coleman (6-6)

        NYY 200 135 000-11 15 0
        Chi 030 200 000-5 10 0
        W-McDaniel (1-0) L-Bradley (5-7)

        Bos 000 100 111-4 9 1
        KC 000 000 100-1 7 0
        W-Curtis (1-0) L-Nelson (5-3)

        Atl 200 500 001-8 11 0
        NY 000 000 011-2 4 0
        W-Schueler (2-0) L-Gentry (1-7)

        Cin 200 000 030-5 15 0
        Phi 101 011 20x-6 10 0
        W-Fryman (5-6) L-Billingham (7-4) S-Hoerner (2)

        Pit 000 200 200-4 12 1
        SF 000 010 002-3 8 0
        W-Miller (3-0) L-McDowell (6-5) S-Hernandez (1)

        Night games:

        Hou 301 000 000-4 6 1
        Mon 002 001 011-5 13 1
        W-Walker (1-1) L -Wilson (6-4)

        StL 000 020 010-3 9 0
        LA 001 010 22x-6 15 0
        W-John (7-2) L-Cleveland (6-5)

        Chi 000 100 200-3 8 1
        SD 210 001 000-4 11 2
        W-Kelley (2-1) L-Jenkins (8-5) S-Ross (2)

        The standings at the end of the day:

        A League

        East Div W L Pct GB
        Baltimore 28 17 0.622 -
        New York (A) 27 21 0.563 2.5
        Detroit 25 21 0.543 3.5
        Milwaukee 21 24 0.467 7.0
        Cleveland 18 21 0.462 7.0
        Boston 18 27 0.400 10.0

        West Div W L Pct GB
        Oakland 30 17 0.638 -
        Minnesota 30 18 0.625 0.5
        Kansas City 23 20 0.535 5.0
        Chicago (A) 22 24 0.478 7.5
        California 16 32 0.333 14.5
        Texas 15 31 0.326 14.5

        N League

        East Div W L Pct GB
        St Louis 25 17 0.595 -
        Pittsburgh 27 21 0.563 1.0
        Chicago (N) 28 22 0.560 1.0
        Montreal 22 26 0.458 6.0
        Philadelphia 22 27 0.449 6.5
        New York (N) 12 35 0.255 15.5

        West Div W L Pct GB
        Los Angeles 37 14 0.725 -
        Cincinnati 29 22 0.569 8.0
        Houston 27 27 0.500 11.5
        San Diego 24 28 0.462 13.5
        Atlanta 23 27 0.460 13.5
        San Francisco 22 32 0.407 16.5
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          Love the game of the week posts. Keep 'em coming when you have time.

          Ferraro must be playing over his head a ways. Poor Clyde Wright. 10 losses and it's only the first week of June.


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            Originally posted by mwiggins View Post
            Love the game of the week posts. Keep 'em coming when you have time.

            Ferraro must be playing over his head a ways. Poor Clyde Wright. 10 losses and it's only the first week of June.
            In my opinion, Clyde Wright is pitching well. He is being victimized by an exremely impotent offense and an unreliable defense. His stats are posted above, as of the end of May. I think the Angels are the worst team in the AL. The team that has surprised me the most is the Mets. Every facet of their game stinks right now, and they just lost their catcher for at least a month.

            Right now, Ferraro and Nettles are probably the best 3Bmen in the AL. It will be interesting to see how long Ferraro can maintain the pace. Eric Soderholm also got off to a fast start but has cooled off consdierably.

            I've been describing my Game of the Week for my son, and I think I will post each one here. Next weeks will probably be Oak at Det. Most of the Saturday games of 6/10 are night games, and I always use day games for the GOW.

            If there are any specific box scores you want to see, or players tracked please let me know.
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              Following and rooting for the impossible (Go Brewers!)


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                How the heck do you nerdos play fantasy baseball based on a season from 37 years ago?! And you all know girls exist out there in the real world, don't you? Please tell me you're at least making some money playing this, a la fantasy football.


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                  Originally posted by futurehalloffamer View Post
                  How the heck do you nerdos play fantasy baseball based on a season from 37 years ago?! And you all know girls exist out there in the real world, don't you? Please tell me you're at least making some money playing this, a la fantasy football.
                  It's not fantasy baseball. My wife would rather see me spend an hour a day doing this rather than getting liquored up or chasing women.

                  This is a hobby, not a money making venture.


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                    The hapless Mets have just been swept in three games by the Braves. The first and third games went 13 innings. On Friday, June 2, the game was scoreless after 12, and the Mets gave uo 8 runs in the top of the 13th, losing 8-1.

                    Even worse for the Mets, Jerry Grote and Rusty Staub (who is the best Met offensively) were each injured and will each miss at least a month. They are being replaced by Bill Sudakis and Dave Schneck.

                    Currently the Mets have a .250 winning percentage. This is the same winning percentage they had in 1962.


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                      Another night at home and not pursuing an affair...

                      It's June 6, 1972 and I've just played the game with the highest offensive output of the season:

                      Min 300 200 021 03-11 24 0
                      Bal 000 023 012 00-8 12 0
                      W-Granger (1-1) L-Jackson (1-2)

                      In the second inning, Jim Perry was ejected for hitting Dave Johnson and received a six game suspension. Johnson will be out for about 10 days. In the 10th inning, Rod Carew was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Perry's ejection left the Twins to rely on their extremely inconsistant bullpen. Baltimore's bullpen is shaky as well. Both teams have excellent starting pitching and unreliable bullpens.

                      The Twins are tied with Oakland (who won earlier tonight in Cleveland) and this win maintains the tie. Oakland is in Cleveland and has shut out the Indians two nights in a row now. The Indians have had such a total lack of succes that the A's may spot start the awful Denny McLain in the final game of the Indians series, and save Blue, Hotzman and Hunter for their upcoming series with the Tigers.

                      Despite two losses in a row to Minnesota, the Orioles remain in first, but their lead against the Yankees and Tigers is shrinking. Tonight the Yankees play Texas and the Tigers have a doubleheader against the Angels. The Angels and Rangers at the bottom of the AL west.
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                        Originally posted by JKBaseball View Post
                        Following and rooting for the impossible (Go Brewers!)
                        Just finished the 6/8 Mil @ KC game. The Brewers scored 2 in the ninth to win 4-3. They took 2 of 3 from the slumping Royals, and are now in 4th place, one game below .500 and 5 games out of first.


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                          Game of the Week, June 10, 1972

                          The GOTW is Oakand @ Detroit.
                          The backup game is Minnesota @ Cleveland

                          On Fri, June 9th, the A's and Twins entered play in tie for first in the AL west.

                          In Detroit, Vida had another subpar performance, in what has been a disapointing season for him. Blue gave up 5 runs in 4 innings, including 2 HRs. the Tigers managed only hits, 4 of which were HRs, and defeated Oakland 7-3. Mickey Lolich continued his Cy Young worthy season, increasing his record to 10-6. Blue's record drops to 3-7. The Tigers have been slumping, having just endured a 3 game sweep by the awful California Angels.

                          In Cleveland, the Indians jumped out to 3-0 lead in the third (only one of the runs is earned) against Bert Blyleven. The Twins were hitting the ball well (they ended up leaving 6 on who were in scoring position). Gaylord Perry took a shutout into the 9th inning, but the Twins loaded the bases, and with one out Phil Roof hit a triple, which tied the game. In the 10th inning Rod Carew tripled and Harmon Killebrew drove him in with a single. The Twins pulled out a 4-3 victory. Blyleven got a no decision. Dave LaRoche, who got off to a terrible start but has been pitching well recently, got the win in relief. Gaylord Perry took the CG loss.

                          Pitching probables:
                          Oak (Holtzman 8-2 2.15) at Detroit (Timmerman 5-2 2.42)
                          Min (Woodson 8-5 2.73) at Cle (Tidrow 5-3 2.90 or Wilcox 0-6 4.39)
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                            June 10, 1972

                            The starting lineups:


                            Campaneris SS
                            Rudi LF
                            Jackson RF
                            Epstein 1B
                            Bando 3B
                            Tenace C
                            O Brown CF
                            Cullen 2B
                            Holtzman P


                            Taylor 2B
                            Rodriguez 3B
                            Jata 1B
                            I Brown RF
                            Horton LF
                            Stanley CF
                            Brinkman SS
                            Haller C
                            Timmerman P

                            Temp is in the 90, with a very strong wind blowing from left to right.

                            In the first inning, Rudi walks and Jackson doubles him in, but Jackson is thrown out trying to strech his double to a triple.

                            In the bottom of the first, the Tigers load the bases with one out, then Campaneris boots a grounder by Horton, which ties the game. Mickey STanley singles to right scoring another run (the Tigers have little team speed and the A's have a strong armed outfield). With 2 outs Haller hits whay looks to be a sure double down the first base line, but it hits the first base umpire, limiting Haller to a single. Two more runs score.
                            In the first, the Tigers bat around and score 4 unearned runs. Tigers lead 4-1.

                            Second inning, Bando leads off with a single, Tenace triples to center. Score is now 4-2. With 1 out Cullen singles to right, scoring Tenace. Score 4-3.
                            In the bot6tom of the second the Tigers have 1st and third with two outs, but do not score.

                            Third inning and fourth inning: both sides three up, three down.

                            fifth inning: with two outs, Campaneris singles and steals second, but hot-hitting Joe Rudi is called out on strikes to end the inning, Tigers still lead 4-3. The Tigers go down, 3 up, 3 down.

                            Sixth inning: Jackson lead off with a walk, Epstein singles him to third. Bando hits a sac fly to Horton which ties the game. For the Tigers, Stanley leads off with a single, but can not advance, Inning ends when Rudi makes a nice catch on Timmerman's shallow fly.

                            Sevent inning-with one out Holtzman singles. Joe Niekro relieves Timmerman. With two outs, Rudi doubles moving Holtzman to third. Reggie Jackson steps in and is IWed. Mike Epstein who is 1 for 3 steps in. Epstein hits one in the gap and comes up with a bases clearing double!! A's now lead 7-4. Bando walks. Tenace grounds into a force to end the inning.

                            Seventh inning stretch.

                            Bottom of the seventh: Tony Taylor leads off with a double. Rodriguez hits a long triple, scoring Taylor-score is now 7-5. A's pull infield in...with one out, Ike Brown singles to right scoring Rodriguez, score is now 7-6., but Holtzman gets the next two outs.

                            Eighth inning: Tigers pull double switch: Northrup enters game as CF, batting ninth and Chuck Seelbach now pitching and hitting sixth. For the A's, Ollie Brown reaches on an error by Taylor and with one out is sacrificed to second by Holtzman. Campaneris Ks to end the inning, For Detroit, Northrup singles wuth two outs, but dies at first.

                            Ninth inning: Rudi aand Jackson open with back to back walks. Next up, Epstein grounds into a 643 double play and Rudi takes third.

                            Bottom of the ninth: Knowles and Fingers ready in the A's bullpen. Rodriguez (2 for 4) flies to RF. Jata (2 for 4) grounds to SS. Ike Brown (1 for 2) hits a sharp liner down the LF line and Rudi makes a great sliding catch to end the game!! Final score 7-6.

                            Oak 120 001 300-7 9 2
                            Det 400 000 200-6 10 1
                            W-Holtzman (9-2) L-Timmerman (5-3)
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                              Other games for June 10:

                              Min 100 100 011-4 9 2
                              Cle 000 000 000-0 7 1
                              W-Woodson (9-5) L-Tidrow (5-4)
                              Woodson pitches his 4th shutout of the season, He is very effective as long as he doesn't give up HRs. He has given up 14 HRs so far, which leads AL pitchers (he is tied with BilL Parsons and Ken Brett of the Brewers). Tovar and Thompson each have 2 hits. Twins remain in first in AL west.

                              Cal 000 020 000-2 6 0
                              Bos 100 000 000-1 4 0
                              W-Ryan (4-7) L-Pattin (6-5)
                              Ryan strikes out 11 as he edges Pattin in a tense pitchers duel. The Angels have now won 5 in a row.

                              Mil 100 000 000-1 4 0
                              Chi 000 040 20x-6 10 0
                              W-Bahnsen (4-9) L-Brett (1-9)
                              Pitching match-up between two of the season's worst starters. Brett gets hurt in 5th and goes on DL. Dick Allen hits his 18th HR of season.

                              Cin 110 000 000-2 12 0
                              Mon 032 000 000-5 10 0
                              W-Renko (6-4) L-Grimsley (2-2)
                              In second inning, Bob Bailey, Ken Singleton and John Boccabella hit consecutive HRs

                              Hou 200 010 000-3 11 0
                              NY 320 000 000-5 12 0
                              W-Sadecki (1-2) L-Roberts (4-7) S-McAndrew (1)
                              Jon Matlack left the game in the 3rd. He shouldn't miss a start. Light hitting Cleon Jones goes 4-4.

                              Chi 001 000 010-2 9 0
                              SF 103 000 000 -4 5 2
                              W-Willoughby (2-1) L-Hooton (11-3)
                              Good pitching match-up between two very good rookies. The difference maker is Dave Kingman's 2 out HR in the 3rd. At this point, Hooton is a front-runner for ROY and CYA.

                              Night games:

                              Atl 000 002 000-2 7 0
                              Phi 000 030 01x-4 10 0
                              W-Carlton (9-6) L-Reed (4-6)
                              Carlton strikes out 14, and gets 3 hits while getting his 9th win. A good game between two teams that are going nowhere.

                              Pit 001 000 000-1 3 0
                              LA 100 010 000-2 4 1
                              W-Sutton (8-3) L-Briles (9-2)
                              40th win of the season for the Dodgers. Great preview of a possible post-season match-up. The Dodgers are on pace to win 114 games this season.

                              StL 010 000 200-3 7 0
                              SD 000 000 000-0 2 0
                              W-Gibson (9-3) L-Greif (4-7)
                              Bob Gibson throws a two hitter, which keeps St Louis in first place. Two seperate ejections in the 1st: Lou Brock arguing balls and strikes and Enzo Hernandez arguing after being called out stealing second.

                              NY 200 001 000-3 7 0
                              KC 000 000 000-0 8 1
                              W-Peterson (7-6) L-Drago (7-7)
                              After a slow start, Fritz Peterson is pitching well, pitching his 9th CG and his 1st shutout of the season

                              Bal 100 000 000-1 2 0
                              Tex 000 000 000-0 1 1
                              W-Palmer (9-4) L-Gogolewski (4-6)
                              Grich's lead-off HR is the difference in this game. Texas's only hit is Frank Howard'd 2nd inning single. Bobby Grich has both Baltimore hits. Baltimore's deadball style of offense is till working for them.

                              The standings at the end of the night:

                              A League

                              East Div W L Pct GB
                              Baltimore 32 20 0.615 -
                              New York (A) 33 22 0.600 0.5
                              Detroit 26 26 0.500 6.0
                              Milwaukee 24 27 0.471 7.5
                              Cleveland 20 25 0.444 8.5
                              Boston 20 31 0.392 11.5

                              West Div W L Pct GB
                              Minnesota 35 19 0.648 -
                              Oakland 34 20 0.630 1.0
                              Chicago (A) 26 26 0.500 8.0
                              Kansas City 25 25 0.500 8.0
                              California 21 33 0.389 14.0
                              Texas 15 37 0.288 19.0

                              N League

                              East Div W L Pct GB
                              St Louis 29 19 0.604 -
                              Chicago (N) 32 24 0.571 1.0
                              Pittsburgh 30 26 0.536 3.0
                              Montreal 27 27 0.500 5.0
                              Philadelphia 25 30 0.455 7.5
                              New York (N) 15 38 0.283 16.5

                              West Div W L Pct GB
                              Los Angeles 40 17 0.702 -
                              Cincinnati 32 25 0.561 8.0
                              Houston 29 31 0.483 12.5
                              San Diego 28 31 0.475 13.0
                              Atlanta 25 31 0.446 14.5
                              San Francisco 24 37 0.393 18.0
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                                June 15, 1972

                                Tonight, Nelson Briles of the Pirates threw a no-hitter against the Giants. Briles walked one, and the Pirates committed an error, resulting in only two Giants baserunners.

                                The Pirates won the game 2-0.
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