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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    Alright, I need some advice on who to play here.

    I'm last in BA by a pretty large margin. I just took Reyes out in favor of F. Lopez for this reason, but now I'm thinkin' maybe I should just concede BA now, and leave Reyes in for the rare triple and occasional SB. I plan on playing Holliday only at home since I believe he hits around .355 there as opposed to .300 on the road. Not sure what to do with Hunter and Rios.

    What would your starting lineup be?

    Here are the players.

    C -------- Ra. Hernandez
    1B ------- Helton
    1B ------- Pujols (DL)
    2B ------- Biggio
    2B/SS ---- F. Lopez
    2B/SS/3B - B. Hall
    3B -------- Ensberg
    SS --------Reyes
    OF ------- Ca. Lee
    OF ------- A. Jones
    OF ------- Holliday
    OF ------- T. Hunter
    OF ------- A. Rios

    SP - Pedro
    SP - Johan
    SP - Capuano
    SP - Liriano
    SP - Hudson

    RP - Turnbow
    RP - Nathan
    RP - Cordero
    RP - Hoffman

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  • justice22
    Its all about timing. If you stand there and wait until it turns green, you're screwed. And it doesn't necessarily even turn green at the right time. As sson as your reach the wall hit up on the right analog stick, and you will climb it. I have X-Box, its possible that its slighlty different on whatever system you are using. Just ignore the green and red circle. And even if there is no circle, try climbing anyway, i've robbed a few doubles like that!

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    Okay, can you explain to me how you managed to actually climb up the wall?

    I've jumped straight up and robbed dongs, but it says the same control for jumping is what you use for climbing. Just push up on the right analog stick (xbox). So...what gives? When it shows the half circle as being red, do you wait until it changes to green before pushing up. And maybe you need to be a few steps back from the wall so he can get a running start? I wanna do that so damn bad !!

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  • justice22
    I robbed a home run ONCE. i was giddy! it was ty cobb, i actually went to the reply and filmed it because it was amazing. I don't think it gives you good timing to rob the wall, or even the right place, you kinda gotta do it on your own.
    My minor leaguer is Seth Anderson. I have no idea who he normally plays for. He's either a double A or single A.

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    Nah, never tried to steal home. I really don't think it can be done on there without derailing the catcher. Love those collisions though.

    Who's that minor leaguer with 95 speed ?

    Have you ever climbed the wall to rob a dong? I've jumped up and robbed several, but I can't figure out how to make the guy climb.

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  • justice22
    yeah no sliders. But i have had some fun games, set it to rookie mode, set the sliders to the max for easiness. Its just fun too goof around like that.

    20ks is normally with Pedro Martinez. I had 23k's with him once, and i can normally rack up a 20k once every 5 or 6 starts. Cliff lee is a little worse for me. Idk, him and I on the game really click, its odd. I've thrown more no-hitters and perfect games with him though. Rich Harden is right now just bait. He's a good player on a LOW salary. So later in the season, when one of my players inevitably goes down, I'll just trade rich harden. But right now he's doing me some good. And Bronson Arroyo is my spot starter. I have him start those games when no one else is fully recovered, so mebe once every other week. He does the job. Except for one game I played earlier today. I could not get a "Perfect" pitch with him. Mebe I am too blame , but i think it was his fault.

    Wily Mo Pena is the ultimate bench player. then i just pinch run for him, i've got this minor leaguer who i prmooted hwoese like got 95 speed, so i get on base with pena, then stick the other guy on.

    Have you ever stolen home? I try to EVERY game, lose a fair number of runs that way. I've done it once, with, this cracks me up, Adam Dunn. I popped the ball out of the catchers mitt. Mebe its a size thing, i can't figure it out. But my speeddemons can't do it unless theres a wild pitch

    Have you buoght the show? I'm too die hard EA that I just CAN'T. i feel disloyal if i did.

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    I actually didn't see W. Pena on your roster. Sorry about that. Isn't he a pretty slow dude for second though? Anyway, yeah, I'm right with ya. Can't get enough of sports games (EA that is). Been playing triple play since it first came out..'96 I think? And Madden all the way back too. If you're on All-Star mode with no sliders adjusted and you're rackin' up 20k's, then that's very impressive.

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  • justice22
    Sorry, don't follow my advice. I've been playing MVP (back in the day, called Triple Play) baseball since like 2001. I've gotten really good!

    In case you didn't notice I did draft Wily Mo Pena . Actually, he's covering second base right now! I used him to pinch hit, he gotta double offf some unimportant guy. I'm only winning by two points, and Cliff Lee is running low on stamina.

    I'm kinda a sports game addict! I don't have internet on X-Box, but at my friends house, I go online and kill top ranked people in Madden and MVP. i'm really pissed off about the whole college MVP game now, I bought it, but I just don't enjoy it. I like having my real players, it makes me sad that I don't

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    20 k's? What level are you playing on? Thought I was doin' good getting 16 or 17 on a really killer day.

    Dude, you should pick up at least a couple specialty bench players for crucial situations. A couple cheap speedsters just to pinch run, and a guy like WillieMo Pena who murders lefties comes in handy. Then again, if you have the DH on, nevermind. That's not real baseball anyway

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  • justice22
    All starters in my bully. I use the fourth guy occasionally, i've done this all before though. Unless i've got a a no-no going on, or a chance at 20ks, i normally pull out my pitchers pretty earlier, 6th inning. Then i just use a bunch of starters in the bullpen. And as far as the nech goes, i have no use for it. I might pinch hit once a week.

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    Originally posted by justice22
    I don't normally resort to bench players or relief pitchers, and I typically use a three man rotation. Its my style
    That three man rotation thing will bite you in the butt dude. Their stamina goes down quicker when they haven't had proper rest, the effectiveness of their pitches, and the velocity will also be affected. I'd go with at least 4, but hey, its all good. How do you get away with not using relievers? Who's in your bully?

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  • justice22
    Hmmmmmmmm, I haven't played MVP 05 in a while. Let's see how I do!

    Oakland Athletics-All Star- Historical Players On
    Ok, so i've got the 6th pick
    1st Round-Lou Gehrig
    2nd Round-Ichiro
    3rd Round-Brad Radke
    4th Round-Ty Cobb? i'm suprised he fell this far
    5th Round-Rich Harden
    6th Round-Matt Clement
    7th Round-Bronson Arroyo
    8th Round-Lou Brock
    9th Round-Enos Slaughter
    10th Round-Mark Redman
    11th Round-Cliff Lee (my favorite player in this game. 300K salary, four strikeout pitches!)
    12th Round-Russ Ortiz
    13th Round-Henry Blanco (best defensive catcher in the game!)
    14th Round-Felipe Lopez
    15th Round-Wily Mo Pena
    16th Round-Hideo Nomo
    17th Round-Termel Sledge
    18th Round-Julio Franco
    19th Round-Pokey Reese
    20th Round-Jose Castillo
    21st Round-Ryan Freel
    22nd Round-Matt Lawton
    23rd Round-Kirk Saarloos
    24th Round-Jason LaRue
    25th Round-Keith Ginter

    ok, now, as usual, I'm gonna trade half my players!
    Ty Cobb and Brad Radke for Pedro Martinez (the guarranteed Cy Young Winner!) and Sammy Sosa (if you trade for a bad player with a high salary, they're more likely to go for it!)
    Released Sammy Sosa-I don't like him
    Enos Slaughter for Rod Carew
    Ryan Freel for Chris Gomez

    Ok now here's my lineup
    CF Ichiro
    2B Rod Carew
    1B Lou Gehrig
    LF Lou Brock
    DH Julio Franco
    RF Termel Sledge
    SS Felipe Lopez
    C Henri Blanco
    3B Chris Gomez

    And my pitching
    SP Pedro Martinez
    SP Rich Harden
    SP Cliff Lee
    SP Bronson Arroyo
    SP Russ Ortiz (He might get 4 starts!)
    Set Up Hideo Nomo
    Closing Pitcher Matt Clement

    I don't normally resort to bench players or relief pitchers, and I typically use a three man rotation. Its my style

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  • CleIndians48
    My beastly The Show team!

    My team on MLB 06: The Show

    CF Willy Taveras
    RF Ichiro
    2B Jorge Cantu
    C Victor Martinez
    DH Ryan Klesko
    SS Bobby Crosby
    1B Dan Johnson
    3B Mike Lowell
    LF Curtis Granderson

    Bench: Utility Brandon Inge
    1B Prince Fielder
    LF Jay Payton (acquired in trade: traded craig monroe and Gavin Floyd for Payton and Kazmir....grreeeeat trade)
    RF Jeremy Hermida
    1B/C Ryan Garko
    SS Alex Gonzalez

    1 Dontrelle Willis
    2 Greg Maddux
    3 Scott Kazmir (See Payton under bench)
    4 Mike Maroth
    5 Tim Wakefield

    LRP Lenny Dinardo
    MRP Scott Williamson
    MRP Guillermo Mota
    MRP Steve Kline
    SU Matt Wise
    CP Papelbon!

    I'm the Indians.:gt

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  • JordanDL3891
    I played a few more games and Figgins got injured, along with Johnson and Kent are also injured. But Figgy is out of the season! torn knee ACL. Also just injured is someone else, SU Tom Gordon, 14 days, put on 15 day dl.

    to replace Figgy (trade deadline today!) I traded Andy Phillips and another to BOS for Tony Womack (so thats where he went over the offseason in my game) BOS put Womack on the Block and also never used him all year. I lost 4 games in a row now, all @ MIN. The 1st game with womack back, MIN got a perfect game! 1st perfect game I have saw in this game, I never got one or gave one! Womack is a curse! Womack has a 1yr deal, he will be a free agent this offseason because I am not going to sign him, I am keeping Figgy for 1 more year unless I find one better, then I will trade Figgy.

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  • Sultan_1895-1948
    Originally posted by Cubsfan97
    and then 3 months later I found out the secret to Owner mode, but I didn't wanna start from scratch again.
    Do tell. :noidea

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