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  • Your Road to the Show / 2k10 My Player Career

    So, it's been 2 seasons since I had Road to the Show, so when MLB 2k10 announced their "My Player" mode, I was all over it. Thankfully, it's almost identical to Road to the Show (camera angles, gameplay, everything), so I jumped right in. Here's my career... so far.

    MLB 2K10 - MY PLAYER:
    Player: Josh *****
    Age: 23
    Pos: SS / 2B
    Bats: R, Throws: R
    Height: 6'3", Weight: 234 lbs

    Josh started out in Double A West Tennessee, for the Diamond Jaxx. He joined the team midway through the 2010 season and started out hitting 7th in the lineup. After 66 games, Josh batted .266 with 5 HRs and 3 SBs, and put up the worst K/BB ratio for a hitter ever(?) with 60 Ks and just 4 walks. At the conclusion of the 2010 season, Josh was invited to Spring Training for the Seattle Mariners. There, he batted .355 with 3 HRs and a dozen RBIs. This was good enough, thought the scouts, to start him at SS in AAA Tacoma. With the Rainiers, Josh found his stroke, batting .331 with 3 homeruns in 18 games, and was promptly called up to the show.

    He started in first game up, presumably to give Jack Wilson a rest. In his first major league at-bat, he hit a sinking line drive into RCF scoring two runs. A few games later, he hit his first career homerun - a bases-loaded wall-scraper off Andy Pettite to RF in Yankee Stadium. He has since started for the Mariners in every game since (now 56 games in), moving from the 7th spot to the 3rd spot in the line-up. He's currently sitting at 4th in All-Star voting, despite having the highest batting average (.432) and the most hits (107) with one week to go before the break. His notable achievement thus far is his active 35+ game hitting streak (a new Mariners record).
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    So, the hitting streak came to an end, but unfortunately for me the highest number I can recall was 37 games. The Mariners team records (in game) still list Joey Cora with 24 games, so perhaps it will update after the season? Who knows...

    Coming into the last two weeks of Josh's first major league season, he leads the majors in batting average (.393), RBIs (142), and hits (207), yet silently stews at 4th in MVP considerations. He hopes to get a hot streak going so that he may eclipse the .400 mark for batting average by the season's end.
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      Josh finished his rookie year with a .395 average, 37 homeruns, 156 RBIs, and 39 stolen bases. He led the league in average, RBIs, OPS, and OB%.

      He snagged Rookie of the Year, MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger for the 3rd place Seattle Mariners. He set two M's records (RBIs and avg), but his hitting streak (37+ games) did not make the record books for some reason.

      Into season 2, Josh decided to try his had at a new position, and ask the skipper to move him to the outfield. So far, he loves it as it is way less repetitive than shortstop. He currently leads the league in average (.426) and is among the tops in HRs (12) and RBIs (46) after 5 weeks (all after jumping up a difficulty level).
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        Season 2 came to an end and Josh finished the year with a .406 average, 69 homeruns, 191 RBIs and 40 stolen bases. He led the league in average, HRs, RBIs, OPS, OB% and snagged his second MVP, second Gold Glove, second Silver Slugger and led the Mariners to a dramatic finish in the AL West: With just three games left in the season, a critical 3-game series against the division leaders, the Texas Rangers, the Mariners needed the sweep to keep their playoff hopes alive as they were 2 games back.

        Long story short, the Mariners prevailed, sweeping the Rangers and clinching the AL West (despite winning just 86 games). In the opening round, the M's faced the Rays and took all 5 games to squeak into the ALCS, where they met the Chicago White Sox. This series proved easier, with the M's winning taking 4 of the first 5 games. Onto the World Series where they faced the San Francisco Giants, the Mariners needed all 7 games. They faced off against Tim Lincecum in Game 7 and got to him early - 3 runs in the first - running him out in the 6th, posting an 8-3 lead. The M's took home the ring and Josh took home the World Series MVP award, yet another accolade to add to his trophy case.

        Season 3 started off with the same success - currently Josh is holding onto a 40 game hitting streak, and has only had ONE game this season where he didn't get a base hit (47 games total).
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          I don't know how you got your guy in MLB. I must of played a month with a pitcher character and never made it out of AA.


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            Josh completed his 7th season, claiming his 7th MVP award, and his 4th Triple Crown, as well as his 5th Gold Glove. It was a down year for him, however, posting numbers significantly lower than his career bests.

            Upset with the fan and media reaction following his 7th big league season (.340 avg, 46 HR, 120 RBI, and just 7 SB), Josh came into the 2019 season completely motivated to prove himself as the best player of all time. He was determined to eclipse 56 games in a hitting streak, 191 RBIs, 73 HRs, and 130 SBs, as well as a batting average above .450.

            At the All-Star break, most critics were silenced by Josh's outstanding numbers: .638 average, 64 HR, 146 RBI, and 133 SBs. He held a hitting streak up to 40 games, but lost it in May. All told, he has only gone two game this season without a hit. With half a season remaining, the final numbers should be remarkable.
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              Any chance I could be the agent for that guy? Can you imagine the salary that fella could pull down!?


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                Originally posted by Iowanic View Post
                Any chance I could be the agent for that guy? Can you imagine the salary that fella could pull down!?
                Yeah, tell me about it. "Well, A-Rod gets $25 million a year. My agent is twice the hitter of A-Rod. Literally. $50 million, please."

                Final season stats: .548 AVG, 391 H, 111 HR, 272 RBI, 241 R, 73 2B, 25 3B, 201 SB (33 CS).

                Also was HR Derby Champ, All-Star, AL MVP, AL Gold Glove, AL Silver Slugger, and World Series MVP.
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                  111hr's? Ow! It's amazing they even pitched to the guy!


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                    My 2k10 guy was pretty incredible as well. I posted in another thread about him before the file got corrupted. Lots of fun while it lasted though.

                    NAME: Brad Lidge Jr.
                    NUMBER: 54
                    POSITION: ...Pretty much every position

                    - 57 game hitting streak (literally ended the next game after that)
                    - .450 average
                    - 110 home runs
                    - 100 steals
                    - MVP
                    - World F***** Champion

                    These games get ridiculous at this point. If I didn't hit a home run every game, I was a failure haha
                    I would have definitely hit more than 110 home runs had I not traded myself to the Red Sox (I was a right-handed, line drive hitter. Lots of would be home runs went off the Green Monster)


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                      I played 150-ish of the 162 games during that season. Usually, I play one game of every series, sometimes skipping a couple weeks here and there. That season I wanted to see what I could do if I played every at-bat. Mid way through September I got impatient and simmed a week or so. I have no doubts that I could have been near 120 HRs by the season's end had I not wanted the season to end so badly.

                      As for pitching to him, I hear ya, Iowanic. There were times when I'd get up with the winning run on 3rd with 1 out and they'd still let me hit. I probably got intentionally walked a dozen times. I did have Evan Longoria batting behind me though.

                      It was funny when I did get walked. Here I am, hitting above .500 with a ridiculous OPS and AVG, and they give me the IBB to face Longoria (.302 avg, 34 HRs); the announcers say "Now there's something you don't see every day. They're going to intentionally walk him to face one of the most feared hitters in baseball." "They must see something in the scouting report, some kind of advantage. I just don't see it."
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                        Originally posted by kiluckzle View Post
                        NAME: Brad Lidge Jr.

                        It is absolutely frustering that I cannot get out of the minor leagues and you guys are like the second coming of Babe Ruth in the majors.


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                          This game is absolutely terrible if you're a pitcher.

                          Play the All Star Game? Congratulations, you've just thrown off the computer's ability to know when "KEY GAMES" are and you'll never get double points ever again.
                          Want to turn a double play? Everything's great until the first baseman fields the ball and you're running to cover first. At which point, you shoot into super slow-mo, lose your hair, and move 2 feet while the runner reaches safely.
                          Ever throw a ball in the dirt? Ruh-Roh because the catcher will stand there and literally let the runner steal second base. He'll just hold onto the ball staring directly at second base...

                          AND BY FAR, THE BEST...

                          These morons, absolute MORONS, forgot to put vsPOWER as an achievable stat.

                          You can have 99 in absolutely everything (my pitcher has 93 POWER as a HITTER) but enjoy your 50 vsPOWER left and 50 vsPOWER RIGHT because there's no way to change or improve it. Your player tops out at 89 or 90, so attaining "95" is impossible.

                          It's basically unplayable if you'd like to retain your sanity. Garbage.
                 -- baseball checklists and front and back scans for the past 50 years.


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                            My 15th season in the major leagues - just 36 years of age - I hit .380 with 80 HR, 181 RBI, and 50+ SB. Go into the post season thinking "Hopefully they pick up someone to help me out in the offense." No... FORCED RETIREMENT!

                            I don't know what the guys were thinking at 2K sports (other than they really don't *get* baseball). I was #1 overall in baseball. I finished first is all major categories on offense and won a Gold Glove. Did it ever occur to them to say, "Y'know, we should make the retirement up to the player, in case they want to hold on forever like Rickey Henderson did"?

                            On top of that, I saved up thousands and thousands of points expecting some sort of decline in my skills. It never happened. POOR PROGRAMMING!!
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                              I must reallly be losing my mind. I got furious trying to find the All-Star game tonight (Wednesday). I could swear the schedule used to be like this:

                              Monday: Futures game
                              Tuesday: Home Run derby
                              Wednesday: All-Star game

                              I accidentally found the Futures game on Sunday, but didn’t realize I’d have to move the entire schedule up. So the players get five days off? They’ll forget how to play.

                              As for the ASG, it sounds like I didn’t miss too much. However, it was a small ball game which I would have greatly enjoyed.

                              So does anyone else remember a schedule like the one above?
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