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h. The netiquette described above (a-g) often uses the term "posts", but applies equally to Private Messages.

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b. Immediately delete the thread as inappropriate for Baseball Fever. Examples include advertising, personal attacks, or spam. This is the case 1% of the time.

c. Move the thread. If a member makes a post about the Marlins in the Yankees forum it will be moved to the appropriate forum. This is the case 3% of the time.

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'Shadow of Dynasty'--Myth's 3rd season.

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    2 march---(Cont.)

    "I guess I am." "Then why don't you switchhit? I switch hit, you know. We'd have pitchers dumping in their drawers just at the thought.

    Myth answers like someone answering something he's done so a hundred times before.

    "When I 1st started hitting; I just chose righty. Once I got used to it; I've just never been able to feel comfortable otherwise." "Well; you know your business, I guess. Say: what's the farthest you've ever thrown a baseball?"

    Now what the heck, wonders Myth.

    "No idea." "Bet I can throw it further." Myth shrugs; pawing at dirt. "Probably." "You don't care, do you?" "Nope."

    Shaw laughs; Myth does manage to work up a mild smile. They both sorta circle one another; Shaw clearly wanting something but not sure how to proceed; Zeke wants to work on his 1st step but doesn't want to seem rude.

    "Let's me an' you have a throwing contest. Who can throw farther." "I'm not interested." "Why?" "Throwing far has it's uses but without accuracy..."

    Myth sets himself as a baserunner off 1st base; he slowly steps over his right foot with his left, Step...go back...step...go back...
    "We can do that, then. Wanna bet on it?"
    Step...go back... left over right...go back...
    "No: no money. Betting money always seems to mess things up. A 'dew. Winner buys the other a mountaindew." "You wanna, then?" "Sure."

    If it'll shut you up, thinks Myth.

    The contest ends up being like a game of horse in basketball: the target is a metal trashcan and by the time the issue is decided, that trashcan is pretty dented up. Preston Shaw indeed has a arm: range and aim both among the best of centerfielder's in the game. But Myth in the end prevails: nailing the can as it sits on homeplate from the centerfield warning track. Shaw isn't exactly a good loser butMyth doesn't mind. Not liking to lose can lead to good things he's learned.

    He also learns his final fling, a magnificent lob that clunks right into the can itself, sends forth twinges thru his right shoulder. It's not terribly painful; more a little stabbing nip but something tells him it's smarter to learn playing 3rd as a lefty...
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      Is this some kind of story?
      "(Shoeless Joe Jackson's fall from grace is one of the real tragedies of baseball. I always thought he was more sinned against than sinning." -- Connie Mack

      "I have the ultimate respect for Whitesox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Redsox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country."--Jim Caple, ESPN (Jan. 12, 2011)


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        That's the intent. There are other threads hereabouts featuring Myth's 1st two seasons. You might like to check them out.


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          4 March---

          Finally, they're playing some ball.

          Myth plays the first 3 innings, gets a walk and a K then nods to The bench coach, gathers his gear and heads to the showers: done for the day.

          Shaw watches his every move but says nothing. His frown might be all he needs to say.


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            5 March---

            Zeke plays 4 innings this time and loses a easy pop-fly in the sun just off 3rd base. The broadcasters comment how clumsy Myth looks around 3rd. While also noting how sharp Shaw looks in center.


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              6 march---

              Preston has a fine day: 2 homeruns and makes a throw to home that stops a runner at 3rd.

              Zeke completely misplays a bunt and after 3 games, he has exactly one hit. It's just spring-training; true; but Press all but pounds his chest at his triumphs. Myth slinks from the field and 'No comments' all questions from reporters.
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                7 March---

                Myth manages a couple singles and has no errors. Press announces before the game he'll be paying for a 'Boy's night out' at a local drinking establishment after the game on the 8th. Everyone's invited.


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                  8 March---

                  Zeke gets as far as the parking lot of the drinking establishment....but no further.

                  He is, afterall, just 20. He can't legally drink. After a bit; not sure what to do, he leaves.


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                    9 March---

                    Peston is touchy during the game today. In fact he berates a ump over strike placement and has to be pulled clear of trouble by Gavin. Myth's day isn't any more fun. Fielding bunts remains a major obstruction and opposing teams are catching on. The game today resembling a 'how to bunt' drill. Poor Bon-Bon, the cub's 1st baseman from last season(His shoulder never entirely recovered from this injury in 2010) get's a complete workout....and a number of errors. He's being pushed by a newby for starting 1st baseman and tensions seem to be slowly rising for the team in general.

                    After the game; as the clubhouse gets unoccupied and quiet; Myth approachs Shaw. He's not crazy about the display by Shaw: ump-baiting is as unproductive a move as one can make; he's concluded and tells Preston just that.

                    Preston says nothing; actually doesn't seem to have heard or understood the suggestion: he just asks where Myth was last night.
                    Myth sheepishly explains; but Press is clearly not satisfied.
                    He then asks where was everyone else?

                    Seems the only folkto show for his get-together were a handful of newbys. Not a single old-timer shown.

                    It's a graceless moment: Myth really doesn't have a answer. He hadn't known who had shown or not: no one had discussed it. Preston is hot under the collar and he has a lot more he wants to say...but he clams up and leaves without another word.
                    Myth thinks this is going to be a relationship of little joy. He doesn't know what to do about it, either.

                    He, as always, just wants to play baseball. That's becoming a difficult to achieve undertaking...
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                      10 March---

                      Cub's management announces they have procured one Cedric Lemonkrump from a American league team.
                      Lemonkrump is a super-utility player; capable of filling in most of the infield positions and all the outfield. For some reason, the cubs essentially pay peanuts for him: indeed; some might say the American laegue team couldn't wait to send Cedric packing.

                      During the game today Myth actually does well on the field....while striking out 3 consecutive times against decidedly inferior pitching. Shaw makes a circus catch and bops out a couple hits. He even tries to lead the centerfield fans in cheers. He receives mostly jeers and the chant "Myth! Myth! Myth!" arises and circles the park; loud and clear. Shaw if in pain.
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                        At intervals; I'll be adding profiles of some of the folk in the Cub's camp, trying for spots on the roster....


                        Orlando Vegas
                        Lefty pitcher
                        6 foot 4; 215 pounds

                        Vegas is a 34 year old pitcher who's been around the track a few times.

                        He began his career as a starter, mostly for losing teams, till at age 26 he blew out a elbow and required Tommy John repair. Coming back; he was turned into a set-up man. After a series of consistent if unspectacular seasons, at age 30 his elbow seized up again and it was Tommy John, round 2. He fought back to set-up again but his last couple seasons have been all over the place: he just hasn't been able to find consistency.
                        Rumor has it manager Gavin is going to go against the grain in his use of Vegas. He's wondering if he can use him in the long-reliever/spot starter role, though outside observers see this as a looming disaster; being as the cub's minor league system has pretty much run dry with top-notch pitching.

                        They will not have much wiggle-room if injuries begin....
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                          12 March---

                          Cap Gavin calls Myth into the office and states till Myth shows better progress; he'll be confined to the short-squad team. Myth makes no protest: this is by far his worst spring-training.


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                            Another player profile:

                            Douglas Jhrzai
                            Righty pitcher
                            6 foot 0
                            185 pounds

                            From the Philippines; his mother is a retired U.S soldier who taught him to pitch.
                            He features a good mix of cutter/forkball/circle-change but has very little on-field competition.
                            He has been brought on-board because the bonus cash was low.
                            Has some work ahead if he's to make the roster.


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                              13 March---

                              Preston Shaw had a very observable role when he was with the A's: leader. He liked it, came to the majors expecting it and was good at it.

                              When the chance to come to the cub's arose back in December(Mostly from a chance meeting with Cap Gavin....Gavin managed Shaw in the minors one season and they're friends ever since) Preston couldn't sign-on fast enough...he saw this as a role he'd been understudy for for a good 3 years...leader of a world-champion baseball team. And a leader is what he expects to be on the cubs and it's getting under his skin that the 'Two-Ringer Club'(His title) isn't jumping onto his coattails. It's like owning a custom-made, precision racecar but noone will hand him the keys.

                              Well, Shaw decides he's going to take over the job of handing out nicknames. Surely; this'll be the first step to getting the other's behind him....

                              Or not.

                              Bon-Bon has had the job of handing out nicknames since before Cheeto(Myth) arrived. It's a tradition and he hardly intends to step aside.

                              Shaw announces henceforth Jhrzai will be known as 'Kiwi'.

                              Bon-bon states Jhrzai will, in fact, be known as Jar-Jar Zinks.
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                                14 March---

                                Today, after a practice, Zeke runs onto a unpleasant scene: Lemonkrump is conversing with a young lady(a reporter, Zeke guesses) outside the stadium but he is being anything but helpful. He keeps creeping up as close as he can to her; forcing her to back away and his language and suggestions are not those used by anyone within shouting range of a gentleman. Zeke goes over and breaks the display up without ceremony.

                                As the female scuttles away, Myth lets newby Lemonkrump know such behavior is unprofessional and will not be tolerated on this team. Lemonkrump, who seems to enjoy putting on the airs of a Hollywood movie street thug, states Zeke isn't his boss: he can't tell him what to do. Zeke repies that he should then go to whoever IS his boss and explain what he's been doing and see what he'll be told.

                                They part and Myth is hoping when the regular season finally starts, all this nonsense will be behind them.
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