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    What do people want in a baseball simulation?

    Above all, I want it to feel like baseball, and I want the rules and outcomes flexible enough to simulate deadball and modern era games.

    What do others want?

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    Like you, I want to be able to sim games from any era.

    Here are my criteria:
    1. The sim must have an awesome season selection. For example, if it lacks 1908, then it is a 'niche sim' for me.
    2. For live ball eras, 'small ball' features that are of so-so quality (IMO) are OK (maybe), but for dead ball era play so-so small ball features are not acceptable to me. For example, if the hit-and-run system is based on batter k-rate and gives some batters a tens of 0.010 BA boost during H&R, I won't use it. If the H&R system gives the batter the same chance of success against 1908 Addie Joss as against 1908 Patsy Flaherty, then I don't consider the H&R system to be usable. If the bunt system does not take infielders' defensive ratings into account, I won't use it for dead ball play.
    3. The so-called '50-50 problem' can become problematic. For example, 1908 Addie Joss gave up less than half of the league average rate of walks (BB/9). Addie gave up 0.8 BB per 9 innings, while the league average was 2.3/9. A game engine that gives '08 Addie 'half of the league average' rate of walks, 1.15, is unsatisfactory to me, and I would have to figure out how to tinker with the game engine to correct the inaccuracy. Other off/def stats can be problematic as well.

    The above criteria narrow down the choices considerably, especially for board games.

    Important, but not as critical to me as the above criteria, are these features:
    i. the ability for the defense to do a manual (not automatic) pitch-out or pick-off attempt.
    ii. the ability to score-from-first-on-a-single (not relying on an error).

    Those are my criteria. Others' may differ, of course.
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