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MLB 12 The Show. Anybody buy it yet?

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  • MLB 12 The Show. Anybody buy it yet?

    I just got my copy of MLB 12 The Show, and aside from trying to figure out how to hit, its pretty fun. Who else has bought it? Do you like it?

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    I just picked up my copy this afternoon. I have only played 2 games so far. The ball seems bigger coming into the strike zone while batting. Seems a bit easier to tell the difference between a ball or strike. I felt in the show 10, the ball looked like a golf ball coming in. So far its good, enjoying the updated line ups and new Miami stadium


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      This is the first The Show game ive played since the show 08. i had been playing the 2K games but i decided that this year i would buy the show and im glad i did. the hitting is much harder on the show games though but it just seems much more realistic. the graphics are fantastic.


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        As an Xbox 360 owner, I've been limited to MLB 2k12. The Show looks absolutely fantastic, and if I had a PS3, there's no way I would have considered 2k12 as my purchase. However, there was an added bonus with purchasing 2k12 this season: they packaged the fantastic NBA 2k12 with the game for an additional $10. So, I was planning on purchasing 2k12 anyway ($60) and for an additional $10 I got another brand new game on top of that. Gotta like that.

        I haven't played the 2k series since 2k10, but was relieved to see they fixed a lot of issues from that version of the game, especially the baserunning animations (which looked horrible) and most of the slides. They're still the JV of baseball games, but at least they've improved.
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          You can change your hitting so it's not pure analog.

          I think it's a great game and definitely an improvement over MLB 10 (I never go 11) in terms of realism. There are more infield hits, realistic plays, and none of the nonsense of a guy making an error and scrambling goofily to reach it. I love it
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            I wish Microsoft still made Inside Pitch. They'd be legally allowed to do so since they are a first-party developer.
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              Had it for a few weeks now. It's excellent IMO. Hitting is VERY tough but I've adjusted some season sliders and have thoroughly enjoyed some very realistic games.

              I play online with a cousin and after too much 0-0 baseball we invented "Four Seamer Baseball". Only four seamers down the middle allowed. A little lack of control here and there moves pitches towards the corners frequently. Scores are actually not completely out of control and bullpen decisions are critical. Pitchouts are allowed.

              Also, The Polo Grounds is I N C R E D I B L E.

              Has anyone downloaded any rosters? I got a couple today with Opening Day updates, but is there an easy way to see what a roster entails? Are there any historical rosters out there? Specifically 50's 60's or 80's teams?
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