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2012 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball (Linear Weights scoring)

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  • 2012 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball (Linear Weights scoring)

    Last year I created this league, and it worked pretty well so I wanted to do it again.

    So far we have 6 teams, plus another considering playing. I'm hoping to have 4 more teams, for a total of 10. Please only post if you're willing to at least check in on your team once in a while. You don't need to check every day (I probably will), but don't leave a player who just underwent Tommy John surgery on your lineup all year long.

    I've set the point system based on linear weights so the results we get should be fairly close to an actual player's value. Since linear weights doesn't help for pitchers, I used the inverse of what batters get; so if a batter gets .5 points for hitting a single, a pitcher gets -.5 points for giving up a single (I'm not a fan of just using FIP). I added strikeouts to pitchers to bring their point total closer to batters. I'm willing to listen to suggestions about anything.

    Feel free to reply here, PM me, or e-mail me at [email protected] if you're possibly interested (or even if you're not interested, and just have any suggestions).

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    Apparently, old teams that hadn't renewed were counted as holding the slots. I went through and deleted them - I apologize if anyone attempted to join but was unable.

    We're currently at 7 teams, plus the one who was considering just confirmed that he will play. We still have 2 openings.


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