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Huge trade proposal!!!

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  • Huge trade proposal!!!

    There is a guy in my fantasy league that has been offering me deals since our draft ended...latest proposal involves:

    Me receiving - Joey Votto (would be a keeper in future)
    - Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton (possible keeper)
    - Zach Greinke (possible keeper)

    He Receives - Miguel Cabrera (cant keep)
    - Emilio Bonifacio
    - Felix Hernandez (keeper)

    What do you guys think? Make the deal or nix it?

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    I would do that trade. The 1Bs are fairly even. So are the SPs. Stanton should have a more productive season than Bonifacio. I imagine the other guy is worried about Stanton's slow start and nagging injury issue


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      concern here is loss of 3rd that Cabrera has 3rd base eligibility he moved from my 1st base to 3rd base slot...bonifacio had been my 3rd baseman, but since he eligible in so many spots I can slide him all over...with the guys I would receive that really messes up my team position wise


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        Why is Cabrera a non-keeper? Normally he'd be a fair amount bigger than Votto, but being ineligible probably makes him significantly worse.

        I think Felix is better than Greinke. Greinke has great peripherals, but Felix has comparable numbers there, and Felix has put it all together much more frequently. Greinke has had a sub-3.50 ERA only twice in his career, and once he barely made it with 3.47.

        Is this a 5x5 format? What positions does the league use (do you have Corner IF and Middle IF positions? How many Util slots)?


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          Cabrera is a non-keeper as you cannot keep anyone from the top 3 rounds...this league has been around forever so some of the top guys (ie Votto) were drafted in later rounds when they were younger...this is my first year and took over a terrible team and the cupboards were bare if you will...while I would build up my team for future years perhaps, this leaves me a bit below this year...also, I have now just lost Chris Young for an indefinite amount of time, which really sucks...I told the guy that I would not have a 3rd baseman, and he said we could do something with his 3rd baseman (David Wright)...Wright worries me as he burned me big time last year in another league and is frequently for positions it is straight for positions, no utility, no corner IF, Middle IF, no DH...the commish doesnt want them...if they have multiple position eligibility like half my team does, that makes them that much more valuable


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            If you keep Votto, can you have him for the next several years? Being able to lock up any 1st round talent in a league that doesn't let most people do so is huge. Although not having any Util or DH makes top hitters worth a little less than they otherwise would be (since Util counts as a "position" that you can always fit your best hitters in).

            Do you think you have a decent chance at winning it all this year?

            How many teams are in your league? Unless there's a lot, I think there's a good chance you might be able to pick up a decent 3bman if you can't trade for one. I wouldn't be too scared of Wright though. Sure, last year sucked, but IIRC he was playing hurt, and he started to turn it around after he came back. And I don't see a history of being injured a lot. Looking at games played, starting in 2005 he played 160, 154, 160, 160, 144, 157, and 102 games. In other words, it seems like he was on the 15 day DL in 2009, and had the one injury last year when he missed two months. And of course he's off to a great start. But like I said, you might be able to pick someone up from the FA pool.


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              Yes, I can keep Votto as long as I wish...I am off to a decent start, but do not foresee me doing very well this year, based on other teams being loaded...there are 12 teams in the league, and no decent 3rd baseman available at this point...I would either have to involve Wright or make another trade somehow to make things work


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                It seems to me that Votto > Cabrera for your team. Even if you can't find a decent 3Bman, you can just get a mediocre one if you don't plan to compete this year. Personally I like Felix a lot more than Greinke, but enough people disagree with me that I can see it as about a wash between them.


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