I hope this is the appropriate place for this. Amazon is having a nice "dads & grads" sale and they have a ton of games and other items discounted heavily right now. Most of that stuff doesn't fit on baseball fever but their baseball games do. Here is a list of what they have.

MLB 2k12 for PC - 9.99 (includes option or steam or non-steam version)

MLB 12 The Show (PS3) - 39.99 ($20 off)

MLB 2k12 for 360 - 40.99 ($19 off)

MLB 2k12 for PS3 - 36.49 ($23.50 off)

MLB 2k12 for Wii - 29.99 ($10 off)

While not baseball... it is a good enough deal on a sports title to warrant inclusion IMO:

NBA 2k12 for PC - 9.99 (both steam and non-steam versions available.