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    I just joined this forum, hope i dont get banned for posting this tho.

    Its not just a Baseball simulation game, its THE baseball game that i thought some of you might want to try, to beggin Brushback Baseball is a free to play game, so you can just go there take a look and see if it you like it. It is has i make this post on its last day of the regular season, so its a great time to join because most of the teams will be looking to sign your player/s. Beeing that it is a MMORPG you have the ability to create players and to own teams (you have to buy credits to do that tho) but you can manage someone elses team to, or be the general manager and be in charge of hiring players to fill the team (Good ones one woud hope).

    Creating a player means he wil start of by beeing a scrub, means he will play in a development league or in A League and some desperate GM might sign your scrub to AA, but your player will beggin to grow and gain levels untill he can finally play in AAA and then wait to have a shot in the PRO league where the best face the best. I could go on forever descriving the game, but it would take forever to descrive it all. I can say is that it keeps track of alot of stats, and that it tries to reproduce (With great success) MLB standards. Also has HoF,Cy Young,Releif & MVP awards. Its a fun game with a great comunity that allways help out on the forums.

    Here's the link that you can use to try it, or you can allways type Brushback baseball in your browser.

    Here are some screen grabs.

    Showing the Leagues

    Showing Brushback HoF

    Showing a player stat line (Theres much more stats tho)

    So hope to see some of you baseball lovers there, and again i hope this isnt against the forum rules. If it is i apologize.

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    This sort of reminds me of Robert Coover's book "The Univeral Baseball Association, J. Henry Waugh, Prop.". That is a story about a guy that created his own baseball game with fictional players and how, like a Twilight Zone type episode, was consumed by the game totally.

    Not making any judgements but, rather, just an observation.


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