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We’re really not a fit for everyone

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  • We’re really not a fit for everyone

    We’re really not a fit for everyone…
    but the people we do seem to work well with, well, they typically tell us they’re
    • Frustrated that the only opportunity in established Leagues means marrying the worst team for what feels like a life sentence; or
    • Upset because they’re tired of Ghost Teams quitting by July; or
    • Concerned because they want a truly deep Mixed league, but they don’t want all the politic and hassle that is poised to strike at every turn in a 20+ team league; or
    • Irritated because they want 80% of everyone’s moves made in real time, in 15 minutes or so, and be transparent as hell to everyone; or
    • Annoyed by dump trades destroying the 2nd half pennant race; or
    • Irked because they want the frantic pace of a daily League, but only once a week, on a Sunday evening, because they do have a life, wife, or demanding career that gets in the way of the important stuff the other six days and nights of the week; or
    • Disappointed they’re not in a trading League; or
    • Angered they hoarded their FAAB $$ for 20 long weeks, only to lose the final player they need to the Alpha trader when he swings a $$ trade with a ghost team at the 11th hour.
    • Troubled because they can’t find a League so competitive that it tests everyone’s mettle and pushes them to greatness; or
    • Discouraged that they want the continuity of a Dynasty League without a great Keeper Roster always single-handedly defeating everything else: tactics, trading, prospecting, clairvoyance, hard work, resolve, selections in-season, players with career years, even luck.
    • Exasperated that their competitors can play keep away, hiding players they don’t use and no one else can get at; or
    • Irked because they can’t find THE mid-February Auction League; or

    Those probably aren’t the kind of issues you’re dealing with in your Deep, Mixed, Auction, Dynasty, On-Line Roto League.

    On the other hand, should you have a good friend whose Roto experience is comparable to any of the above standard Roto Pains, then alert him: send an inquiry posthaste about our $10-Only-Fee-League care of our League Commissario at [email protected]

    All serious Roto GMs shall be favored with an immediate reply.

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