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Good sim for an all time league?

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  • Good sim for an all time league?

    Hi guys

    First time poster here. I'm in the middle of an all time draft similar to the one you all have done here. Great job by the way! Anyways, I'm wondering what kind of sim program you guys are using for your league. A guy in my league wants to use "Diamond Mind" but I'm curious if there are better options out there.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Diamond Mind is good. Out of the Park Baseball is also good. OOTP requires a bit more work, but it's cheaper. Of course, if someone already has DMB, and they know how to add all the players necessary, then that's what I'd go with. I've gotten OOTP to work on occasion, but there are lots of glitches that detract from its ability as a sim for this purpose. It's also a ton of work for one person if you've got more than eight or so teams. I'm not too familiar with DMB, but I suspect that the main problem would be getting each of the players.


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      Is there anything free which is at least servicable for this kind of thing? I'm running an All-Time Draft on a cricket forum, so we're probably not really into it enough to fork out for something, but it'd be fun.


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