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  • All Time Non-HoFer Roster Thread

    Post your rosters and update them here.

    Marzipan Chefs

    C Bill Freehan
    1B John Olerud
    2B Lou Whitaker
    3B Sal Bando
    SS Jim Fregosi
    LF Tim Raines
    CF Willie Davis
    RF Dwight Evans
    DH John McGraw


    C Charlie Bennett
    2B Gil McDougald
    3B Heinie Groh
    SS Art Fletcher
    OF Lenny Dykstra
    OF Willie Wilson


    P Rick Reuschel
    P Dave Stieb
    P Wes Ferrell
    P Nap Rucker
    P Mark Langston
    P Larry Jackson
    P Jack Powell
    P Brad Radke
    P Ellis Kinder
    CL Jeff Montgomery
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    ]SouthSide Hitmen IV

    C. Thurman Munson
    1B. Jeff Bagwell
    2B. Max Bishop
    SS. Cecil Travis
    3B. Craig Nettles
    LF. Frank Howard
    CF. Bernie Williams
    RF. Bobby Bonds
    DH.Al Oliver

    BC.Bob Boone
    IF.Mark Grace
    IF.Tony Taylor
    IF.Dave Concepcion
    OF.Del Ennis
    OF.Brett Butler

    SP1. Billy Pierce
    SP2. David Cone
    SP3. Jerry Koosman
    SP4. Jack Morris
    SP5. Mickey Lolich

    LHR.Fernando Valenzuela
    LHR.Sam McDowell
    RHR.Ed Reulbach
    RHR.Jack Quinn
    CLR.Sparky Lyle
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      Philadelphia Flannels

      C - Walker Cooper (RH)
      1B - Don Mattingly (LH)
      2B - Chuck Knoblauch (RH)
      3B - Ken Boyer (RH)
      SS - Vern Stephens (RH)
      LF - Albert Belle (RH)
      CF - Vada Pinson (LH)
      RF - Larry Walker (LH)
      DH - Bob Johnson (RH)

      Bench - Toby Harrah (SS,3B-RH)
      Bench - Buddy Myer (2B-LH)
      Bench - Babe Herman (LF, RF-LH)
      Bench - B.J. Surhoff (C,LF,RF-LH)
      Bench - Gil Hodges (1B-RH)
      Bench - Marquis Grissom (CF-RH)

      SP - Kevin Appier (RH)
      SP - Ron Guidry (LH)
      SP - Lon Warneke (RH)
      SP - Hippo Vaughn (LH)
      P - Bob Welch (RH)
      P - Paul Derringer (RH)
      P - Doc White (LH)
      P - Milt Pappas (RH)
      P - Mike Cuellar (LH)
      CL - Jeff Reardon (RH)
      VS RHP
      Knoblauch 2B (RH)     .290/.380/.402, 407 SB (78%)
      Pinson CF (LH)        .294/.334/.464, 305 SB (71%)
      Larry Walker RF (LH)  .316/.407/.586
      Bob Johnson DH (RH)   .296/.392/.513
      Babe Herman LF (LH)   .325/.387/.532
      Ken Boyer 3B (RH)     .281/.337/.442
      Don Mattingly 1B (LH) .300/.355/.427
      Vern Stephens SS (RH) .279/.346/.462
      Walker Cooper C (RH)  .277/.326/.454
      VS LHP
      Knoblauch 2B (RH)     .287/.369/.419, 407 SB (78%)
      Grissom CF (RH)       .285/.336/.467, 429 SB (79%)
      Larry Walker RF (LH)  .306/.385/.518
      Albert Belle LF (RH)  .343/.424/.650
      Gil Hodges 1B (RH)    .301/.391/.511
      Bob Johnson DH (RH)   .296/.399/.473
      Ken Boyer 3B (RH)     .301/.371/.500
      Vern Stephens SS (RH) .294/.383/.502
      Walker Cooper C (RH)  .262/.332/.451
      Rotation vs heavy loaded RH hitters

      Kevin Appier
      Lon Warneke
      Bob Welche
      Paul Derringer
      Milt Pappas

      Rotation vs heavy loaded LH hitters

      Ron Guidry
      Hippo Vaughn
      Doc White
      Mike Cuellar
      Kevin Appier
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        Non Hall Dream Team

        C - Brian Downing - RH - can also play LF
        1B - Mark McGwire - RH
        2B - Bret Boone - RH
        3B - Darrell Evans - LH - can also play 1B
        SS - Rico Petrocelli - RH - can also play 3B
        LF - Dave Kingman - RH - can also play 1B
        CF - Ellis Burks - RH
        RF - Jose Canseco - RH
        DH - Rafael Palmeiro - LH - can also play 1B

        SP - Jim Kaat - LH
        SP - Tony Mullane - can pitch with either hand
        SP - Jim McCormick - RH
        SP - Vida Blue - LH
        SP - Dennis Martinez - RH
        RP - Charlie Buffinton - RH
        RP - Eddie Rommel - RH
        RP - Jesse Tannehill - LH
        RP - Johnny Cooney - LH - can also play CF & bats RH
        CL - Doug Jones - RH

        BENCH - Fred McGriff - LH - 1B
        BENCH - Juan Gonzalez - RH - RF LF
        BENCH - Andres Galarraga - RH 1B
        BENCH - Joe Carter - RH - 1B
        BENCH - Javy Lopez - RH - C
        BENCH - Dick McAuliffe - LH - 2B SS
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          Lower Coast Valley Walkers

          C- Gene Tenace (1B; RHB)
          1B- Norm Cash (LHB)
          2B- Bobby Grich (RHB)
          3B- Ron Cey (RHB)
          SS- Jack Glasscock (RHB)
          LF- Sherry Magee (RHB)
          CF- Fred Lynn (LHB)
          RF- Dave Parker (LHB)
          DH- Ken Williams (LHB)

          BN- Smoky Burgess (C; LHB)
          BN- Julio Franco (1B/2B/SS; RHB)
          BN- John Valentin (SS; RHB)
          BN- Larry Gardner (3B; LHB)
          BN- Amos Otis (OF; RHB)
          BN- David Justice (LF/RF; LHB)

          SP- Chuck Finley (LHP)
          SP- Andy Messersmith (RHP)
          SP- Dizzy Trout (RHP)
          SP- Harry Brecheen (LHP)
          SP- Mel Harder (RHP)

          RP- Rick Aguilera (RHP)
          RP- Jesse Orosco (LHP)
          RP- John Wetteland (RHP)
          RP- Dave Righetti (LHP)
          CP- Lee Smith (RHP)
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            Riverside Rockets

            C: Ted Simmons
            1B: Dick Allen
            2B: Larry Doyle
            SS: Johnny Pesky
            3B: Stan Hack
            LF: Minnie Minoso
            CF: Jimmy Wynn
            RF: Ken Singleton
            DH: Al Rosen

            BN: Wally Berger
            BN: Mickey Tettleton
            BN: Tip O'Neill
            BN: Cupid Childs
            BN: Dave Foutz
            BN: Donie Bush

            SP: Carl Mays
            SP: Bucky Walters
            SP: Wilbur Cooper
            SP: Smoky Joe Wood
            SP: Dolf Luque

            RP: Tom Henke
            RP: Kent Tekulve
            RP: Don Newcombe
            RP: Randy Myers
            RP: Mike Marshall
            RP: Dave Foutz
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              Riviera Martins

              Pitching staff:
              HTML Code:
                                    Thr    HR/9   BB/9    SO/9    ERA+
              SP: Kevin Brown        R      0.6    2.5     6.6    127
              SP: Tommy Bridges      R      0.6    3.8     5.3    126
              SP: Jimmy Key          L      0.9    2.3     5.3    122
              SP: Steve Rogers       R      0.5    2.8     5.1    116
              SP: Wilbur Wood        L      0.7    2.4     4.7    114
              RP: Dutch Leonard      R      0.4    2.1     3.3    119
              RP: John Candelaria    L      0.9    2.1     6.0    114
              RP: Virgil Trucks      R      0.6    3.7     5.1    117
              RP: John Hiller        L      0.8    3.9     7.5    134
              RP: Robb Nen           R      0.6    3.3    10.0    139
              HTML Code:
                                    Bat     AVG    OBP    SLG    OPS+      Other Pos.     Notable stat
              LF: Jimmy Sheckard     L     .274   .375   .378    121                         465 SB
              2B: Eddie Stanky       R     .268   .410   .348    109                         996 BB
              1B: Dolph Camilli      L     .277   .388   .492    135                         
              CF: Reggie Smith       S     .287   .366   .489    137          RF             314 HR
              DH: Jack Fournier      L     .313   .392   .483    142          1B             
              RF: Rocky Colavito     R     .266   .359   .489    132          LF             374 HR
              C:  Joe Torre          R     .297   .365   .452    129        1B, 3B           252 HR
              3B: Robin Ventura      L     .267   .362   .444    114                         294 HR
              SS: Alan Trammell      R     .285   .352   .415    110                         236 SB
              HTML Code:
                                    Bat     AVG    OBP    SLG    OPS+      Pos.     Notable stat
              Darrell Porter         L     .247   .354   .409    113        C          188 HR
              Tommy Leach            R     .269   .340   .370    109      3B, OF       361 SB
              Miller Huggins         S     .265   .382   .314    107        2B         324 SB
              Terry Turner           R     .253   .308   .318     89      3B, SS     20.1 dWAR
              Roy White              S     .271   .360   .404    121      LF (RF)      233 SB
              Tim Salmon             R     .282   .385   .498    128      RF (LF)      299 HR
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                Albuquerque Dirtpounders

                C: Wally Schang (S)
                1B: Keith Hernandez (R)
                2B: Willie Randolph (R)
                3B: Buddy Bell (R)
                SS: Bill Dahlen (R)
                LF: Charlie Keller (L)
                CF: George Gore (L)
                RF: Tony Oliva (L)
                DH: Jack Clark (R)

                C2: Jim Sundberg (R)
                2B/3B: Jim Gilliam (B)
                SS: Tony Fernandez (B)
                1B/DH: Boog Powell (L)
                1B/OF: Harry Stovey (R)
                OF: Chet Lemon (R)

                SP: Bob Caruthers (R)
                SP: Tommy John (L)
                SP: Urban Shocker (R)
                SP: Clark Griffith (R)
                SP: Babe Adams (R)

                RP: Mort Cooper (R)
                RP: Max Lanier (L)
                LHS: Tug McGraw (L)
                RHS: Firpo Marberry (R)
                CL: Dan Quisenberry (R)
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                  North County Calloselasmas

                  C- Lance Parrish
                  1B -Will Clark
                  2B- Tony Phillips
                  3B -Matt Williams
                  SS- Bert Campaneris
                  LF- Jose Cruz
                  CF- Dale Murphy
                  RF- Cesar Cedeno
                  DH -Edgar Martinez

                  OF - Daryl Strawberry
                  OF- Rusty Staub
                  SS - Maury Wills
                  2B - Davey Lopes
                  3B - Bob Elliot
                  C-Terry Steinbach

                  P- Luis Tiant
                  P- Bret Saberhagen
                  P- Orel Hershiser
                  P - Dwight Gooden
                  P - Frank Tanana
                  P - Frank Viola
                  P - Jose Rijo
                  P - Al Lieter
                  P - Mel Stottlemyre
                  RP - John Franco
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