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Timekiller: Dodgers Franchise Draft - who's interested?

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  • Timekiller: Dodgers Franchise Draft - who's interested?

    While we wait for votes in one draft, why not jump into a new one? These cold 32 degree mornings are brutal and I want some baseball fun for the next few weeks.

    We did this before with the A's and I don't see it being much of a problem doing it here since there's some solid depth. I'm gonna C&P original rules from last draft since it went well (thanks Ian for that).

    The rules are as follows:

    1) When you draft a player, you must declare the year from his career that you're drafting him from. It must be a year in which he played for the current Dodgers franchise (1901-2012).

    2) You may draft a player who didn't spend the full season with the Dodgers, but only his stats with the Dodgers count.

    3) DELETED.

    4) Position players cannot exceed any of the totals of their overall games played or the number of games played per position. If you take a guy who played in 137 games during the season you draft him from, that's the maximum number of games he can play for your team. If he played 126 games at first base, that's the maximum number of games he can play at first base for your team. A player who played more than 154 games in a season will have his eligible games capped at 154.

    5) You must have a starter for at least 154 games at each lineup position on your roster by the end of the draft, including the DH. Excess games played at a position can be used as DH games. See this post for details about how to make your positional games balance properly.

    6) You must have at least nine pitchers on your roster, totaling at least 1377 innings pitched and 154 games started. Pitchers are limited by the number of games pitched, games started and innings pitched. For instance, if you have a pitcher who pitched in 49 games, starting 35 of them, he could be used as a starter up to 35 times (with 14 possible relief appearances), or as a reliever up to 49 times (with no starts).

    7) Two people cannot have the same player. Once a player is drafted, all his other seasons are off the board.

    8) No drafter may select from the same year twice.

    9) Draft will go snake style, with a 12-hour time limit. 2 AM-8-AM Central will be dead time during which the draft clock is frozen.

    10) If you do not pick after 12 hours, the next person in line will be allowed to make his pick. You will then be allowed to make up your pick at any time. If your turn comes up again and you still haven't made up your pick, you will be automatically skipped until you do. If you make an invalid pick, it will be treated as a missed pick and the same rules will apply.

    11) You may not change your pick more than ten minutes after it's been made, or once the next drafter has made his pick. This rule does not apply if the original pick is invalid.

    There you go as a start. We can discuss and manipulate certain rules to fit, but I think things look okay for the most part. if you have interest in doing this, simply post so. I'd like to get this up and going within a week if possible.
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    Boy, I'd love to participate, especially since this draft concept was my brainchild, but I'm probably going to be pretty busy for the next month or so.
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      I'm still not used to how BBF marks things as read...

      I'm tentatively interested, but this format does require a fair amount of research. And of course, we'd need more people (which is more likely after the holidays)


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        Yeah, I'm interested, especially since it's the Dodgers, but I can't really even think about it till the new year. Revive this thread in about a week and a half and I'll have a better idea of the level of commitment I'll be able to give it.
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          My apologies. I just now realized I made this a full thread. It was meant to be put into the New Draft League thread simply to promote some discussion as a possible next run. I do agree however that maybe we look into another draft following the new year. Speaking of that, I hope everybody's having a happy and safe holiday season.
          "Chuckie doesn't take on 2-0. Chuckie's hackin'." - Chuck Carr two days prior to being released by the Milwaukee Brewers


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