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DM Classic IV Keeper League - General Discussion

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    Draft info

    --Every player who appeared in a game in 1961 will be eligible for the draft. Players who debuted before 1961, but who did not play this season for whatever reason, will also be eligible. Subsequent years will feature only players who made their first appearance in the new season.
    --The function which causes players to lose effectiveness as they go past 110% of real life usage doesn't seem to work well for draft leagues. Therefore, there will be some minimum playing time requirements built into this league. Players with less than 100 PA or BF in 1961 (or subsequent seasons) will be eligible for the 25 man roster ONLY in the event of a player at their position going on the DL or as a September call up. Players with less than 50 will be eligible only to cover a DL situation. The 110% decline rate will still be turned on, so if you hope to get everyday play out of a guy who had 200 PA or 50 IP you may well collapse down the strech.


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      Players with less than 100 PA or BF in 1961 (or subsequent seasons) will be eligible for the 25 man roster ONLY in the event of a player at their position going on the DL or as a September call up. Players with less than 50 will be eligible only to cover a DL situation.
      Oh well, there goes my low PA ringer strategy. It's a good idea though... will make the league more realistic.
      "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
      - Danielle Rousseau


      • #18
        Originally posted by leecemark
        --I'm not sure what draft position I'd like best myself. I think getting the 9th and 10th best player might be a better deal in this pool than 1st and 17th. I'm not sure I'd want to be on either end though, since waiting 16 picks between ops to claim two is nerve wracking and makes each choice a little tougher. You know your 2nd choice isn't going to be availble when the draft swings back like it might if you were in the middle somewhere. The other thing is some of the best players in 1961 are going to fall off quickly and some of the best players of the 60s weren't that good yet in 1961. How to balance between winning this season and preparing for the future will be a complicating factor. Should be interesting.
        Would you take Yaz - mediocre '61, but all his good years ahead, or Mantle - incredible '61, but then past his prime?
        "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
        - Danielle Rousseau


        • #19
          --Its a long wait to Yaz being great. I don't think that would be viable in the first round or even 2nd for me. Mantle is the best player in the game in 1961 (unless his defensive rating is really bad) and a great player for several more years, if injury prone. I would take The Mick in the first round, but probably not with the first pick.


          • #20
            It would be pretty easy to build a winner around Mantle '61. But there are several guys I'd certainly take ahead of him based on post '61 value... not sure if there are 9 such players.
            "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
            - Danielle Rousseau


            • #21
              Mac mentioned Yaz, Bob Gibson is another one who really started in 1961 and will have almost all of his value after. He was a very solid pitcher in '61, and is great the next year. I'd say Gibson is a certain first rounder for me.


              • #22
                Looks like only Tiger and Yankee Stadiums are gone, right?

                I don't care, I'll go homer once more. Give me:



                • #23
                  --These are my initial proposal for getting this league underway. Suggestions for improvements on the format are welcome.

                  1. There will be 12 teams, in a 3 division league.
                  2. 9 of the teams (3 per division) will be run by active owners and 3 (1 per division) will be a computer run team designed to keep active owners out of the cellar and normalize the stats (it was very hard to excell in our early leagues due to the heavy concentration of talent). The 3 100 game losers from 1961, the Phillies, A's and Senators, would fill this role for the fitst few seasons .
                  3. The 9 owned teams would be stocked from a draft of the remaining 15 teams.
                  Sounds great, a copy from DMIII. There were 18 teams in 1961 so cutting down to 12 gives us more powerful teams without going overboard. I would however like to leave the option open for expansion, if more owners become interested.

                  4. There would be a 100 million dollar salary cap for the duration of the project. For 1961 salaries would be assigned by draft position, as follows;
                  Rounds 1-10: 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 miillion
                  Rounds 11-15: 1 million
                  Rounds 16-20: 750K
                  Rounds 21-25: 500K
                  Rounds 26-40: 250K
                  Total: 81 million
                  I like it. Gives us wiggle room to start with... much like any team just starting out. Meanwhile certain players are making the bulk of the $$$. Teams will invariably get in cap trouble later (provided we dont collude ).

                  5. Free Agency would commence with the 1962 season when each team would have one player file, based a the standings (team with best record would lose their #1 SP, next their C and so on). Any player not offered a 250K raise would also be eligible for free agency. This system would be in place for the first 6 years. After that, players would be eligible for free agency after their 6th season (i.e. the rookie class of 62 would be the FA class of 68).
                  Don't really agree with the first part (until actual FA begins), mainly because of the draft (see #6). What makes more sense to me, and simulates real life a bit more, is that the top teams would have to raise their salaries more. Or perhaps just the top players would demand huge deals. The second part I agree with for the most part--more later.

                  If there was a way we could simulate the increase in pay these players would want based on stats and wins (win shares?), we could work with this. I'll post thoughts later on the subject.

                  This will likely be the toughest part of all this but I think it'll be ironed out.

                  6. Players debuting in 1962 (and each subsequent year) would be drafted in inverse order of the standings. The first 3 players drafted would be 1 million dollars, the next 3 750K, the next 3 500K and anyone drafted after the first round would be signed at the 250K minimum wage.
                  We're doing this off of their first major league season, right? OK--I agree completely except I'd rather do 3-year contracts and start our first true FA period in 65... even though it goes against history a bit.

                  7. Once the draft is complete, each owner would pick their 25 man active roster and submit lineups, depth chart, ration, bullpen roles and managerial profile. Most days during the season a full series will be played. Game results and injuries are reported after each series. Normally those results are accompanied by either team pitching reports, team batting reports, league batting leaders or league pitching leaders.
                  ...keeping up the quality reports. That's why you rule at this Mark.


                  • #24
                    Originally posted by J W
                    Don't really agree with the first part (until actual FA begins), mainly because of the draft (see #6). What makes more sense to me, and simulates real life a bit more, is that the top teams would have to raise their salaries more. Or perhaps just the top players would demand huge deals. The second part I agree with for the most part--more later.
                    What about factoring awards into the salaries? An extra $100k for each All-Star selection and GG and an extra $250k for each MVP and CY in addition to the initial $250k raise?


                    • #25
                      hey guys, i hate to have to do this. i am very excited about the potential of this league, but my work schedule is getting to be too much of a grind. we're just getting into the guts of the hockey season, and i still have over five months to go. i'm afraid that i am not going to have enough time to be able to contribute to this league in the same way that i did in DMIII. i'm afraid i'll turn into another chancellor, dudecar, or wasp. that's not fair to you guys, and more importantly, i wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning this thing. so with regret, i'm pulling myself out of the league. good luck to everyone. thanks again mark for organizing all of this. it was a lot of fun. PM me if you have any openings in future seasons. if work has settled down, i'll definitely be interested in rejoining.


                      • #26
                        --Sorry to lose you Mike. If there is an opening in future seasons or we expand down the road you'd be welcome back.
                        --That does eliminate a tough decision for me though. We have 3 interested parties and did have only 2 spots. Now all three can have a team. Dudecar assures me he has resolved the issues which caused him to drop out of DMIII. Since he was a good owner in DMII I'm prepared to give him another shot. Dodger and Honus Wagner Rules, you also have teams if you are still interested after seeing some of the details of the league. Please confirm your participation ASAP (or let me know if you've decided against).
                        --JW, I'd be agreeable to some alteration of the scheduled raises and free agent eligibility. Perhaps something along the lines of Nails idea for a premium for award winners or league leaders. If the best players are going to jump in price I'd like some salary control at the bottom of the roster though. I was thinking maybe we could retain anybody who didn't appear on the major league roster during the season without having to bump their salary. The 100 million has to cover 40 players in this scenario, rather than 30 in DMIII. It will get eaten up by inflation quicker than you might think.
                        --I wouldn't want to shorten the FA window to 3 years, because alot of players might only have a cup of coffee their first season or two. The six years to free agency wouldn't be quailfying years like MLB, but 6 seasons from their draft year (starting with 1962), even if they don't play a game for your team that season. Maybe we could have "arbitration" after the third year where we jump salaries up to retain them though.
                        Last edited by leecemark; 11-15-2005, 06:44 AM.


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                          Originally posted by J W
                          Looks like only Tiger and Yankee Stadiums are gone, right?
                          I took Crosley Field. It is also gone.


                          • #28
                            Leecemark Knights - Tiger Stadium
                            538280 Reds - Crosley Field
                            JW Skipjacks - Memorial Stadium
                            Mac195 ??? - Yankee Stadium
                            Dudecar00 Gamblers - Wrigley Field (LA)
                            Last edited by leecemark; 11-15-2005, 09:24 PM.


                            • #29
                              --A little follow up to the issue of escalating raises. Simple inflation will raise the cost of your team 10 million dollars a year if you just kept the same 40 guys. That would put all of us over the cap by 1963. Of course, it won't be that simple since we will all be losing a free agent and we will be non-tendering other guys to make room for the next seasons new player draft and free agent bidding (not to mention guys will just retire or cease to have any value). Still your first round pick in this year's draft will cost you 13 million a year in 1965 by the original plan. Adding in bonuses could make that 15-16 million for some players.
                              --I like the idea of performance escalators for the less expensive guys entering the league starting in 1962, but am less than enthusiastic about doing it for 1961 draftees (or maybe it could only apply to players drafted after the 5th or 10th round). Either way, I'd like to control our minor league costs by freezing the salaries of anyone who spends the entire season in the minors. To accompany that, we might not allow a player with 3 years service time (in our league) to be sent down without going through waivers.


                              • #30
                                We'll figure something out in regards to that. I think that parity will eventually catch up with people simply through the subsequent draft classes (which we can do normal-style, not ladder style). In fact, I may decide to develop my squad for the first couple years rather than get the Mantles of the world and eat a losing season or two. In short I would call it unfair to strip the best pitcher off our inaugural champion after 1961. For those of us willing to stick through this, we have to think of things over a 5-10 year stretch rather than year 1.
                                Since we're counting from year drafted, there's absolutely no problem with the 6-year contract for me. I think arbitration after 3 years would be a good idea.
                                I also approve the raise scale you submitted after your math on the subject... fact is, a lot of the players you'd raise $250 k on would cost even more $$$ if they hit the FA market a particular year. This is going to be real fun with the cap. Nails' suggestion for awards bonuses is excellent and should provide enough roadblock for us without making things crazy--and think about this--most awards go to players on winning teams right? So, there's the penalty for fielding a winning team in year 1961, a slight one and not the loss of their best player.