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    A successful minor-league program with a penchant for developing talent, The Skipjacks became a charter member of DMK in 1961. Won the Hulbert League pennant in their second year. Won the DM Classic in their fourth year, winning 117 games. Won their second title in 1970 as a Wild Card under manager Walter Alston. Alton returned the team to the championship in 1974 after a brief rebuilding period. In 1977 Alston retired and career Skipjack Joe Torre took over, starting with a division title and following with the Jacks' fourth championship in 1978.

    years: 1961-1984
    overall record: 2158-1874 (.535)
    DM Classics: 7 ('63, '64, '66, '70, '74, '78, '79)
    division titles: 9 ('62-'65, '74-'75, '77-'78, '84)
    wild cards: 6 ('66-'68, '70, '79-'80)

    1962: MVP (B. Allison t-9th), CYA (D. McMahon 3rd), RoY (D. Chance, 2nd)
    *All-Stars - D. McMahon (1)

    1963: MVP (C. Yastrzemski 3rd), CYA (J. Bouton 3rd)
    *All-Stars - J. Bouton (1), C. Yastrzemski (1)

    1964: MVP (B. Allison 3rd, J. Torre 6th, C. Yastrzemski 8th), CYA (J. Horlen 2nd, D. Chance t-3rd)
    *All-Stars - B. Allison (1), D. Chance (1), W. Ford (1), J. Horlen (1), F. Mantilla (1),
    . . . . . . . . D. McMahon (2), B. Powell (1), J. Torre (1), C. Yastrzemski (2)
    *DMC MVP - B. Allison

    1965: MVP (C. Yastrzemski t-3rd), CYA (S. Koufax 1st)
    *All-Stars - J. Edwards (1), T. Oliva (1), C. Yastrzemski (3)

    1966: MVP (T. Oliva 1st, S. Koufax 9th), CYA (S. Koufax 1st)
    *All-Stars - S. Koufax (5)

    1967: MVP (C. Yastrzemski 1st, T. Oliva 5th), CYA (J. Horlen 2nd)
    *All-Stars - J. Horlen (2), F. Linzy (1), J. Torre (2), C. Yastrzemski (4)

    1968: MVP (C. Yastrzemski 7th)
    *All-Stars - D. Chance (2), D. Johnson (1), F. Linzy (2), S. McDowell (1), C. Yastrzemski (5)

    *All-Stars - J. Torre (3)

    1970: CYA (S. McDowell 3rd)
    *All-Stars - R. Clemente (4), S. McDowell (2), C. Yastrzemski (6)
    *DMC MVP - B. Powell

    1971: MVP (J. Torre 8th)
    *All-Stars - J. Torre (4)



    1974: MVP (R. Carew 5th)
    *All-Stars - R. Carew (3)
    *DMC MVP - M. Sanguillen

    1975: MVP (R. Jones 8th), CYA (R. Jones 2nd)
    *All-Stars - G. Brett (1), B. Dent (1), R. Jones (1)

    1976: MVP (G. Brett 2nd)
    *All-Stars - G. Brett (2)

    1977: MVP (R. Carew 2nd), ROY (D. Rozema 3rd)
    *All-Stars - R. Carew (4)

    1978: MVP (J. Rice 3rd), CYA (T. John 2nd)
    *All-Stars - J. Denny (1), T. John (1), R. Jones (2), J. Rice (1), J. Stearns (1), F. White (1)

    1979: MVP (G. Brett 6th, J. Rice 7th), ROY (D. Palmer 3rd)
    *All-Stars - J. Bibby (1), G. Brett (3), K. Kravec (1), C. Lemon (1), K. Tekulve (1)

    1980: MVP (G. Brett 2nd)
    *All-Stars - G. Brett (4), R. Carew (5)

    *All-Stars - B. Almon (1), G. Brett (5), R. Davis (1)

    1982: ROY (J. Udjur 1st)
    *All-Stars - L. Barker (1), G. Brett (6), J. Udjur (1)


    1984: MVP (G. Carter 4th)
    *All-Stars - G. Carter (5), B. Downing (1)

    Owner/President/CEO: T. D. Dum
    General Manager: Phillip "Beanie" Bill
    Manager: Joe Torre - 494-346 (.588)
    Pitching Coach: Don Drysdale
    Batting Coach: Lee May
    First Base Coach: Tommy Helms
    Thirdbase Coach: Bill Virdon
    Bullpen Coach: Russ Nixon

    + Willie "Codfish" Spatz (deceased) 1961-1965, 1966-1967... 598-434 (.579), 1 T, 3 P
    + George "Butterfly" Carpenter (pitching coach) 1965... 81-63 (.563), 1 P
    + Dick Williams (fired) 1968-1969... 173-163 (.515)
    + Walter Alston (retired) 1970-1976... 557-629 (.470), 2 T, 3 P

    + Jim "Rainbows" Monahan - BAT '61-'66 (ml executive)
    + Felix Mantilla - BAT '67-'68 (ml manager)
    + Ken Boyer - BAT '69-'82 (deceased)
    + Randolph "Crazy Legs" Johnson - 1BC '61-'74 (retired)
    + Jurgis "Windmill" Henneman - 3BC '61-'66 (retired)
    + Don Blasingame - 3BC '67-'68 (fired)
    + Al "That Guy" Kzrcevski - BPC '61-'66 (ml manager)
    + Ed Roebuck - '67-80 (fired)


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    THE TEAM: 1985
    Who's your favorite?

    C Gary Carter

    3B George Brett

    RF Dwight Evans

    RHP Don Sutton

    LHP Jimmy Key
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      1963: Yaz's Streak Ends At 46

      from the DiamondMind Press

      Yaz moved his streak to 46 games in the opener of the series vs the A's and a packed house was on hand to see him and the Skipjacks in game two. Bob Shaw was on the hill for KC and got Yaz on a fly to CF in the first. Carl was a bit late on a fastball in the 3rd and popped to LF. In the 6th he drilled a rocket into RF that caromed off the glove of RFer Joe Posada. The park exploded with boos when the E went up on the board (although it was a ball that should have been caught).

      Bob Turley was on for the A's for Yaz next appearance in the 8th. Carl drove a ball deep into right center that again clanged off the iron glove of Posada. Again it was ruled an error and the fans showed their disapproval to the official scorer. The game went into extra innings, giving Yastrzemski another try in the 10th.

      Gerry Staley was on the hill for the A's and issued a walk to Yaz to open the inning. For the third time in the ball game the crowd errupted with boos. Bob Allison brought Yaz home with a walk off HR, but the crowd seemed very dissatified with the dramatic ending. The scorer was mobbed with questions about his two error rulings, but stood firm and the streak was over.
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        1964: Skipjacks Capture Their First Title in Thrilling Style

        from the DiamondMind Press

        [B]Game 1: Koufax @ Chance[/B]
        The HC got out to a quick 1-0 lead on an Allen HR in the top of the first, but the SJ
        answered quickly as Fregosi lead off their half of the first with a HR. Jimmie Hall put the
        Macmen back up 2-1 with a HR in the 2nd. The JW crew evened it at 2 in the third on a
        Ward single and an Oliva double. The Hard Cider went back up 3-2 as Haller belted their
        third solo HR of the game in the 4th, but the Jacks tied it yet again in the bottom of the
        inning on a Mantilla walk and base hits by Lock and Ward.
        Raymond took over in the 8th for the SJ and was rudely greeted by the HC. Hall singled,
        Bressoud walked, Haller doubled, Stephens (PH for Koufax) walked and Cash drove in a
        third run with a walk to make it 6-3 Mac's. Radatz came on for the Hard Cider and retired
        the first two Skipjacks before an error by Bressoud put Mantilla on. The miscue appeared
        to unsettle The Monster and was followed by a triple by Torre, a walk by Powell and a 3
        run HR by Lock to put the Skipjacks up 7-6. McMahon put the HC down 1-2-3 in the
        ninth for the save.
        [B]Game 2: Bunker @ Bouton[/B]
        The HC again scored quick. Hunt lead off with a single, stole 2nd and went to 3rd on a
        throwing error by Torre. He came home on a Cash base hit. Again the SJ answered in the
        bottom of the inning on a long ball by Allison. Allision homered again in the 4th to put the
        SJ up 2-1. That was followed by a double by Powell and singles by Ward and Lock to
        make it 3-1. The SJ padded their lead in the 5th on a HBP of Mantilla, an Oliva BB and
        an Allison base hit going up 4-1.
        Mac's got back in the game with a Covington HR (again solo) in the 7th. In the 8th a
        Hunt BB, Allen 2B and another big blow by Covington - a 2 RBI double - tied the game
        at 4-4. Radatz came back for the HC and again struggled. A walk to Allison, single by
        Torre, walk to Ward and single by Lock put the Skipjacks back up 6-4. McMahon tossed
        another perfect 9th for his 2nd save.
        [B]Game 3: Horlen @ Pizzaro[/B]
        After losing a pair of nailbiters the Hard Cider battered SJ pitchers Joe Horlen, Joe
        Sparma and Bob Miller for 14 runs on 20 hits, while Juan Pizzaro, Stu Miller and Bob
        Humphries shut out JW on 6 hits. Ron Hunt and Norm Cash each had 4 hits for Mac.
        [B]Game 4: Ford @ Bunning[/B]
        Jim Bunning and Whitey Ford squared off in a terrific pitchers duel. Scoreless thru 4,
        the Hard Cider scratched out a run in the 5th on a walk to Robinson and singles by
        Covington and Hall. Mac's pitching made that single run hold up with Dick Radatz
        coming through for the save.
        [B]Game 5: Chance @ Koufax[/B]
        The Skipjacks finally broke through for a run, nicking Koufax in the first on an Oliva
        double and an Allison single. They doubled their lead in the 3rd on singles by Fregosi
        (advanced on a ground out) and Allison. The Hard Cider cut the lead in half, getting to
        Chance for a run in the 4th on a Dick Allen single, Covington double and Robinson sac
        The score stayed 2-1 until the 7th when an Allison triple and Mantilla sac fly made it 3-1
        in favor of the visitors. Don McMahon came on in the 9th to close it out, but had some
        trouble with his control - walking pinch hitter Lou Clinton and hitting Ron Hunt. After
        fanning Cash and getting Allen on a pop out, Covington and Robinson each singled in a
        run to send it to extra innings at 3-3.
        Stu Miller came on for the HC and promptly gave up a long ball to Boog Powell.
        McMahon got another chance in the bottom of the 10th and was greeted by a leadoff
        single to Ed Broussoud. Fairly came on to pinch run. Haller couldn't get the bunt down
        and popped to first. Miller did get the bunt down, moving Fairly to 2nd. A wild pitch
        moved the tying run down to 3rd, but Hunt went down swinging to give the Skipjacks the
        [B]Game 6: Bunker @ Bouton[/B]
        The Skipjacks jump to an early lead on a Don Lock HR in the 2nd. The Hard Cider tie it
        up on an Allen single and Robinson double in the top of the 4th, but the SJ retake the lead
        on singles by Powell and Torre and a Lock sac fly in the bottom of the inning.
        That score held up through the 7th. In the top of the 8th Bouton gave up a two out single to
        Norm Cash, and with 128 pitches thrown, Spatz decided it was time to turn in over to closer
        Don McMahon. McMahon wasn't up to the task today, giving up a single to Allen and a 2
        run double to Covington to surrender the lead. Radatz came on for the HC for the 5th
        time in 6 games and had it going today, putting the SJ aside 1-2-3 in the bottom of the
        8th. Woodeshick came on in the 9th for the SJ and allowed two insurance runs to Mac on
        a Hall single, Bressoud walk and Maris triple. Radatz was perfect again in the 9th and the
        series moves to a decisive 7th game.
        [B]Game 7: Pizzaro @ Horlen[/B]
        The JW hitters pounced on Pizzaro for 3 in the first. Fregosi, Oliva and Allison single to
        make it 1-0. Allison stole second and moved to third, with Oliva scoring, on Haller's
        throwing error. Mantilla rounded out the scoring with a base hit. The SJ put 3 more up in
        the 5th. Lock walked and Ward singled, sending Pizzaro to the showers in favor of Ellis.
        Oliva cleard the bases with a double. The SJ made it 7-0 on a double by Allison and a
        single by Mantilla in the 8th.
        The Hard Cider made one last rally in the 9th. Allen lead off with a single and Covington
        followed with a two base hit. After a Robinson K, Hall walked - loading the bases and
        ending Horlen's day. Roebuck came on and allowed one runner home on a Bressoud sac
        fly before ending the game and series by striking out Tom Haller.
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          Skipkacks 1963 stats
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            Skipjacks 1964 stats
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              Skipjacks 1966 stats

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                Skipjacks 1965 stats
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                  1967: William Codfish Spatz passes

                  (story to be written)
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                    1970 DM Classic: Skipjacks win rubber match w/ Hard Cider

                    from the DiamondMind Press

                    [B]Game 1: Pat Jarvis @ Ray Culp[/B]
                    Both pitchers looked good early and the game was scoreless after 4.  In the 5th,
                    Blair singled and Garrett tripled to put the Macmen on the board. Grabarkewitz
                    followed with a base hit to make it 2-0. Mac added on in the 6th on singles by
                    Gibbs and Fregosi and a wild pitch by Jarvis.  In the 7th Fairly was HBP and scored
                    on Gibbs double.  In the 8th Garrett and Grabarkewitz walked and Fairly singled to
                    arrive at the 5-0 final. Culp allowed only 2 hits in his complete game victory.
                    [B]Game 2: Sam McDowell @ Ken Holtzman[/B]
                    Both teams sent a 20 game winning lefty to the mound; McDowell for JW and
                    Holtzman for Mac. McDowell had his best stuff going for him, but Holtzman struggled
                    from the outset.  Powell homered in the 2nd and Yaz in the 3rd to make it 2-0.  Still
                    in the third singles by Torre, Powell and Menke made it 3-0.  In the 5th Dietz singled,
                    Torre walked and Powell hit another HR to make it 6-0.  Clearing the bases did not
                    end the rally though. Menke, Fosse and Tolan singled to make it 8-0. A Clemente
                    sac fly made it 9 and a Dietz single ran it to 10-0.  McDowell went the distance for
                    an 11-2 win and so the series moves to Baltimore tied 1-1.  Bill Sudakis of the
                    Macmen went down for the rest of the series.
                    [B]Game 3: Luke Walker @ Steve Hargan[/B]
                    Hargan walked the bases loaded in the top of the first. Gibbs singled home 2 of them
                    to put the vistiors up 2-0. The Skipjacks struck back in the 4th. Dietz walked. Torre
                    doubled him to 3rd and he came home on Powell's sac fly. Menke walked and Fosse
                    doubled to tie it. Aparicio singled home two more to put JW up 4-2 and send Walker
                    to the showers. Wright came on for the Hard Cider. The Jacks greeted him with a
                    Tolan single and Clemente doubled to make it 5-2.  Menke homered in the 5th to
                    make it 6-2. Clemente tripled and Yaz singled to make it 7-2 in the 7th.
                    After his shaky start Hargan cruised through 8, but Alston went to the pen in the 9th.
                    Milt Pappas got the call. He got the first two outs, but then ran into trouble. Grabar-
                    kewitz and Fairly singled and closer Dave Baldwin got the call. He walked Rettenmund
                    to load the bases and Robinson to force in a run before getting the hook. Richert
                    came on to face Gibbs and got him to ground out, perserving the game and putting
                    the SkipJacks up 2-1 in the series.
                    [B]Game 4: Ray Sadecki @ Danny Coombs[/B]
                    The Hard Cider again got off to a quick start. Grabarkewitz, Rettenmund and Savage
                    single to make it 1-0. Gibbs singled to make it 2-0. Fregosi then crushed a 3 run HR
                    to end Coombs season on a sour note. Pappas came on for JW.
                    The Skipjacks got on the board in the 2nd with a Powell double and Fosse single.
                    They continued their comeback in the 3rd. Tolan singled and Clemente reached on an
                    error by Sadecki. (Sadecki's error proved to be the first of 5 today for the Macmen...
                    which coupled with a trio of miscues by JW's boys made for one of the sloppiest
                    games in Diamond Classic history.) Yaz singled to load the bases. Spiezio booted a
                    ball to get the Jacks 2nd run home. Torre doubled 2 runs home to chase Sadecki.
                    Wright took over for Mac. Powell greeted him with a base hit to drive in two more
                    runs and put JW out in front.
                    Rettenmund homered for Mac in the 5th to tie it up. In the 8th Fregosi reached on
                    an error. Brown delivered a PH single. Spiezio doubled to put Mac back on top.  In
                    the bottom of the 8th Powell singled and Menke walked. Fosse sacrificed them into
                    scoring position and Aparicio sent them home with a single to regain the lead for the
                    home team.  Baldwin got the call in the 9th. He got the first 2 outs before walking
                    Savage. Richert came on to face Gibbs and got him swinging to save the game and
                    bring JW within a single game of the championship.
                    [B]Game 5: Ray Culp @ Pat Jarvis[/B]
                    Gibbs and Haller singled in the 4th and Blair belted one into the seats to give the
                    Hard Cider yet another early lead. This one held up as Culp shut the Skipjack attack
                    down in a complete game shutout.  The series heads back to New York with the
                    Skipjacks up 3 games to 2. Ray Fosse is out for the remainder of the series.
                    [B]Game 6: Sam McDowell @ Ken Holtzman[/B]
                    The vistors send ace Sam McDowell to the mound in hopes of claiming their second
                    CKL championship , while 20 game winner Ken Holtzman shoulders the responsibility
                    for keeping the home team's season going.
                    The Hard Cider yet again got on the board first. In the third Grabarkewitz singled
                    and scored on Rettenmund's triple. Rettenmund came home on Robinson's sac fly
                    to make it 2-0.  The Skipjacks struck back quickly in the fourth. Tolan reached
                    on Spiezio's error (what proved to be one of 13 by the Cider in this series).
                    Clemente singled. Yaz singled Tolan home. A pair of ground balls brought Clemente
                    around to tie the game.
                    In the 7th Powell and Menke singled and Dietz doubled to put JW up 4-2. In the
                    8th Clemente and Hinton singled. Torre was HBP. Powell homered deep to RF. Dietz
                    singled and Aparicio doubled. When the inning was over the boys from Baltimore
                    were up 9-2 and the end was near for the New Yorkers.  McDowell went the
                    distance as JW wrapped up the Diamond Classic with a 10-2 win.
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                      1973: Skipjacks select Brett #1 overall

                      (story pending)


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                        1974: Blockbuster sends FP Yastrzemski packing

                        (story pending)


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                          1974: Skipjacks Beat Diablos In Seven Games, Rebound With Third DMCKL Title

                          from the DiamondMind Press

                          [B]Game 1:  Dick Drago @ Wilbur Wood[/B]
                          JW got off to a quick start. Carew opened the series with a base hit. Johnstone doubled
                          him to third and Torre's sac fly gave the visitors the lead.  Denton had an interesting
                          bottom half of the first. White doubled and Yaz single to put men on the corners with
                          nobody out. Garr bounced to the mound, Drago froze the runner at third then whriled
                          and got the DP. Stargell reached on a catcher interference by Sanguillen. Brett then
                          booted a ground ball to allow the tieing run in. 
                          --The next few innings went quietly. In the 5th Carew erupted after being called out
                          on a third strike and was ejected. The Diablos had a little eruption of their own in the
                          bottom of the 5th. Yaz and Garr singled and Stargell homered to put Denton up 4-1.
                          --JW bounced back in the 7th. Brye singled and Berry pinch hit for Brett. He belted a
                          drive into the upper deck in LF to narrow the gap to 1. White singled to start off the 
                          next inning. Cedeno replaced him on a fielders choice and stole 2nd. That was as far
                          as he got. The Diablos looked to pad their lead in the bottom of the 8th. Rivers walked
                          and stole second.  Robinson signled to left and Mick the Quick headed home. He wasn't
                          quite quick enough though as Downing's throw beat him to the plate for the out.
                          --Wood was still going strong and took the hill again in the 9th. He set the Jacks down
                          in order for the win and the home crowd went home happy.
                          [B]Game 2:  Ken Holtzman @ Luis Tiant[/B]
                          The Skipjacks again got on the board in the first, in part due to some questionable
                          strategy by the Diablos. Cedeno doubled and with two out Powell came to the plate -
                          and received an intentional walk.  Sanguillen took offense at the slight and doubled
                          home JW's first run. Johsntone received an unintentional walk and Torre followed with
                          a 2 run single. Brett's single made it 4-0 Skipjacks before the Diablos got their first 
                          turn at bat.
                          --The home team got on the board in the 4th. Rivers doubled and came home later
                          on an error by Carew. That was all they could manage Of Holtzman though. The lefty
                          scattered 4 hits and walked only one in a complete game victory. Tiant settled down
                          after his shakey start and also went the distance surrendering no more runs, but the
                          first inning melt down was enough to cost him the ball game.
                          [B]Game 3:  Al Fitzmorris @ Buzz Capra[/B]
                          The visitors scored first. In the third Boone and Foli singled and White doubled to
                          make it 1-0. Yaz got the 2nd run home with a sac fly. Garr sngled to make it 3-0. Garr
                          stole second and came home on Rivers single to make it 4-0.  That score held until
                          the 7th. The home squad got on the board on a single by Carew, a walk to Cedeno
                          and a single by Crawford. The Jacks pulled closer in the 8th.  Sanguillen doubled and
                          Johnstone homered to make it 4-3.  That was as close as they'd get. Murray came
                          on to close it out int he 9th and the Doablos went up 2 games to 1.
                          [B]Game 4:  Don Wilson @ Jerry Koosman[/B]
                          The Diablos again jumped out early. Robinson and Boone singled and Foli laid down
                          a sucide squeeze to make it 1-0 in the second.  The Skipjacks came back in the 5th.
                          Brett singled and Dent doubled to tie it.  Carew singled and stole 2nd. Cedno's ground
                          out made it 2-1.  That was all the damage either team could do as the pitchers ruled
                          the day and the Skipjacks tied the series.
                          [B]Game 5:  Wilbur Wood @ Dick Drago[/B]
                          Once again the visitors drew first blood. In the 3rd Rivers doubled. Robinson walked.
                          Stenentt singled to make it 1-0. Boone singled to make it 2-0. Drago didn't survive
                          past the 3rd, giving up 9 hits over those 3 frames. Things picked up for the home
                          team in the bottom of the 3rd. Carew walked and Cedeno reached on Robinson's
                          error. Torre singled to make it 2-1. They tied it up the next inning. Sanguillen
                          singled. A pair of ground outs got him to third and Dent's single sent him home.
                          --The Skipjacks moved ahead in the 6th. Sanguillen doubled, moved to third on a
                          ground out and came home on Brett's sac fly. They tacked on and chased Wood in
                          the 8th. Downing and Sanguillen singled. Brye doubled to make it 4-2. Brett ground-
                          ed out to drive in the 5th run and that was the ballgame.
                          [B]Game 6:  Ken Holtzman @ Luis Tiant[/B]
                          Holtzman vs Tiant in a rematch of game 2. The Skipjacks jumped on Tiant quickly
                          in this one, just as they did in game 2 as well. Carew led off the game with a single,
                          Cedeno walked and Crawford reached on an IF single to load the bases with nobody
                          out. Powell hit a slow roller down the third base line. Robinson made the bare hand
                          grab and fired home - in time to nail Carew for the first out. The next batter,
                          Sanguillen, scortched a liner down the thirdbase line. Robinson snared in and
                          scrambled to the bag to double off Cedeno. A pair of brillant plays by Brooks - a 
                          former Skipjacks star - saved Tiant and ended the rally.
                          --The inspired Diablos came out swinging in the bottom fop the inning. Yaz homered
                          to put the first run on the board. Stargell walked and Rivers singled. Stennett belted
                          one into the seats to make it 4-0.
                          --The Skipjacks finally put a run on the board in the fifth as Dent singled and Carew
                          doubled to make it 4-1. The Diablos answered in the bottom of the inning on a Yaz
                          single and Robinson double to end Holtzman game and season. They strung
                          together 3 singles in the 7th to make it 6-1.
                          --The Skipjacks wouldn't go down without a fight though. In the 9th Johnson walked
                          and Brett singled. Dent got a run home with a ground out, but that was it for JW and
                          the series moves on to game 7. 
                          [B]Game 7:  Buzz Capra @ Al Fitzmorris[/B]
                          Capra vs Fitzmorris in a rematch fo game 3. The Diablos go up 1-0 in the third on
                          another Yaz HR, as the old pro is really coming thru when it counts. The Skipjacks
                          strike back in the 4th. Cedeno doubled and Powell walked. Johnson singled to tie
                          it up. Torre singled to make it 2-1.
                          --Neither team got a man past firstbase after that. Capra went 8 strong innings
                          and Mingori came on to close it out. Congrats to JW on the Skipjacks third CKL title.
                          Congrats also to Mark for bringing the Diablos within a run of thier first champion-
                          ship, in their first playoff appearance, and just a year after taking the Spikes to
                          their first title.
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