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  • The Dude
    Breaking News:
    The Gamblers have returned to Las Vegas under past owner Chuck Coolidge.

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  • The Dude
    1965 Wrap-Up
    -11th Overall, 3rd in Johnson Divison. 64-104 Record, .381 WP
    -1 All-Star: Harmon Killebrew-3B
    -Team MVP: Harmon Killebrew: Led Team in HR, 2nd in RBI's, 5th in Runs, 2nd Highest AVG, Highest OBP amongst players with substantial playing time.
    -Team POY: Don Drysdale: Led Team in IP, K's, W's, and CG's.

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  • The Dude
    Gamblers Player Index

    Here's the List of Anyone whose Appeared on the Gamblers ML roster:

    Last Name, First Name: Year Started-Year Ended (#Jersey Number)

    Bold=Currently On the Gamblers Roster

    Alou, Matty: 1961-1964 (#4)
    Adair, Jerry: 1961-1965 (#5)

    Blasingame, Wade: 1965 (#45)
    Buhl, Bob: 1961-1963 (#34)
    Boros, Steve: 1961-1962 (#30)
    Bressoud, Eddie: 1962 (#45)
    Brown, Dick: 1962-1964 (#50)
    Brown, Gates: 1963-1965
    Boyer, Ken: 1965 (#4)
    Burdette, Lew: 1961-1963 (#35)

    Cardenal, Jose: 1963-1965 (#22)
    Carty, Rico: 1963-1965 (#8)
    Camilli, Doug: 1964-1965 (#42)

    Colavito, Rocky: 1962-1964 (#25)
    Coleman, Gordy: 1963 (#75)
    Cowan, Bill: 1964-1965 (#12)
    Covington, Wes: 1965 (#45)

    Drabowsky, Moe: 1961-1965 (#21)
    Drysdale, Don: 1965 (#31)
    Duffalo, Jim: 1965 (#50)

    Estrada, Chuck: 1961-1962 (#31)

    Face, Roy: 1961-1963 (#12)
    Faul, Bill: 1965 (#46)
    Foiles, Hank: 1961-1963 (#36)
    Fowler, Art: 1961-1963 (#29)
    Fox, Nellie: 1963 (#0)
    Flood, Curt: 1961-1965 (#1)

    Green, Lenny: 1961-1962 (#14)

    Herbel, Ron: 1963-1965 (#73)
    Howard, Elston: 1961-1964 (#2)


    Jackson, Larry: 1961-1965 (#15)
    Jensen, Jackie: 1961 (#27)

    Kaat, Jim: 1961-1965 (#20)
    Koppe, Joe: 1961-1962 (#28)
    Killebrew, Harmon: 1961-1965 (#3)
    Kralick, Jack: 1964 (#36)
    Kranepool, Ed: 1964-1965 (#17)
    Kuenn, Harvey: 1961-1963 (#16)

    Landrum, Don: 1962 (#8)
    Lee, Don: 1962-1964 (#37)
    Lillis, Bob: 1964-1965 (#44)

    Mantle, Mickey: 1965 (#7)
    Malzone, Frank: 1961-1965 (#24)
    McCraw, Tommy: 1965 (#25)
    McMahon, Don: 1961 (#8)
    McMillan, Roy: 1962-1965 (#40)
    Mossi, Don: 1962-1965 (#38)
    Mota, Manny: 1962-1963 (#43)
    Musial, Stan: 1961-1962 (#6)


    O'Toole, Jim: 1962-1964 (#39)

    Pappas, Milt: 1961-1962 (#7)
    Perry, Gaylord: 1962-1965 (#9)
    Perry, Jim: 1961 (#9)
    Petrocelli, Rico: 1963-1965 (#28)


    Richardson, Gordie: 1964-1965 (#16)
    Rodgers, Buck: 1961-1965 (#23)
    Rojas, Cookie: 1962-1965 (#51)

    Schoendienst, Red: 1961-1962 (#10)
    Skowron, Moose: 1961-1965 (#11)
    Smith, Al: 1961 (#25)
    Snyder, Russ: 1961-1963 (#32)
    Spahn, Warren: 1960 (#00)
    Stigman, Dick: 1961-1962 (#22)
    Stottlemyre, Mel: 1964-1965 (#10)
    Sturdivant, Tom: 1961-1963 (#33)

    Tartabull, Jose: 1962 (#41)
    Temple, Johnny: 1961 (#18)


    Virdon, Bill: 1961-1963 (#26)

    Wagner, Gary: 1965 (#16)
    Williams, Dick: 1963 (#10)
    Worthington, Al: 1961-1965 (#19)
    Wood, Jake: 1963 (#30)
    Wynn, Early: 1961-1963 (#17)



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  • The Dude
    1965 Preview

    -The 1965 season looks to be the year the Gamblers have their best shot of making the playoffs so far. They have an all-star rotation that starts with Don Drysdale, last years leave CYA winner. Then there's Larry Jackson, who had a 2.86 ERA last year and 12 CG's, second to only Don Drysdale. Jim Kaat is back again for his 5th season with the Gamblers. Mel Stottlemyre looks to improve on a tremendous rookie season in which he went 3-2 in limited time. The Gamblers will run a short 5 Man rotation with the 5th man changing frequently.
    -Only 3 players are returning on the offensive side of the ball as everyday players. Harmon Killebrew, coming off a fantastic season as the Team MVP once again, will man 3B this year. Curt Flood will be returning to CF, and Moose Skowron will play 1B again.
    -Rico Carty is coming off an excellent rookie season, but hurt himself severly during winter league ball and will probably be hampered for much of the season. The OF has a mix of a large number of platoon players. Wes Covington, Gates Brown, and Jose Cardenal will all see playing time, splitting it with Carty and Mickey Mantle, who was acquired in the offseason. The catcher position will be taken over by Buck Rodgers and Doug Camilli as Elston Howard parted ways with the team in the off-season. Home-grown talent will fill in the middle infield, as Rico Petrocelli has already been given the nod as opening day starter at SS, and Cookie Rojas will play 2nd Bag.
    -As for the bullpen, it is going to look somewhat the same as last year, with Gordie Richardson, Bob Lee, and Al Worthington taking the bulk of the work.

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  • The Dude
    1964 Wrap-Up

    1964 Wrap-Up
    -7th Overall, 3rd in Johnson Divison. 86-82 Record, .512 WP
    -6 All-Stars: C-Elston Howard, 3B-Harmon Killebrew, LF-Rico Carty, SP-Gaylord Perry, RP-Al Worthington, RP-Bob Lee
    -Team MVP: Harmon Killebrew: Led Team in HR, RBI's, and Walks. 2nd in Runs
    -Team POY: Jim O'Toole: Led starters in ERA, Team in Wins, 2nd in CG, IP, and K's.
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  • The Dude

    40+ HR's in a Season
    Harmon Killebrew: 47 in 1961
    Harmon Killebrew: 50 in 1962
    Harmon Killebrew: 48 in 1964

    200 Hits in a Season
    Lenny Green: 228 in 1961
    Curt Flood: 216 in 1963
    Curt Flood: 212 in 1964

    110 RBI's in a Season
    Elston Howard: 116 in 1961
    Harmon Killebrew:144 in 1961
    Harmon Killebrew:121 in 1962
    Harmon Killebrew: 125 in 1964

    20 Wins in a Season

    150 K's in a Season
    Jim Kaat: 162 in 1962
    Gaylord Perry: 174 in 1964
    Don Drysdale: 173 in 1965
    Mike Cuellar: 179 in 1966
    Gaylord Perry: 169 in 1966

    3.00 or Less ERA in a Season (Starter)
    Jim O'Toole: 2.55 in 1964
    Larry Jackson: 2.86 in 1964
    Mike Cuellar: 2.92 in 1966

    Team MVP
    Harmon Killebrew: 1961-1965

    Team POY
    Roy Face: 1961
    Jim O'Toole: 1962, 1964
    Larry Jackson: 1963
    Don Drysdale: 1965
    Mike Cuellar: 1966

    All-Star Elections
    Elston Howard:1961-1964 C
    Harmon Killebrew: 1962-1B, 1964-3B, 1965-3B
    Art Fowler: 1963-RP
    Rico Carty: 1964-LF
    Gaylord Perry: 1964-SP
    Al Worthington: 1964-RP
    Bob Lee: 1964-RP

    Retired Numbers
    None so far

    Former Managers
    1961-1963: Terry Benedict
    1963-1966: Stan Musial

    Top 3 Career:

    1.Harmon Killebrew (201)
    2.Elston Howard (92)
    3.Rocky Colavito (58)

    1.Harmon Killebrew (555)
    2.Elston Howard (345)
    3.Curt Flood (271)

    1.Curt Flood (485)
    2.Harmon Killebrew (265)
    3.Elston Howard (296)

    AVG (M 800 AB):
    1.Elston Howard (.294)
    2.Curt Flod (.290)
    3.Moose Skowron (.286)

    1.Curt Flood (160)
    2.Elston Howard (98)
    3.Jerry Adair (98)

    1.Elston Howard (22)
    2.Harmon Killebrew (20)
    2.Curt Flood (20)

    1.Curt Flood (44)
    2.Jerry Adair (21)
    3.Jose Tartabull (17)

    1.Larry Jackson (67)
    2.Jim Kaat (463)
    3.Jim O'Toole (30)

    WP (M 30 Decisions):
    1.Art Fowler (.605)
    2.Gaylord Perry (.596)
    3.Al Worthington (.561)

    ERA (M 450 IP):
    1.Jim O'Toole (3.21)
    2.Gaylord Perry (3.36)
    3.Jim Kaat (4.01)

    1.Larry Jackson (1,364.7)
    2.Jim Katt (1,256)
    3.Jim O'Toole (690.3)

    1.Jim Kaat (712)
    2.Larry Jackson (582)
    3.Gaylord Perry (474)

    1.Al Worthington (50)
    2.Art Fowler (29)
    3.Roy Face (24)

    1.Larry Jackson (202)
    2.Jim Kaat (198)
    3.Jim O'Toole (101)

    1.Art Fowler (245)
    2.Al Worthington (223)
    3.Larry Jackson (207)

    1.Larry Jackson (58)
    2.Jim Kaat (41)
    3.Don Drysdale (17)

    1.Larry Jackson (15)
    2.Jim Kaat (8)
    3.Jim O'Toole (4)
    3.Gaylord Perry (4)
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  • The Dude
    1964 Preview

    -1964 looks to be the year that all the peices fit for the Gamblers, or at least owner Chuck Coolidge and GM Moe Green hope. The team could be said to have remained the same in their strong areas, and improved greatly in their week. OF Rico Carty, who recieved no playing time after being drafted last year, is said to be an offensive force in the making. He will spend most of the time in LF, with another 2nd year player, Gates Brown filling in from time to time. The outfield will be rounded out by returning CF Curt Flood and RF Rocky Colavito, who looks to rebound after what could easily be called a horrible year for him last year.

    -The Infield will have the most shaken up. Only 1 Man will return to the starting lineup who was there last season, and that's the team MVP 3 years running, Harmon Killebrew. However, this season he slides over to 3rd base, to allow veteran Moose Skowron to come back to the big leagues and play First Base. Cookie Rojas will finally get to see some playing time in the bigs, as he takes over the duties at SS. Veteran Bob Lillis will also see some playing time at short, according to new manager Stan Musial. Finally, rounding out the infield, is Jerry Adair. Adair returns to the starting role that he had in '61 and '62.

    -Catching once again, will be 3-time ALL-STAR, Elston Howard, who is said to look just as ready for this season as he's been for the last three.

    -The starting rotation is where the Gamblers expect to shine. Jim O'Toole, Larry Jackson, and Jim Kaat all return to the starting rotation and all are expected to have big years. However, the key to this rotation, is last year's first round pick, Gaylord Perry, who is said to look much better than his older brother Jim Perry who was with the Gamblers organization for a period of time. Another young player, is this year's first round pick, Mel Stottlemyre. The bullpen will consist of seven pitchers.

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  • The Dude

    1963 Wrap-Up
    -9th Overall, 3rd in Johnson Divison. 69-99 Record, .411 WP
    -2 All-Stars: C-Elston Howard, RP-Art Fowler
    -Team MVP: Harmon Killebrew: Led Team in HR, RBI's, and Walks.
    -Team POY: Larry Jackson: Led team in CG's, IP, Wins, Best ERA for a starter, and a No-Hitter.
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  • The Dude

    1962 Wrap Up
    -9th Overall, 3rd in Johnson Divison. 71-97 Record, .423 WP
    -2 All-Stars: C-Elston Howard, 1B-Harmon Killebrew
    -Team MVP: Harmon Killebrew: Led Team in HR, RBI's, Walks and had a .273 AVG.
    -Team POY: Jim O'Toole: 2nd in IP, 2nd in K's, lowest ERA for a starter.

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  • The Dude
    1963 Preview

    -While much of the team remains the same from 1962, GM Moe Green had this to say about his latest arrivals
    -"Rico Carty? Future superstar. That's all I have to say. This guy is going to give us huge production. Maybe not this year. But soon enough."
    -"Jake Wood is the kind of guy you want on your team. Smart player."

    Manager Terry Benedict had this to say
    -"Nellie Fox is the best addition to this ballclub in the offseason. He's a veteran presence that was missing after we lost Stan and Red last year, and having Moose in the minors for now."

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  • leecemark
    1962 Results

    --Final reports from season
    Attached Files

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  • The Dude
    '62 Premium Free Agent Draft

    Everyone involved with the Gamblers orginization were extremely happy with the results of the 1962 Premium Free Agent Draft. "Our original goal for the offseason was signing Frank Howard, but after re-assesing all the information I had, Rocky became a much better deal. The fact that we got Jimmy for such a nice price, well, that was just pure luck. I'm still suprised we got him!", says GM Moe Green.

    When asked about the signings, Manger Terry Benedict had to say "I think they're great now. We've got a premium group of power hitters on the team as long as Killer and Elston can produce like they did last year, and we've got power at all the infield positions which I believe most of the teams in our league can't say.
    As for the rotation, I think it's the best in the league. We've got a group of guys here that are all priming up for big years."
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  • leecemark
    1961 results

    --Wrapping up our first season..
    Attached Files

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  • The Dude
    GM-Moe "George" Green
    Owner-Elleroy "Chuck" Coolidge
    Manager-Stan "The Man" Musial
    Bench Coach-
    Hitting Coach-
    Pitching Coach- Warren Spahn
    1B Coach-
    3B Coach-
    Bullpen Coach-

    Approached in 1960 about the idea of forming a new professional baseball league, Ellroy (Chuck to those close to him) Coolidge decided to help pursue this new idea and became one of the inagural owners in the league. As one of the entertainment gurus of Las Vegas, Chuck had the financial possibility of owning the team. Although they performed worse than they had hoped, the Gamblers look forward to 1962 with great expectations. They are also expected to be the first team in the league to switch stadiums. It became fairly obvious when they switched stadiums, that they were now in a pitchers park. They finished worse off in '62 than they had in 1961. The same thing followed suit in 1963 with an even worse record, finishing only 1 game before losing 100 in a season. Their power numbers were down extremely in 1963, which prompted a managerial chance for the 1964 season, when they brought back former player who retired after the end of the 1963 season, Stan Musial to the lead the ballclub. The team finished in the middle of the pack in 1964, and 3rd in the Johnson once again. However, it was an extremely good season for the Gamblers as they sent 6 players to the All-star game, including ROY candidate Rico Carty. Harmon Killebrew finished 2nd in the league in HR's again, and they finished with a winning season. Things took another turn for the worse in 1965 for the Gamblers. They signed big name free agents Mickey Mantle and Don Drysdale, but both performed below expectations, and the Gamblers plummeted to over 100 losses for the first time in franchise history.

    1961 Wrap Up
    -8th Overall, 3rd in Johnson Divison. 80-88 Record, .476 WP
    -1 All-Star: C-Elston Howard
    -Team MVP: Harmon Killebrew: Led Team in HR, RBI's, Walks and Triples
    -Team POY: Roy Face: Led team in ERA, G, 8-5 record with 3 saves.
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  • The Dude
    started a topic The Dudes Gamblers

    The Dudes Gamblers

    Harmon Killebrew
    -Gamblers 1st Pick in 1961 CKL Draft
    -1961 Team Most Valuable Player
    -1962 Reserve All-Star 1B
    -1962 Team Most Valuable Player
    -1963 Team Most Valuable Player
    -1964 Reserve All-Star 3B
    -1964 Team Most Valuable Player
    -1965 Reserve All-Star 3B
    -1965 Team Most Valuable Player
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