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1969 Rookie Draft

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  • catcher24
    --All players who made their major league debut in 1968 are eligible for this draft.
    I think Mark meant 1969.

    Mark, you may wish to edit your list to reflect that since our trade, the Hard Cider will have my first and third round picks this year. Since Mark has my 2nd rounder, it looks like the only pick I'll get out of the top 32 is the Gamblers 2nd rounder, which I have.

    The Munson pick was a good one, but it wouldn't have been my top pick. Different perspective.

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  • Erik Bedard
    I wouldn't even consider him for the Gold Sox, what with a youngster named Bench who's taken over the catching spot. But that's the argument for him, and it's a fairly good one. He may be the best franchise player available this year when factoring in position (without that I'd take one other guy ahead of him as an expansion team).

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  • leecemark
    --Munson wouldn't have been my pick for the Knights, but he may have been if I was an expansion owner. One of the better catchers in the league from year 2 right up to the end. There are a few players who deliver more over the course of their careers, but in every case you'd be paying 12M for some developmental, injury or just plain bad years mixed in with the good ones.

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  • Erik Bedard
    Definitely not who I would've picked there, but there is an argument for him.

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  • Windy City Fan
    The Windy City Thunder draft .... Thurmon Munson!

    And he will be tagged as the franchise player.

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  • Sockeye
    If the player we want isn't available at the 5th pick, we may consider trading down. Something to keep in mind for someone interested in trading up at that time.

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  • Erik Bedard
    If my guy falls to #72, I'll be absolutely thrilled. Of course, I didn't see him falling to #9, so I traded it for a pick in a better year.

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  • jkc32
    Looks like I'm going to be a spectator for quite awhile. Sure hope no one takes the guy I'm looking at for pick #47!

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  • leecemark
    started a topic 1969 Rookie Draft

    1969 Rookie Draft

    --The rookie draft is now open. There will be no clock until June 6th so you've got plenty of time to think things over, make deals, etc. If there is an error in any of the traded picks please point it out as soon as possible. Errors not corrected before that pick is made won't be corrected nor compensation made. The player picked would simply move to the true owner of that slot.
    --Remember that the deadline for non-tenders/buy outs is your first selection in this draft. Once you make a pick you are committed to all the players still on your roster. The live portion of the draft is still scheduled for 8PM EST, June 6th. If we've managed to get through 2 rounds then you can all have your Friday night back and we'll just go on an 8 hour clock at that point.
    --All players who made their major league debut in 1969 are eligible for this draft. If you haven't already done some scouting then now is the time to get on that.
    --Expansion owners if you want to use your franchise tag on your first pick in this draft you need to do so before the end of the draft.

    Round 1
    1m or 12m depending on franchise tag choice
    1) Thunder: Thurman Munson (franchise player)
    2) Wranglers: Carlton Fisk (franchise player)
    3) Brawlers: Vida Blue
    4) Appletonia : Darrell Evans (franchise player)
    5) Angels from Gamblers: Bernie Carbo
    6) Diablos: Dave Cash
    7) Badgers: Gene Tenace
    8) Knights from Angels: Dave Roberts
    9) Hard Cider form Shoeless Joes: Ron Bloomberg
    10) Thunder from Redbirds: Dick Drago
    11) Cloverleafs : Jerry Ruess
    12) Knights from Skipjacks : Toby Harrah
    All players from here down are 250K
    13) Gamblers from Knights: Gary Gentry
    14) Cloverleafs from Hard Cider: Steve Garvey
    15) Hard Cider from Gold Sox: Wayne Garrett
    16) Hard Cider from Legends: Tom Bradley

    Round 2
    17) Cloverleafs from Thunder: Chuck Taylor
    18) Wranglers: Bill Buckner
    19) Brawlers: Clay Kirby
    20) Appletonia: Bill Lee
    21) Gamblers: Ken Tatum
    22) Skipjacks from Diablos: Barry Lersh
    23) Brawlers from Badgers: Carl Morton
    24) Angels: Ted Sixemore
    25) Appletonia from Shoeless Joes: Pedro Borbon
    26) Redbirds: BIll Russell
    27) Hard Cider from Cloverleafs: Bob Johnson
    28) Appletonia from Skipjacks: Oscar Gamble
    29) Knights: Ron Klimkowski
    30) Hard Cider: Billy Grabarkowitz
    31) Redbirds from Gold Sox: Steve Renko
    32) Skipjacks from Legends: Reggie Cleveland

    33) Redbirds (compensation pick): Tom Griffin

    Round 3
    34) Knights from Thunder: Lloyd Allen
    35) Wranglers: George Foster
    36) Badgers from Brawlers: Gene Garber
    37) Appletonia: Fred Kendall
    38) Legends from Gamblers: John Ellis
    39) Diablos: Al Fitzmorris
    40) Badgers: Billy Conigliaro
    41) Appletonia from Angels: Dick Woodson
    42) Hard Cider from Shoeless Joes: Jim Colborn
    43) Redbirds: Tom Timmerman
    44) Cloverleafs: Mike Kilkenny
    45) Skipjacks: Fred Scherman
    46) Knights: Bart Johnson
    47) Angels from Hard Cider: Ike Brown
    48) Shoeless Joes from Gold Sox: Marty Perez
    49) Hard Cider from Legends: Leron Lee

    Round 4
    50) Thunder: Jack DiLauro
    51) Wranglers: Bill Butler
    52) Cloverleafs from Brawlers (via Badgers): Coco Laboy
    53) Appletonia: Mike Garman
    54) Gamblers: Mike Nagy
    55) Diablos: Make up due
    56) Badgers: Bob Didier
    57) Legends from Angels: Bob Reynolds
    58) Shoeless Joes: Fran Healy
    59) Redbirds: Paul Doyle
    60) Cloverleafs: Lou Marone
    61) Skipjacks: Paul Edmuindson
    62) Knights: Bill Zepp
    63) Hard Cider: Rick Lamb
    64) Angels from Gold Sox: Ron Woods
    65) Legends: Jerry Morales

    Round 5
    66) Thunder: Sid O'Brien
    67) Wranglers: Cesar geronimo
    68) Badgers from Brawlers: Jerry Robertson
    69) Appletonia: Billy Wilson
    70) Gamblers: Steve Arlin
    71) Diablos: 2nd makeup due
    72) Badgers: Bill Burbach
    73) Angels: Steve Hovley
    74) Shoeless Joes: Joe Decker
    75) Redbirds: Phil Hennigan
    76) Cloverleafs: Mike Wegener
    77) Skipjacks: Marcel Lachman
    78) Knights: Jim Lyttle
    79) Hard Cider: Billy Brooks
    80) Gold Sox: Scipio Spinks
    81) Legends: Tom Hilgendorff

    6th round
    82) Thunder: Jerry Cram
    83) Wranglers: Gary Neibauer
    84) Gold Sox from Brawlers: Van Kelly
    --Thats all folks
    Last edited by leecemark; 06-13-2008, 05:00 PM.

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