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  • On the Trading Block

    Hard Cider GM "Crabapple" McGilicutty is looking to unload some of the "overpaid bums" who failed to bring him the championship he was counting on. Owners who act quickly may be able to take advantage of Crabby's foul mood, and pick up some bargains.

    Roger Maris ($9M) - has some good baseball left in him, but HC is pretty well stocked in the outfield, will let him go fairly cheap.

    Ernie Banks (8M) - 37 real life HRs in '62, HC not asking for much here.

    Jim Davenport (4M) - possible all-star 3rd basemen in '62, but HC wants to unload him and go with the rookie Rollins.

    Don Lee (500K) - very solid 205 IP in '62, but no room in HC rotation.

    '62 Draft Picks - HC has the #5, #9, #12 and #13 overall picks and would like to trade some of those for future picks.

    All offers for these players and picks will receive serious consideration from HC management.
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    --The Knights might have some interest in Roger Maris as a replacement for FA Rocky Colavito. Don Lee could be usefull too.
    --For any interested parties the Knights needs are a corner outfielder to replace Colavito and a starting pitcher. Don Schwall is unlikely to be tendered a contract for next season and Steve Barber experienced some shoulder problems late in 61 that we fear will continue to be a problem in 62.
    The Knights are far more concerned with contending now than payroll or future prospects so feel free to offer expensive players with short shelf lives.


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      The Skipjacks are putting up OFer Lou Clinton for trade. Clinton will make league minimum for you in 1962 and will give you 400+ ABs of big lumber. Check his '62 season out for yourself.

      Depending on how things settle we may aim for the Hulbert Division pennant this year. In which case we'll be looking for a significant starting pitcher for 1962. Otherwise, a nice prospect or draft pick(s) will do fine.


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        1962 Rosters

        --Since trade talk is already starting I thought everyone would like to see the ratings for 1962. I think I've got the rosters updated, but a missing or misassigned player or two wouldn't surprise me. Let me know if any roster corrections are needed for your team. I'd like to have it right before the official offseason thread goes up. Players who didn't appear in the majors in 1962 won't appear here.
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          That's the 61 KC Athletics roster Mark.


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            --This should be all teams. The doormats will say 1961 because they were copied direct from that year. The owned teams were built new for 1962.
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              The Cannons would be interested in a corner OF or a catcher for '62.

              Frank Bolling, an all star level 2B in 1962, is on the trade block. I'll be entertaining offers for him. PM me if you're interested.


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                I have two corner OF'ers who would be available: Jackie Brandt- 112 OPS+ in 62, his last good season, he was Vg in RF and Avg in CF (can also play 3B, but poor there), a good baserunner; Wally Post, 120 OPS+ in 62, also his last good season; he was a poor fielder at both corners. Brandt and Post will both have 750K salaries in 62.

                For the right offer, I also have young first baseman Don Mincher and OF Lou Brock available. Also available is Bob Hendley, 105 ERA+ for 200 IP in 62.

                If interested in any of them, PM me.

                Mark - Will all of the player ratings be explained when I get my DM game? If not, I have some questions.
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                  Mark, what do the numbers mean in the ratings for fielders?
                  "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
                  - Danielle Rousseau


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                    --Lew, you should be able to find all the explanations in the help men, but feel free to ask questions. They may be helpfull to owners without the game.
                    --Mac, the number after the range rating is the error rating. 100 would be league average. Lower is good. Higher is bad. For example, 65 would mean the player made 1/3 less errors than the average player at his position. An AV player with a a low error number can be a defensive plus, while another AV player with a high one will hurt you.


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                      Knight players available

                      --Reliever Frank Funk, coming off an outstanding 1961 campaign, has requested a trade to a team where he will have an opportunity to be the ace of the pen (durable arm and 120 ERA+ in both 62-63, virtually the same as 61's 119)). The Knights have a surplus of relievers ready to move up the minors and will try and accomdate him. We're looking for draft picks in 63 or 64 (or even further out if you are offering a first rounder). We also need a SP (he only needs to be good for 1962) and a corner outfielder.
                      --2B Jake Wood would also like to move to a team where he can hope to compete for a starting job (he is starting caliber in 63-65, but honestly his 62 value is mostly as a PR). He is available for as little as a 3rd rounder in a future year.
                      --The Rocky Colavito free agent rumors appear to be true. He should be declaring his services available to the highest bidder as soon as the official date arrives. That will be some big shoes for us to fill. All offers of slugging OFers will get due consideration. Only Mays, Mathews and Pascual are untouchable.


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                        Gamblers Players Avaliable

                        -SS Joe Koppe is looking to find a home more appreciating of his talents. His 1962 value is mostly as a backup.
                        -OF Lenny Green is on the block, even after his high-calibre '61 campaign where he finished 7th in Runs and 5th in hits. HIs 1962 campaign should be just as good, but after that he falls to a pinch hitter level.
                        -3B Al Smith, .300+, 20+ HR, and 90+ RBI's in 1961, wants to find a new home after hearing rumours of the Gamblers bringing up a farm-hand 3Bman. He should perform almost as well in '62 and in '63, but has only 370 at bats in '63.
                        -Starting Pitcher/Relief Pitcher Jim Perry is avaliable for trade. He's excellent from 64/65 through 1970, and can be used almost anywhere in the staff.

                        Smith and Green could be good pieces to the puzzle if you're looking for a run in '62. The Gamblers will look at most offers.
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                          JW and I have agreed to a deal that will send hard hitting outfielder Lou Clinton to the Hard Cider, along with the Skipjacks' 3rd round, #19 pick. JW aquires the Knights' 1st round, #9 pick.
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                          "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
                          - Danielle Rousseau


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                            I confirm the deal if we're allowed... but I think we're still in waiting mode, right?

                            If it's not time yet, um, I'm not sure what's the best option... I suppose removing these two posts.
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                              --Although the rules do say no trades until the official offseason thread goes up, that was mostly to give me time to build the rosters for next season with dealing with changes. The rosters (and everythign else for 1962) are programed and if anybody has made a deal it is okay to get it posted here. Actually I'm eager to get the ball rolling myself.


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