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1978-79 Offseason Thread

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  • 1978-79 Offseason Thread

    --Welcome to the CKL 1978-79 offseason thread. Here is a tenative list of events. If you have a problem with any of them please speak up as soon as possible.
    Friday 9/16 (midnight EST): Non-tender/HTD bid deadline. Every team should also have their up to date roster with salaries posted at this time.
    Monday 9/19 (midnight EST): Deadline to overbid HTD offers
    Monday 9/19 (midnight EST): Rookie draft starts
    Monday 10/10 (8PM EST): Rookie draft ends
    Monday, 10/10(9PM EST): Free agent auctions begins. Preliminary bids must be made one player per post and must be topped in 250K increments
    Tuesday, 10/11 (8PM EST): first bid list posted
    Tuesday, 10/11 (9PM EST): Phase 1 begins, bids still made in 250K increments
    Wednesday, 10/12 (8PM EST): Phase 1 ends, players not overbid signed by teams holding the high bid from the previous evening
    Wednesday, 10/12 (9PM EST): Phase 2 begins, bids must now be made in 500K increments*
    Thursday, 10/13 (8PM EST): Phase 2 ends
    Thursday, 10/13 (9PM EST): Phase 3 begins, bids must now be made in 1 million dollar increments*
    Friday, 10/14 (8PM EST): Phase 3 ends
    * overbids must be at the indicated figure, New bids may be made at 250K at any point int he auction.
    Friday, 10/14 (9PM EST): Live auction begins and runs until each player has gone 10 minutes without a fresh bid (first signing would be 9:10 for a player with no new bid in the live auction).
    Friday, 10/14 (10PM EST): Free signing period begins. Any team under 40 players may sign any unsigned player for minimum wage until they reach 40 players. One signing per post.
    Saturday, 10/15 (midnight EST): teams who went over 40 players in the auction must cut down to 40 and are responsible for the salary of the released players.
    Monday, 10/17 (midnight EST): teams must have 40 players under contract or be charged a 250K per vacant roster space cap penalty.
    Thursday, 10/20 (midnight EST): managerial profiles must be posted.
    Saturday, 10/23: Opening Day!
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    --I didn't check the traded picks thread before running this so these are all original owners of the picks......

    1) Spikes: their rebuilding seasons pays big dividends
    2) Lumberjaxx: like the lottery a little better now, Lew ?
    3) Badgers: if memory serves the lottery has usually been kind for the BBs
    4) Gold Sox: slide 3 spots - or whoever owns their pick this year anyway
    5) Hard Cider
    6) Blues
    7) Gamblers
    8) Thunder
    9) Dust Bunnies
    10) Iron
    11) Legends
    12) Angels
    13) Knights
    14) Beavers
    15) Skipjacks
    16) Corsairs


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      Oh man I am absolutely furious right now.


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        I always do poorly in the lottery but I still like it. Just a heads up Mark while I am deployed I will not be able to send MPs so I will have to post everything manually. Because I can't load the game on a government computer and that is the only place I have internet capabilities and I can't transfer the files because all external media is disabled. Sorry about the inconvenience.


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          Iron Roster for 1979

          Updated Iron Roster:

          Milwaukee Iron Roster (Updated for 1979)
          Home Park: Milwaukee County Stadium
          GM: Jason Lyke
          Manager: Bobby Cox

          40-Man Roster
          SP-Bill Travers (.50) (drafted 1974, FA after 1979)
          SP-Paul Moskau (.25) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          SP-Dave Roberts (.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          SP-Rick Sutcliffe (.50) (drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
          SP-Silvio Martinez (.50) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          SP-Steve Busby (.50) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          SP-Lynn McGlothen (1.5) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          SP-Buddy Solomon (.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          SP-Rudy May (8.0) (Signed 1978, FA after 1980)
          RP-Pete Redfern (.50) (signed 1977, FA after 1979) Acquired in trade during 1977 Season)
          RP-Joe Sambito (2.5) (drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
          RP-Rick Camp (.75) (drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
          RP-Tom Burgmeier (1.0) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          RP-Bobby Castillo (.50) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          RP-Ed Farmer (1.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          RP-Mike Bacsik (.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          C-Gene Tenace (22.00) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          C-Bo Diaz (.50) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          C-Bill Fahey (.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          1B-Jim Spencer (.75) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          1B-Willie Aikens (1.5) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          1B-Ron Jackson (.50) (drafted 1975, FA after 1980)
          2B-Bump Wills (1.0) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          SS-Greg Pryor (.50) (drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
          SS-Dale Berra (.25) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          LF-Ben Ogilvie (13.00) (signed 1977, FA after 1980)
          LF-Don Baylor (5.0) (signed 1976, FA after 1979) (Acquired in trade during 1977 season)
          LF-Jerry White (.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1979)
          CF-Ron LeFlore (1.5) (drafted 1974, Arb. FA after 1979)
          RF-Leon Roberts (.75) (drafted 1974, FA after 1979)
          RF-Pedro Guerrero (3.0) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)

          Total Salary = 69.75M, for 32 Players under contract

          FA's after 1978:
          SP-Gaylord Perry (12.00) (signed 1978, FA after 1978)
          SP-Ross Grimsley (7.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1978)
          RP-Mickey Lolich (2.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1978)
          3B-Sal Bando (5.25) (signed 1977, FA after 1978)
          SS-Mark Belanger (1.0) (signed 1977, FA after 1978)
          DH-Rusty Staub (.50) (signed 1977, FA after 1978)

          Released after 1978:
          SP-Gary Serum (.25) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          RP-Lance Rautzhan (.25) (drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
          SS-Bob Bailor (.50) (drafted 1975, FA after 1980)


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            Hard Cider Roster 1979

            Hard Cider Roster
            Mac's Hard Cider
            40-man Roster
            1B-OF: Tom Paciorek (.50) (Signed 1977, FA after 1979)
            2B-3B: Rich Dauer (1.0) (Drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
            2B: Rob Wilfong (.25) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            OF: Richie Zisk (7.0) (Signed 1977, FA after 1980)
            OF: Bombo Rivera (.25) (Drafted 1975, FA after 1980)
            OF: Omar Moreno (.75) (Drafted 1975, FA after 1980)
            SP: Mike Torrez (2.0) (Signed 1977, FA after 1979)
            SP: Ken Kravec (1.0) (Drafted 1975, FA after 1980)
            RP: Marty Pattin (1.0) (Signed 1978, FA after 1980)
            C: Dale Murphy (3.0) (Drafted 1976, FA after 1981)
            1B: Willie Upshaw (.75) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            1B: Mike Jorgensen (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1980)
            2B: Ron Oester (1.0) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            SS: Rafael Landestoy (.25) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            CF: Rudy Law (.50) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            CF: Al Bumbry (3.0) (signed 1978, FA after 1980)
            OF: Jerry Mumphrey (.50) (Drafted 1974, FA after 1979)
            OF: Al Woods (.25) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            SP: Mario Soto (2.0) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            SP: Nino Espinosa (.50) (Drafted 1974, FA after 1979)
            SP: Floyd Bannister (1.5) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            SP: Tom Underwood (.50) (Drafted 1974, FA after 1979)
            RP: Joey McLaughlin (.50) (Drafted 1977, FA after 1982)
            SP: Jim Beattie (1.5) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            SP: Rich Gale (.50) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            RP: Dave Tobik (.75) (drafted 1978, FA after 1983)
            RP: Doug Bird (1.0) (signed 1978, FA after 1980)
            RP: Dave Rajsich (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1979)

            Total Salary = 32.25M, for 28 Players under contract

            FA's after 1978:
            C: Ted Simmons (18.25) (Signed 1974, FA after 1978)
            SS: Chris Speier (2.0) (Signed 1977, FA after 1978)
            3B: Richie Hebner (8.0) (Signed 1978, FA after 1978)
            DH: Rico Carty (5.75) (Signed 1977, FA after 1978)
            SP: Rick Reuschel (8.75) (Signed 1978, FA after 1978)
            RP: Ron Reed (7.0) (Signed 1976, FA after 1978)
            RP: Dave LaRoche (3.0) (Signed 1976, FA after 1978)
            RP: Jim Willoughby (1.25) (Signed 1977, FA after 1978)
            C: Ron Hodges (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1978)
            LF: Roy White (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1978)
            RP:Ron Schueler (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1978)
            RP: Joe Coleman (.25) (signed 1978, FA after 1978)


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              DUST BUNNIES' 1979 ROSTER AND CUTS

              1979 ROSTER

              Dusty Baker FA 78-82 $10.50
              Ross Baumgarten draft 78 $1.00
              Terry Crowley FA 77-79 $0.25
              Oscar Gamble fa75-79 $8.00
              Jerry Garvin draft 77 $0.50
              Bobby Grich FA 76-80 $8.00
              Preston Hanna FA 78-80 $0.25
              Keith Hernandez* Draft 74 $2.50
              Butch Hobson draft 75 $0.75
              Tom Hume draft 77 $1.00
              Dane Iorg draft 77 $0.25
              Grant Jackson FA 78-80 $3.75
              John Henry Johnson draft 78 $0.50
              Ruppert Jones draft 76 $1.00
              Bruce Kison FA 77-79 $5.00
              Jerry Koosman FA 78-79 $5.00
              Bill Lee FA 78-79 $6.50
              Sparky Lyle FA 78-79 $2.25
              Gary Matthews FA 78-79 $11.00
              Jerry Morales FA 78-80 $0.25
              Keith Moreland draft 78 $1.00
              Darrell Porter FA 76-79 $5.00
              Kevin Saucier draft 78 $0.50
              Dan Schatzeder draft 77 $0.75
              Jim Slaton FA 77-79 $7.00
              Lonnie Smith draft 78 $2.50
              Tony Solaita FA 77-79 $0.50
              Sammy Stewart draft 78 $0.75
              Garry Templeton draft 76 $2.50
              Roy Thomas draft 77 $0.50
              Dave Tomlin FA 78-79 $0.75
              Willie Wilson draft 76 $2.00
              Steve Wise FA 77-79 $3.00
              Larry Wolfe FA 79 $0.25

              34 Players at $95.25

              FREE AGENTS

              Frank Duffy
              Larry Herndon
              Skip Lockwood
              Larry Milbourne

              NOT RETAINED

              Bruce Bochy
              Illegitimi Non Carborundum


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                GAMBLERS updated for 1979

                SP JR Richard 17.5M FA 1977-1980
                SP Juaquin Andujar 1M Draft 1976-1981
                SP Scott Sanderson 2M Draft 1978-1983
                RP Dyar Miller-1.0M 75 - 1980draft
                P Dan Spillner – 250K Draft 1974-1979
                P Vern Ruhle – 250K Draft 1974-1979
                RP Bob Stanley 2.5M Draft 1977-1982
                SP Ed Whitson 1M Draft 1977-1982
                SP Rick Honeycutt 750K Draft 1977-1982
                SP Steve Renko 7M FA 1977- 1981
                SP: Nolan Ryan 16.5M 1975 FA 75-79

                3B Mike Schmidt-12 M, 1972 Franchise
                3B/1B Bob Horner 3M Draft 1978-1983
                1B Dave Revering 1M Draft 1978-1983
                OF Mike Vail –750K, 75 - 1980 draft
                C/OF Mike Heath 500K Draft 1978-1983
                C Steve Nicosia 250K Draft 1978-1983
                OF Dave Edwards 250K Draft 1978-1983
                IF Billy Smith – 250K 75 – 1980 draft
                IF Rodney Scott-.500K, 75 - 1980 draft
                OF Paul Dade- 250K 75 - 1980 draft
                SS Roy Smalley-2.5M 75 - 1980 draft
                C Jeff Newman 250K Trade 1977-81
                OF Rick Bosetti - 250K Trade 1978-1981
                OF Bob Molinaro – 250K FA 1978-1980
                C Steve Yeager – 500K FA 1978-1980
                CF Ken Landreaux 500K Draft 1977-1982
                1B Pat Putnam 250K Draft 1977-1982
                C Dave Skaggs 250K Draft 1977-1982
                SS Roger Metzger 250K FA 1977-1979

                30 players $73.5M

                Picks Recieved
                Thunder 3rd 1979
                Corsairs 2nd round pick in 1979
                Iron 2nd Round 1979
                Dust Bunnies 4th Round 1980

                Picks Sent
                To Jacks - Gamblers 3rd round 1979
                To Thunder Gamblers 2nd 1982

                Free Agents
                P Tom Dixon
                P Ken Holtzman
                SP Doyle Alexander
                OF Al Oliver
                3B Heity Cruz
                C Milt May
                UT Dave McKay

                Non Tender
                RP Tom Bruno

                HTD Eligible
                OF John Lowenstein – 2M HTD 1976-1978
                2B Manny Trillo-1.0 M, 1973 - 78 draftee
                Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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                  PORTLAND BEAVERS - UPDATED FOR 1979

                  Contract expires after the season listed.


                  2B: Jerry Remy 1.5M 1975 Rookie 1975-80
                  3B: Steve Ontiveros 250K 1978-1979
                  SS: Craig Reynolds 1M Trade 1979-1980
                  SS Frank Taveraz 750K FA 1977-1979
                  LF: Bruce Bochte 1.5M Trade 1976-1979
                  CF: Ellis Valentine 2.0M 1975 Rookie 75-80
                  RF: Al Bumbry 3M Trade 1979-80
                  1B: Eddie Murray 3M Draft 1977-1982
                  2B: Lou Whitaker 3M Draft 1977-1982
                  SP Tom Underwood 500K 1979
                  SP: Larry Gura 8M Trade 1979-1980
                  SP: Pete Vukovich 2M Trade 1979-1980
                  RP Enrique Romo 1M Draft 1977-1982
                  SP Jim Palmer 14M Trade 1978-1979
                  SP: Bill Castro 750K 1974 Rookie 1974 - 1979
                  RP: Mike Proly 750K Rookie 1976-1981
                  SP: Mike Krukow 750K Rookie 1976-1981
                  SP: Pat Zachry 2M Rookie 1976-1981
                  SP: Doc Medich 1.5M FA 1978-1979
                  RP: Sid Monge 1.5M 1975 Rookie 1975-80
                  OF: Tony Armas 750K Rookie 1976-1981
                  SS Rance Muilliniks 250K Rookie 1977-1982
                  SP Jim Barr 500K FA 1977-1979
                  SS Julio Gonzalez 250K FA 1977-1979

                  Total 24 players 50.5 M

                  Draft Picks traded/recieved
                  Hard Cider #3 pick in 1979 via dust bunnies
                  traded away
                  To Lumberjacks Beavers 1979 1st round
                  To Legends - Beavers 2nd Round 1980
                  To Gold Sox - Beavers 1st round 1981
                  To Legends - Beavers 4th Round 1982
                  To Gold Sox - Beavers 4th round 1983
                  To Hard Cider - Beavers 2nd Round 1984
                  To Angels - Beavers 1984 3rd round

                  Free Agents
                  C: Charlie Moore
                  3B: Darrell Evans
                  SP: Dick Ruthven
                  RP: Al Fitzmorris
                  3B: Phil Garner
                  OF Rich Chiles
                  C: Rick Dempsey
                  P: John Curtis
                  P: Tom Griffin
                  P: Mike Marshall
                  P: Bob Myrick
                  P Jesse Jefferson
                  3B Wayne Garrett
                  SS Lary Bowa
                  OF Jeff Burroughs

                  Non Tender
                  P: Kip Young

                  HTD Rights
                  SS: Dave Chalk 750K 1973 Rookie 1973 – 1978
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                  Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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                    The Beavers announce that Steve Garvey is available for trade as is Jim Palmer
                    Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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                      [QUOTE=leecemark;1921581]--I didn't check the traded picks thread before running this so these are all original owners of the picks......

                      3) Badgers: if memory serves the lottery has usually been kind for the BBs

                      Someday I hope to NOT be in the lottery

                      Players under contract - 33, Salary Total 65.000. After 5th round of Draft - 38 Players for 71.000
                      Leaving 29.000 Mil for 2 Players

                      # Player Acquired 78 Sal
                      1 Bahnsen, Stan FA78-80 1.750
                      2 Barker, Len D76 1.000
                      3 Biitner, Larry FA78-80 0.250
                      4 Blue, Vida FA 77-81 10.500
                      5 Bosley, Thad D77 0.250
                      6 Brohamer, Jack FA78-80 0.250
                      7 Darwin, Danny D78 1.500
                      8 Dawson, Andre D76 3.000
                      9 Falcone, Pete D75 0.750
                      10 Foli, Tim FA77-79 4.500
                      11 Heaverlo, Dave D75 1.000
                      12 Howell, Roy D74 0.500
                      13 LaCoss, Mike D78 0.500
                      14 Lansford, Carney D78 3.000
                      15 Lemongello, Mark D76 0.500
                      16 Luzinski, Greg FA76-79 14.000
                      17 Manning, Rick D75 2.000
                      18 Parrish, Lance D77 3.000
                      19 Randall, Bobby D76 0.250
                      20 Robinson, Don D78 1.000
                      21 Rodriguez, Aurelio FA77-79 0.500
                      22 Sadek, Mike FA78-80 0.250
                      23 Shirley, Bob D77 0.500
                      24 Stein, Bill FA78-80 0.750
                      25 Stennett, Rennie FA78-80 0.500
                      26 Stone, Steve FA77-80 6.000
                      27 Tidrow, Dick FA78-80 2.750
                      28 Unser, Del FA78-80 0.250
                      29 Washington, Claud D74 0.750
                      30 Squires, Mike FA78-80 0.250
                      31 Office, Rowland FA78-80 0.250
                      32 Rivers, Mickey FA78-80 2.250
                      33 Valentine, Bobby FA78-79 0.500

                      SAL Total 65.000

                      Free Agents
                      Bosclair, Bruce
                      Hiller, John
                      Kessinger, Don
                      McCarver, Tim
                      Perez, Tony
                      Pocoroba, Biff
                      Pujols, Luis
                      Rau, Doug
                      Sykes, Bobby
                      Thayer, Greg
                      Brye, Steve
                      Papi, Stan
                      Thompson, Bobby

                      Guerrero, Mario
                      Swisher, Steve

                      Draft Picks Added
                      1978 Corsairs #1
                      1980 Thunder #1

                      Draft Picks Traded
                      1978 #3 to Thunder
                      1980 #4 to Dust Bunnies
                      1983 #3 to Thunder
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                        The Dust Bunnies are putting Jim Slaton ($7.00, FA 79) on the trading block. The Bunnies may also be willing to trade Gary Matthews ($11.00, FA 79).

                        Illegitimi Non Carborundum


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                          The Corsairs are shopping SS Alfredo Griffen. Decent hitter with a solid glove making minimum wage. Looking for bullpen help, 2B, 3B or a draft pick.


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                            Knights Pre-season roster

                            OF Hosken Powell (.25, 78 draft)
                            RP Steve Comer (2.0, 78 draft)
                            RP Bob McClure (.75, 75 draft/trade)
                            SP John Candelaria (3.0, 75 draft)
                            SP Mike Flanagan (1.5, 75 draft)
                            SS Ivan DeJesus (750K, 74 draft)
                            2B Art Howe (500K, 74 draft)
                            C Gary Carter (12.0, 74 draft - franchised)
                            1B Cecil Cooper (17.0, FA 77-81)
                            OF Dave Kingman (7.0, 77-79)
                            Utl Derrell Thomas (.75, FA78-80)
                            IF Mick Kelleher (.25, FA 78-79)
                            1B Dan Meyer (.25, FA 78-79)
                            RP Pedro Borbon (.25, FA 78-79)
                            C Bob Montgomery (.25, FA77-79)
                            IF UL Washington (500K, 77 draft)
                            IF Jim Morrison (250K, 77 draft)
                            RP Jerry Augustine (500K, 75 draft)
                            RP Dave Ford (.25, 78 draft)

                            19 players for 48.0 million
                            HTD bids for Steve Rogers (17.25), Bake McBride (1.50), Rick Waits (.50) and Tony Scott (.25)
                            67.50 commited to 23 players

                            Free Agents
                            Bob Beall
                            Tim Blackwell
                            Larry Cox
                            Terry Forster
                            Cesar Geronimo
                            Johnny Grubb
                            Mark Littell
                            Elliot Maddox
                            Willie Montanez
                            Graig Nettles
                            Mike Phillips
                            Paul Reuschel
                            Rusty Torres
                            Mickey Stanley
                            Carl Yastrzemski

                            Non Tender
                            Paul Hartzell
                            Joe Kerrigan
                            Mike Paxton
                            Joe Wallis
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                              Corsair pre-season roster

                              RP: Andy Hassler (1.25, FA78-80)
                              OF: Bill Robinson (4.25, FA78-9)
                              SP: Roger Ericson (.75, 78 draft)
                              C: Ed Ott (500K, D1974)
                              CF: Fred Lynn (3M, D1974)
                              P: Phil Neikro (15.0, FA 75-79)
                              OF: Jerry martin (.25, FA after 79)
                              P: Ron Guidry (3M, 1975)
                              RP: Ken Forsch (6.0, FA 76-79)
                              OF: Steve Kemp (2.5, draft 77)
                              SP: Jon Matlack (8.50, FA 77-81)
                              P: Tim Stoddard (1M, 1975)
                              IF: Jim Gantner 1.0, 1976 draft)
                              SS: Alfredo Griffin (.25, 1976 draft)
                              OF: Gary Roenicke (1.0, 1976 draft)
                              RP: Ken Brett (.25, FA78-9)
                              C: Joe Nolan (.25, FA77-79)
                              SP: Matt Keough (1.0, draft 77)
                              SS: Bill Russell (1.0/FA 77-79)
                              RP: Larry Bradford (.25, 77 draft)

                              20 players for 56.0M (includes 5.0 penalty for 1978 cap violation)
                              HTD bid for Bill Madlock (6.75M)
                              62.75 commited to 21 players
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