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1980 All Star Ballot

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  • 1980 All Star Ballot

    --Time to vote for the 1980 CKL All Stars. Please vote for first and second teamers at each position, votes will be counted at 5 points fo 1st team and 3 points for 2nd. The will be a DH/wild card position. You may vote for a player who is primarily a DH there or the 3rd best from another position, whichever you think more worthy of making the team.
    --Vote for 9 starting pitchers, with votes counted 9,8,7,etc. Vote for 3 releiver pitchers with votes counted 5,3,1.
    --Balloting will be open through Sunday, April 15th at midnight EST.
    --Attached are leaderboards expanded to top 25. This will be posted again when we actually get to the break for those who want to hold off til then to vote.
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    Here is my preliminary Ballot.

    Ted Simmons - Beavers
    Best offensive numbers behind the plate, and holding his own defensively too.
    Gary Carter - Knights
    As usual, the cream of the crop with the glove behind the plate. You are already missed. I remember your Allstar game at Cleveland Stadium as one of my favorite childhood memories.

    First Base
    Cecil Cooper - Knights
    So far hanging in the batting title race .... another example of the Knights always producing MVP candidates
    Bob Horner - Gamblers
    His Power numbers narrowly beat out Hernandez's fine season

    Bobby Grich - Dust Bunnies
    Best of a relatively weak position this year. Still putting together a fine season.
    Willie Randolph - Windy City Thunder
    Breakthrough season for Randolph. Beats out Oberkfell for the 2nd spot

    George Brett - Skipjacks
    Not much to say about the early MVP Favorite. 2 player of the month awards and the class of the league. Limited PA's may keep him from a runaway.
    Buddy Bell - Maloy's Boy's
    Any other year would be in the MVP discussion ..... this year he's not even the top at his position. It's a shame his numbers are overshadowed.

    Robin Yount - Tyrants
    Bright spot on a rough Tyrants squad. Great all around SS putting up fine numbers without much support.
    Bucky Dent - Corsairs
    Great off season trade to add this fine glove who is putting up some good offensive numbers.

    Ben Oglivie - Thunder
    Easily the best of the LF candidates. Got the thunder off to a scorching start.
    Al Oliver - Gamblers
    Put him at LF because he has played enough there to qualify anf none of the other candidates are as inspiring. Oliver Has been awesome on a under-achieving Gamblers squad.

    Freddy Lynn - Corsairs
    Great batting average - a lot of dropoff from his awesome 1979 though. No longer the only stud in CF but clearly still the best
    Terry Puhl - Legends
    I love making this pick. Puhl's offensive numbers stack up against the best at his position, his glove is solid, and he has the Legends in the hunt for the post season.

    Jack Clark - Thunder
    Top 10 in runs, rbi's and hr's and higher average than Winfield gives him the edge
    Dave Winfield - Jaxx
    Best all-around season among the remaining group of 4-5 guys in the upper-tier of RF'ers

    Mike Schmidt - Gamblers
    Good power numbers being offset by a low batting average. Needs to step it up before a great real-life 1980 goes to waste.
    Reggie Jackson - Gold Sox
    Batting average only thing keeping him down here

    Starting Pitchers

    this is the toughest position to grade this year. Lots of great performances so far.

    1. Larry Gura - Beavers
    Best combination of ERA, wins, and innings pitched and a dominant last month makes him the clear #1
    2. Steve Rodgers - Knights
    14 wins is 14 wins. Has there been another starter more consistently great for the past 5 years?
    3. Rudy May - Beavers
    Hot run before the break pushes him past Boggs for the #3 spot. Dominant but will not log the big innings
    4. Tommy Boggs - Thunder
    may be the biggest surprise of the season. He's good but is playing great
    5. Jerry Koosman - Jaxx
    At 37 years old he is now in the dictionary under overachieving. Nice to see from the old horse
    6. Dave Steib - Badgers
    Top pitcher on a pretty nice looking rotation for the badgers
    7. Dennis Eckersly - Thunder
    He missed on some of my earlier ballots but has certainly earned a spot here for a fine season
    8. Rick Reuschel - Beavers
    seems to be the recipient of bad offensive support. the ERA speaks for its self
    9. Steve Carlton - Badgers
    Nice veteran presence for the Badgers. Putting up a great year

    Joe Sambito - Gold Sox
    Unhittable . . . best closer for the first half by far. only 2 blown saves too
    Rick Gossage - Gamblers
    Exactly what the Gamblers were looking for when they signed him last year
    Tom Hume - Dust Bunnies
    only one blown save to go with a miniscule ERA
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      This is how I see it. I agree with Rich that starting pitcher was the toughest to select. I see it a bit differently than Rich, but would have no problem putting the guys he has that I don't on my ballot too. BTW, Rich, I was also very happy to put Terry Puhl on my ballot. He was one of my favorite players of the late 70s/early 80s. Just went out and did his job every year. Also BTW, very entertaining ballot too, Rich. I enjoyed reading it.

      Ted Simmons, Beavers: Unquestionably the best bat behind the dish in the CKL this season. Leads all catchers in OPS by a huge margin. Also has the third lowest stolen base percentage among starting catchers, so is doing the job defensively as well.
      Alan Ashby, Legends: Yup, probably a homer vote, but his OPS is 76 points higher than Carter’s and he’s done the job defensively as well. One of the primary reasons the Legends stayed in the race as long as they did.

      First Base:
      Cecil Cooper, Knights: The obvious choice. He is pounding the cover off the ball; his OPS is 103 points higher than the next highest starter. Leads league in hits; second in batting and OPS. Playing a decent first base, too.
      Bob Horner, Gamblers: Edges out Keith Hernandez. Tied for league lead in HR, near the top in RBI. Thought Hernandez’s glove would give him a huge edge, but Horner has been almost as good, but doesn’t have Keith’s range.

      Second Base:
      Willie Randolph, Thunder: His bat is so much better than anyone else at this position that he earns the start. Second in OBP in league. One of the reasons the Thunder have a big lead in the Hulbert.
      Bobby Grich: Second best bat at second base and a great glove.

      Third Base:
      George Brett, Skipjacks: Easiest choice at any position. OPS is 155 points above the next guy, Mike Schmidt, who also happens to be fifth in the league in OPS. Brett leads in every percentage (BA, OBP, SP, OPS) category as well as runs created. Great glove on top of everything else.
      Mike Schmidt, Gamblers: Picked a poor season to have his best year to date. Putting up huge numbers and will undoubtedly garner some support as MVP.

      Robin Yount, Thunder: Yet another easy choice. Easily the best bat at his position this year and is flashing the leather as well.
      Bucky Dent, Corsairs: Just edges out Chris Speier of the Gold Sox for the backup slot due to much more playing time. Everything else is pretty even.

      Left Field:
      Ben Oglivie, Thunder: Yet another easy pick. Has been a hitting machine all season. Leads league in RBI by a huge margin and is tied for the lead in homers. A pick part of the thunder that has been in the Thunder bats all season.
      Dusty Baker, Bunnies: Nudges out Al Woods of the Hard Cider due to a more productive bat, as well as the fact he has been much more important to his team.

      Center Field:
      Fred Lynn, Corsairs: There should be a LOT of unanimous picks this year. Every position has one guy who really stands out, and Lynn is the guy in center field. Far and away the best stick in CF and a great glove makes a complete package.
      Terry Puhl, Legends: Probably another homer vote, but Puhl, Cedeno and Murphy are all pretty close with the bat this season and Puhl has the best glove to date. He has also been more crucial to his team than either Cedeno or Murphy – and the friggin’ Thunder already have enough starters!

      Right Field:
      Al Oliver, Gamblers: Just nudges Reggie for the starter spot on this ballot. A little better bat and a little better base running give him the nod.
      Reggie Jackson: An easy backup at the position and nearly made it on this ballot as the starter.

      Buddy Bell, Boys: Well Dan, you’ve got one guy on my ballot, which is more than the Lumberjaxx can say. Bell has up very nice numbers for the Boys and is their best hitter (IMHO), plays a great third base – but is lost behind Brett and Schmidt at his position.
      Jack Clark, Thunder: He can back up Bell but could just as easily have gotten the nod as starter at DH. I gave Bell the nod because (1) he plays a tougher position and plays it better, and (2) I already have enough friggin’ Thunder starters on this ballot (wait, I’ve heard that before somewhere….).

      Starting Pitchers:

      Larry Gura, Beavers: Rather surprised me when I started looking at the stats. First in wins; fourth in ERA; third in innings pitched; second in complete games. Doing a great job on the hill, and a prime reason the Beavers have started running away with the Cartwright Division.
      Rudy May, Beavers: League leading 2.36 ERA and 0.89 WHIP good for ten wins. Would be first on the ballot if he was closer to Gura in innings worked.
      Jerry Koosman, Lumberjaxx: The only Jaxx player to appear on my ballot, unfortunately. Second in league with a 2.37 ERA, third with a 0.97 WHIP, plus 148 innings and ten wins. Leading pitcher on the Jaxx staff, and it wouldn’t be pretty without him.
      Floyd Bannister, Hard Cider: 2.47 ERA/0.96 WHIP in 128 innings have helped keep the Hard Cider within shouting distance in the Cartwright. Perhaps not surprisingly, based on his raw stats, he leads the league in OPS, runs created ERA and component ERA.
      Steve Carlton, Badgers: Only has seven wins to show for his fine 2.73 ERA and league leading 175 innings due to the Badgers weak support.
      Dave Stieb, Badgers: How on earth are the Badgers in last with Carlton, Stieb and Blue on their staff? The bats must be non-existent. Stieb has a 2.60 ERA, 145.1 innings – and eight wins.
      Steve Rogers, Knights: Doesn’t have some of the fine underlying numbers he usually produces, but is tied for the top in wins and has given the Knights 158 innings. Just keeps on winning.
      Tommy Boggs, Thunder: Top pitcher for the powerful Thunder and a top Rookie of the Year contender has a 2.37 ERA, 1.00 WHIP and nine wins in 114 innings.
      Jim Clancy, Legends: Leading Legends hurler with 3.09 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, eight wins, eleven complete games, 149 innings pitched.

      Relief Pitchers:

      Joe Sambito, Gold Sox: 18 for 20 in saves, 1.59 ERA and league best 0.86 WHIP (100+ batters faced) makes him my choice as top reliever on the squad.
      Tug McGraw, Badgers: 12 of 15 in saves, five wins, lowest ERA among relievers and 0.91 WHIP. Also has not had an inherited runner score all year – in 24 games.
      Tom Hume, Bunnies: 13 of 15 in save opps, has had only two of 25 inherited runners score.
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        C: Ted Simmons - towers above the field
        C: Gary Carter - a bit of a disappointment with the low BA/OBP, but has provided good power and great defense

        1B: Cecil Cooper - easy choice and MVP candidate
        1B: Rod Carew - lost abit in Brett's shadow, but putting up excellent season for Skipjacks

        2B: Willie Randolph - best player on best team, another very easy pick
        2B: Bobby Grich - best of the best, really only the 2 standout 2B this season

        3B: George Brett - clear frontfunner for MVP
        3B: Mike Schmidt - having one of best 3B season in CKL history, but not quite as great as Brett's

        SS: Bucky Dent - one of few overachievers on an extremley underachieving Corsairs squad. Bucky was probably our 1st half MVP
        SS: Robin Yount - cornerstone of Tyrants rebuild effort

        LF: Ben Oglive - pacing fearsome Thunder attack with almost 100 RBI already
        LF: Dusty Baker - solid season at a fairly weak position this season

        CF: Fred Lynn - not quite at last year's MVP pace, but still raking and playing good D
        CF: Cesar Cedeno - nice rebound season helping Gold Sox stay in hunt

        RF: Al Oliver - old pro having his best season
        RF: Dale Murphy - former #1 pick coming into his own

        DH: Reggie Jackson - one of the top half dozen hitters so far
        DH: Tery Puhl - solid all around season

        1) Larry Gura - near the top of every category and easy #1 choice
        2) Steve Rogers - home fans stuffign the ballot box for 15 game winner
        3) Jerry Koosman - veteran having a terrific season
        4) Rudy May - Beavers hit the jackpot with journeyman's career season
        5) Steve Carlton - Beavers offense keeping him out CYA discussion
        6) Dave Stieb - ditto
        7) Tommy Boggs - exciting Thunder rookie could be higher except for missing time on DL
        8) Dennis Eckersley - Thunder ace having another fine season
        9) Floyd Bannister - flame throwing lefty having brekout season

        1) Tug McGraw - 1.40 ERA in 45 IP and has allowed NO inherited runners to score
        2) Joe Sambito - tops in save percentage with a better ERA in slightly more IP than Gossage.
        3) Goose Gossage - leads league in saves and 2nd in save percentage


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          Ted Simmons
          Alan Ashby - I don't see a homer vote. OPS is over 800

          Cecil Cooper
          Rod Carew - second in both runs created and RC/27 at the position

          Willie Randolph
          Bobby Grich

          George Brett
          Mike Schmidt

          Robin Yount
          Bucky Dent

          Ben Oglivie
          Al Woods - tough choice here; one of few

          Fred Lynn
          Terry Puhl - with apologies to Murphy

          Al Oliver
          Reggie Jackson

          Keith Hernandez - strange to put him here but oh well
          Jack Clark - all Thunder all the time

          Larry Gura
          Jerry Koosman - (!!) :cap:
          Rudy May
          Floyd Bannister
          Steve Rogers - I'm guessing his stats show better when park adjusted
          Dave Steib
          Tommy Boggs
          Steve Carlton
          Dennis Leonard - 13th in ERA, 6th in WHIP, and above .500 for what it's worth

          Joe Sambito
          Tug McGraw
          Gary Lucas - 1.54 ERA, 0.94 WHIP w/ 90 batters faced.


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            C Simmons, Ashby
            1B Cooper, Carew
            2B Randolph, Grich
            3B Brett, Schmidt
            SS Yount, Dent
            LF Oglivie, Baker
            CF Lynn, Murphy
            RF Oliver, Jackson
            DH Clark, Horner

            P Gura, Koosman, Rogers, Boggs, Stieb, Carlton, May, Bannister, Eckersley
            RP Sambito, McGraw, Gossage
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              C Carter, Ashby
              1B Cooper, Carew
              2B Randolph, Grich
              3B Brett, Schmidt
              SS Yount, Dent
              LF Oglivie,Oliver
              CF Lynn, Cedeno
              RF Oliver, Jackson
              DH Clark, Horner

              P Gura, Koosman, Rogers, May, Boggs, Stieb, Carlton, Bannister, Eckersley
              RP Sambito, McGraw, Gossage
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                Balloting is closed. Don't have time to get full results up before work, but 1B Cecil Cooper, 3B George Brett, LF Ben Oglive, CF Fred Lynn and SP Larry Gura were all unanimous choices. Simmons, Randolph, Yount, Oliver and Sambito all missed by one, so there was a pretty strong consensus. Rest up tonight.


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                  I am really bummed that we are getting such a low response to ballots lately.
                  Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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                    Sorry. Kept putting it off. Started it a few minutes ago. Just checked in and saw I am too late.
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                      Sorry guys. It's April 16th and it's been tax crunch time for me for the last few weeks. All I've done is work and sleep for a while now and it's all I can do just to check in from time to time. I didn't feel like I had the time to put together a fair ballot. I'll do better next time...until next April anyway.
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                        April is exam time at Canadian schools (just finished my last one, in fact!), so that's where the vast majority of my attention has been lately. I'll get an end of season award ballot in for sure.


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                          1st Team
                          C: Ted Simmons
                          1B: Cecil Cooper
                          2B: Willie Randolph
                          3B: George Brett
                          SS: Robin Yount
                          LF: Ben Oglive
                          CF: Fred Lynn
                          RF: Al Oliver
                          DH: Jack Clark
                          SP: Larry Gura
                          SP: Jerry Koosman
                          SP: Steve Rogers
                          SP: Rudy May
                          RP: Joe Sambito

                          2nd Team
                          C: Andy Ashby
                          1B: Rod Carew
                          2B: Bobby Grich
                          3B: Mike Schmidt
                          SS: Bucky Dent
                          LF: Dusty Baker
                          CF: Terry Puhl
                          RF: Reggie Jackson
                          DH: Bob Horner
                          SP: Dave Stieb
                          SP: Tommy Boggs
                          SP: Steve Carlton
                          SP: Floyd Bannister
                          SP: Dennis Eckersley
                          RP: Tug McGraw
                          RP: Goose Gossage


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