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  • 1980 Awards Ballots

    --CKL owners please cast your votes here for our 1980 MVP, CYA and ROY. List your top 10 for MVP with votes counted 12,9,8,etc. Vote for 3 for CYA and ROY with votes counted 5,3,1. Expanded leaderboards are attached and will be again after the final two series. Please make a nominating post for anyone from your team who you think deserves ROY consideration. Voting will be open until midnight EST on Sunday.
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    --The Knights best rookie is CF Bobby Brown and the Corsairs submit SP Bill Gullickson. If they are serious contenders this is a pretty weak rookie class though.


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      The Skipjacks submit RP Gary Lucas for their top rookie.


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        Gamblers submit RP Steve Howe and OF Joe Charboneau
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          The pitching duo of Moose Haas and Tommy Boggs are the Thunder's candidates for ROY.
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            1) Ben Oglive: Benjie paced a terrifying Thunder attack, leading the league in RBI by 50 and also in runs. Oglive heads to the final series having contributed to 295 runs for Windy City (171 RBI and 124 runs). By contrast Brett has a combined 205.
            2) George Brett: the Jacks 3B dominated the rate stats and was pretty clearly the best player in the league when he was able to take the field. Unfortunately he missed about a quarter of JW's games costing them the division title and him my MVP vote.
            3) Mike Schmidt: slightly better rate stats than Oglive and better counting stats than Brett. If the Gamblers had contended he would make this a interesting 3 way conversation.
            4) Gary Carter: his average was down, but 34 HR from a great defensive catcher is pretty darn valuable. Best player on the Johnson winning Knights.
            5) Ted Simmons: his contributions came in different ways than Carter, but the Beaver's backstop was just as integral to Portland's division title.
            6) Robin Yount: breakout season shouldn't be lost in the wreckage of the Tyrants season. 33 HR and 110 RBI (almost twice the Tyrants runnerup) from an EX defensive SS
            7) Ron Cey: another terrific 3B season
            8) Buddy Bell: and another one. BB pushes speedy teammate - and new single season SB leader - Rickey Henderson off the ballot.
            9) Willie Randolph - table setter for the Thunder machine
            10) Al Oliver - great season, but 2nd best player on an also ran can only climb so high on the ballot.

            1) Steve Rogers: 25 wins, a league best 26 QS and 2nd in IP (with still a start to go) gets the hometown favorite my vote.
            2) Jerry Koosman: unexpected comeback season for the veteran lefty was key to Jaxx making the playoffs
            3) Larry Gura: Beavers workhorse gets the nod over fabulous but fragile teammate May.

            1) Moose Haas
            2) Tommy Boggs
            3) Steve Howe
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              The Jaxx had two rookies that played a reasonable amount. Jamie Quirk appeared in 128 games with 154 AB. He batted 305/385/344 and played a decent third base. Jeff Jones, mid reliever, appeared in 26 games, 41.1 IP, 2.61 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 3-2 record and did not allow a home run. Of the two, I would nominate Jones.
              The Legends only rookie that played any appreciable amount was closer Jeff Reardon. He appeared in 68 games, was 10-7 with 25 saves (in 33 chances), pitched 97.2 innings with a 3.69 ERA, 1.36 WHIP and 70 Ks.
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                --Final leaderboards
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                  1. Oglivie - Best hitter on the best offense. Historic RBI total and just missed making the top ten in HR for a single season.
                  2. Brett - Great rate stats and played a fine third base, but missed a lot of playing time.
                  3. Schimdt - If the Gamblers had competed, he could've gone higher.
                  4. Yount - Sole standout on a train wreck of a season for the Tyrants.
                  5. Cey - Big year for third basemen.
                  6. Bell - 4th third baseman to make the list.
                  7. Phul - Lead the Legends attack.
                  8. Randolph - Thunder table setter.
                  9. Oliver - Him, Schmidt, and Horner made a fearsome trio, ashamed they didn't have much talent around them.
                  10. R. Jackson - Another fine season added to his HOF resume.

                  1. Rogers - Lots of IP with a good ERA when you factor in home park. Plus 26 wins doesn't hurt.
                  2. Koosman - Career year for the vet I think.
                  3. May - Toss up between him and Gura. I just couldn't leave the guy who lead the league in ERA, WHIP, OPS allowed, K/BB, and Quality Start %.

                  1. Haas - Slam dunk choice, not too far off being a serious Cy Young candidate.
                  2. Boggs - No-hitter is the cherry on top of an excellent debut season.
                  3. Corbett- Several other relievers contended here (Lucas, Reardon, Holland, Howe), but Corbett had the best numbers and the most IP.
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                  "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame."
                  - Sammy Sosa

                  "Get a comfy chair, Sammy, cause its gonna be a long wait."
                  - Craig Ashley (AKA Windy City Fan)


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                    1) George Brett - homer vote... but 11.5 RC/27 is tied for best mark since 1962
                    2) Ben Oglivie
                    3) Mike Schmidt
                    4) Willie Randolph - 2nd in OBP, 6th in RC/27 from a middle infielder
                    5) Robin Yount
                    6) Cecil Cooper - with due respect to Gary Carter I think this Knight had an elite season and should also get some MVP points
                    7) Ron Cey
                    8) Rod Carew - without him & Brett we'd have no offense
                    9) Al Bumbry - my vote for #1 Beaver. Poor throwing arm his only issue.
                    10) Al Oliver

                    1) Steve Rogers
                    2) Rudy May
                    3) Jerry Koosman

                    pending nominations
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                      1 - Oglivie
                      2 - Brett
                      3 - Schmidt
                      4 - Cooper
                      5 - Randolph
                      6 - R Jackson
                      7 - Bumbry
                      8 - Puhl
                      9 - R Henderson
                      10 - A Oliver

                      1 - Rogers
                      2 - Gura
                      3 - Haas

                      1 -
                      2 -
                      3 -
                      CKL - Maloy Boys
                      P2PKL - Detroit Tigers


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                        --Only one day left to vote. Probably time to fill in those pending ROY votes. Hard to imagine Moose Haas not being top dog here. He has a decent argument for making a CYA ballot. Fellow Thunder rookie starter Tommy Boggs claims the second spot on my ballot. The 3rd spot comes down to a trio of relievers; Howe, Lucas and Reardon. I give the nod to Las Vegas lefty Steve Howe.


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                          MOST VALUABLE PLAYER

                          1. Ben Oglivie, Thunder: With apologies to Brett, the numbers are simply too big to ignore. Oglivie had over twice as many homers, almost double the RBI, and 200+ more at bats. He was most valuable to his team for the entire season compared to Brett’s three fourths of a season. The biggest thumper on one of the best offensive teams in CKL history.
                          2. George Brett, Skipjacks: An easy second, and would likely be at the top had he played an entire season. His OPS is the eighth highest in CKL history.
                          3. Mike Schmidt, Gamblers: Probably places higher had the Gamblers continued to contend the entire season.
                          4. Terry Puhl, Legends: A bit of a homer vote to place him this high, but hey – without him the Legends sink out of sight a lot sooner than they did, and they would have been competitive in any of the other division right up to the end.
                          5. Cecil Cooper, Knights: Best hitter on the division winning Knights.
                          6. Al Oliver, Gamblers: See Mike Schmidt above.
                          7. Reggie Jackson, Gold Sox: Another superlative season from Jackson.
                          8. Mike Easler, Hard Cider: As with Brett, probably finishes higher if he played more often. He was the best hitter on the Hard Cider, who contended right up to the end this year after a couple of seasons in the wilderness.
                          9. Buddy Bell, Boys: Bell could easily be placed higher. Simply a great season for a guy who puts up nice numbers every year.
                          10. Dave Revering, Corsairs: Another guy who would undoubtedly be higher on the list if he had played more often. Best hitter on the division winning Corsairs.

                          CY YOUNG

                          1. Steve Rogers, Knights: A very tough decision among my three candidates (as well as a couple of others) for the top spot. I went with Rogers because he led the league in wins, and without him the Knights may not have even gone to the playoffs. Led league in wins, second in innings. ERA not bad either, it just doesn’t look impressive compared to the other top contenders. He continues to polish his HOF resume.
                          2. Jerry Koosman, Lumberjaxx: This low cost free agent found the fountain of youth for the Jaxx. No question that without Koosman the Jaxx are home watching the playoffs on TV. Led the league in starts; led his team in wins, innings, ERA (second in the league as well) and WHIP.
                          3. Rudy May/Larry Gura, Beavers: The Beavers won the division on pitching, and both of these guys contributed mightily. I simply couldn’t decide between them.

                          IMHO, you could put all four of these guys names in a bag and pick one out for the award – and you could include Steve Carlton as well.

                          ROOKIE OF THE YEAR

                          1. Moose Haas, Thunder: One of the two rookie hurlers who were a big part of the Thunders great season. Not often in CKL history a rookie has finished in the top ten in wins (2nd); innings (7th); strikeouts (6th); winning percentage (3rd); WHIP (3rd); complete games (4th) and shutouts (2nd).
                          2. Tommy Boggs, Thunder: The other half of the Thunders tremendous rookie mound tandem. Didn’t finish in the top ten as much as Haas, but 14-6 record, 3.15 ERA and 211.1 innings ain’t too shabby my friend. And Boggs had the no hitter, too.
                          3. Jeff Reardon, Legends: The rookie closer was a big reason the Legends hung in as long as they did. Was seventh in games and fifth in saves, tossing 103.1 innings.
                          You see, you spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. J. Bouton


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                            1 - Oglivie
                            2 - Brett
                            3 - Schmidt
                            4 - Cooper
                            5 - Yount
                            6 - R Jackson
                            7 - Randolph
                            8 - R Henderson
                            9 - Bumbry
                            10 - Carew

                            1 - Rogers
                            2 - Koosman
                            3 - Gura

                            1 - Haas
                            2 - Boggs
                            3 - Corbett - 9-2, 2.58 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 139 IP, 92 Hits, 5.9 H/9, 17 saves in 20 chances. Easily the best of a good class of rookie RP's
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                              1 - B. Oglivie
                              2 - G. Brett
                              3 - M. Schmidt
                              4 - C. Cooper
                              5 - W. Randolph
                              6 - R. Jackson
                              7 - B. Bell
                              8 - T. Puhl
                              9 - R. Henderson
                              10 - A. Oliver

                              1 - S. Rogers
                              2 - L. Gura
                              3 - R. May

                              1 - M. Haas
                              2 - T. Boggs
                              3 - D. Corbett
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