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1984 Postseason Awards Ballots

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  • 1984 Postseason Awards Ballots

    CKL owners please cast your ballots here for CKL MVP, CYA and ROY. For MVP vote for 10 players, in order with votes counted 12,9,8,7,etc. For CYA and ROY vote for 3 with votes counted 5,3,1. Voting will be open through Saturday, October 12, midnight EST. Expanded leaderboards attached here.
    --Please make your nominations for ROY here. Some great candidates this year; Dom Mattingly, Alvin Davis, Dwight Gooden and Bret Saberhagen head the field.
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    Gooden and Saberhagen, as good as they were didn't even reach 190 IP. Where as Mattingly and Davis were both full time starters. Davis has a slightly better raw slash line with 88/405/481 vs Mattingly's 321/351/480. However, home parks are a factor here. Davis' home park, Kaufman stadium, has a park factor of 99 this season. Olympic Stadium where Mattingly calls home has a park factor of 90. And as far leader boards goes, Mattingly did claim the RBI title as a rookie and also lead the league in 2B. Plus, he's without a doubt the best fielding first baseman in the league, leading the league in fielding percentage and TC/game at first (plus he was flexible enough to play a decent CF down the stretch). So my ROY ballot will definitely go Mattingly, Davis, Gooden.

    For CYA, I'm leaning towards Steib. Andjuar (5th in ERA despite hitter's park, 20 wins, 3rd in IP) Boddicker (lead the league in IP and 7th in ERA despite his home park), Dotson, Sutton, Hershiser (great ERA, but great home park, low IP total) and Blyleven are all in the running to fill out the ballot.

    For MVP, I'm leaning towards Ripken, though Buddy Bell had a quite a season as well. I will also say from the Tyrants both Gibson and Moseby deserve mention.
    "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame."
    - Sammy Sosa

    "Get a comfy chair, Sammy, cause its gonna be a long wait."
    - Craig Ashley (AKA Windy City Fan)


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      --Gooden came up a little short of 200 IP, but still managed to tie for 2nd in wins and lead the league in strikeouts. I think that makes for a pretty good candidate. Agree Saberhagen is odd man out for making the ballot. Leaning towards Gooden, Matttingly, Davis. Mattingly probably makes my MVP ballot too. If Gooden had managed to win his last start against the Skipjacks he probably would have made my CYA ballot.
      --Stieb looked like a lock for the CYA with just a couple weeks left in the season, but he really stumbled down the stretch. He lost his last 4 decisions, saw his ERA jump half a run and his team sink out of the playoffs. That probably pushes him off my ballot and opens the door for a homer vote for Anjuhar, Dotson (who finished as strong as Stieb did cold and pushed the Cider into the playoffs) and Hershiser.
      --I am also leaning towards Ripken and doubt any argument could sway me to anyone else. Moseby, Bell and Gary Carter will also be near the top of my ballot. Bit more muddled after that.


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        Did Mattingly not play last season that he is being looked at for ROY?
        Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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          MVP Ballot

          1. Cal Ripkin, Boys – 6th in batting average, 3rd in runs, and 4th in RBI’s, hit 40 doubles, 14 triples, and 18 homers while leading the Boys to the post-season.

          2. Lloyd Moseby, Tyrants – Hit .302 with 26 Doubles, 20 Triples and 19 Homers while also stealing 47 Bases. Amazing all around season. I originally had him lower on my list til I looked more closely at his numbers and realized how special a season he had.

          3. Don Mattingly, Thunder – Led the league in RBI’s with 128 and doubles with 49. 5th in Batting average.

          4. Alvin Davis, Jax - .405 OBP with 25 homers, 93 runs and 112 RBI’s while collecting 110 walks in just his first season almost leading the Lumberjacks to the post season.

          5. Dwight Evans, Skipjacks -28 Dingers with 114 Runs and 108 RBI’s while lleading the Skipjacks to the leagues best record earns him a top 5 spot. Batting average only thing that held him back.

          6. Eddie Murray, Beavers – Led the league in Runs Created, and Walks, while hitting 26 Homers, scoring 92 runs and knocking in 107 RBI’s

          7. Mike Schmidt, Llamas – Only player to hit over 40 Home Runs, leading the league with 41, and finished 3rd with 119 RBI’s. Batting average was low, but managed a respectable .353 OBP

          8. Gary Carter, Skipjacks – Always somewhere in the MVP discussion. His first season out of a Knights uniform was not his best but may be his most impressive offensively playing in Memorial Stadium. Hit .295 and belted 25 Homers while knocking in 114 Runs.

          9. Mike Easler, Corsairs – Led the league in hitting with a .337 Average. His limited plate appearances against lefties really cut into his other numbers, keeping him under the century mark in runs and RBI’s

          10. Kirk Gibson, Tyrants – 2nd in OPS hitting 30 Home Runs and scoring 112 Runs. His 23 Errors in Right Field were pretty brutal though.

          Cy Young Ballot
          1. Joaquin Andujar, Corsairs – Only pitcher to win 20 games this season. Threw 4 shutouts and tied for the lead in complete games. Finished 3rd in innings pitched too.

          2. Dave Steib, Badgers – Despite stumbling at the season’s end, finished 19-8 and led the league with 6 shutouts. 2nd in wins and 3rd in ERA.

          3. Richard Dotson, Iron – His 2.88 ERA was good enough for 2nd in the league, while his 17-7 record put him in 8th place in wins, and 7th in winning percentage.

          ROY Ballot
          Don Mattingly
          Dwight Gooden
          Alvin Davis
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          Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah


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            Originally posted by rmadachik View Post
            Did Mattingly not play last season that he is being looked at for ROY?
            He did not play in 83. This is his rookie campaign.
            "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame."
            - Sammy Sosa

            "Get a comfy chair, Sammy, cause its gonna be a long wait."
            - Craig Ashley (AKA Windy City Fan)


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              1. Cal Ripken, Maloy Boys - Put the Boys over the top in a close WC race.

              2. Gary Carter, Skipjacks - Arguably the best hitter on the best team and oh yeah, he was a catcher too!

              3. Buddy Bell, Angels - Fantastic slash line and some nice leather at third. Factor in that he played in a hitter's hell and its a really impressive season.

              4. Lloyd Moseby, Tyrants - CF with a terrific all around season. No sophomore jinx for last year's ROY.

              5. Tim Raines, Jaxx - With apologies to Davis, Raines was the sparkplug that drove the Jaxx offense.

              6. Eddie Murray, Beavers - With a better team, he would've been near the top.

              7. Mike Schimdt, Llamas - Lone bright spot for an otherwise dismal team.

              8. Mike Easler, Corsairs - Lacks playing time compared to others, but put up a great season at the dish when he was in the game.

              9. Keith Hernandez, Badgers - Led the Badger attack and almost got them to the promised land.

              10. Don Mattingly, Thunder - Fantastic rookie campaign. Lead he league in doubles and RBI. Finished 5th in BA and was the best fielding first baseman in the league who also moonlighted in center down the stretch.

              Cy Young

              1. Mattingly
              2. Davis
              3. Gooden
              "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame."
              - Sammy Sosa

              "Get a comfy chair, Sammy, cause its gonna be a long wait."
              - Craig Ashley (AKA Windy City Fan)


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                1. Cal Ripken, Maloy Boys
                2. Buddy Bell, Angels
                3. Lloyd Moseby, Tyrants
                4. Gary Carter, Skipjacks
                5. Alvin Davis, Jaxx
                6. Eddie Murray, Beavers
                7. Mike Easler, Corsairs
                9. Kirk Gibson, Tyrants
                10. Tim Raines, Jaxx

                Cy Young
                1. Dave Steib, Badgers
                2. Dwight Gooden, Corsairs
                3. Don Sutton, Skipjacks

                1. Alvin Davis, Jaxx
                2. Dwight Gooden, Corsairs
                3. Don Mattingly, Thunder

                Note - this was a particularly close group all around in all three races and the contenders shuffled throughout the year. There are people I left off all three lists who could make a case for winning the award. It speaks to the parity we had in the 1980s.
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                  1) Cal Ripken: SS who is near the top in a dozen offensive categories and lead his team to the playoffs
                  2) Lloyd Moseby: terrific season for Tyrants CF
                  3) Buddy Bell: GG 3B who tied for bating title and lead Angels to Division title
                  4) Gary Carter: best player on league's best team
                  5) Mike Easler: won the sabermetric triple crown
                  6) Kirk Gibson: power/speed combo
                  7) Gene Garber: super season for Skipjacks closer
                  8) Mike Schmidt: another great season, but could save Llamas from collapse
                  9) Don Mattingly: rookie takes the RBI crown
                  10) Tim Raines: another outstanding season for Jaxx 2b/leadoff man

                  1) Joaquin Andujar: only 20 game winner, 3rd in IP, 5th in ERA
                  2) Richard Dotson: finish strong to lead Hard Cider to playoffs
                  3) Orel Hershiser: lead in ERA by half a run per game

                  1) Dwight Gooden: lead league in K's and tied for 2nd in wins
                  2) Don Matttingly: see MVP comments
                  3) Alvin Davis: lead league in runs created for much of the season before fading with rest of Jaxx


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                    Here's an interesting stat I didn't know was listed:

                    Runs Created ERA

                    1. Hershiser - 2.73
                    2. Sutton - 2.94
                    3. Steib - 3.00
                    4. Gooden - 3.04
                    5. Dotson - 3.06


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                      1 - Cal Ripken
                      2 - Buddy Bell
                      3 - Lloyd Moseby
                      4 - Gary Carter
                      5 - Alvin Davis
                      6 - Eddie Murray
                      7 - Tim Raines
                      8 - Kirk Gibson
                      9 - Mike Easler
                      10 - Mike Schmidt

                      1 - Joaquin Andujar
                      2 - Dave Steib
                      3 - Oral Hershiser

                      1 - Alvin Davis
                      2 - Dwight Gooden
                      3 - Don Mattingly
                      CKL - Maloy Boys
                      P2PKL - Detroit Tigers


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                        Sparse turnout in the balloting:

                        1) Cal Ripken (unanimous)
                        2) Lloyd Moseby
                        3) Buddy Bell
                        4) Gary Carter
                        5) Eddie Murray
                        6) Alvin Davis
                        7) Mike Easler
                        8) Mike Schmidt
                        8) Time Raines
                        10) Kirk Gibson

                        1) Joaquin Andjuhar
                        2) Dave Stieb
                        3) Richard Dotson

                        3 way tie!
                        Mattingly, Gooden and Davis


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