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1985 Rookie Draft

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  • 1985 Rookie Draft

    Monday, November 11 (9:01 PM EST): Rookie draft clock starts - draft thread will go up sooner and picks will be permitted as soon as it does.
    Friday, November 29 (9 PM EST): Rookie draft ends
    --there is some extra time for the draft to avoid the free agent auction taking place during Thanksgiving week.

    Please advise of any errors on traded picks as soon as possible.

    First Round (24 hour clock)
    1) Dust Bunnies: Teddy Higuera
    2) Corsairs: Lenny Dykstra
    3) Legends: Jose Canseco
    4) Gold Sox: Mike Greenwell
    5) Iron: Andres Galarraga
    6) Llamas: Shaun Dunston
    7) Beavers: Vince Coleman
    8) Badgers: Ozzie Guillen
    9) Jaxx: Tim Burke
    10) Gold Sox from Thunder: Matt Nokes
    11) Dust Bunnies from Angels: Paul O'Neill
    12) Hard Cider: Cecil Fielder
    13) Knights from Tyrants: Kirk McCaskill
    14) Boys: Steve Ontiveros
    15) Corsairs: Roger McDowell
    16) Gold Sox from Skipjacks: Randy Myers

    Second Round (12 hour clock)
    17) Knights: Dan Pasqua
    18) Skipjacks from Gold Sox from Llamas: Devon White
    19) Legends: Rick Aguilera
    20) Boys from Gold Sox: Jack Howell
    21) Knights from Tyrants from Dust Bunnies: Todd Worrell
    22) Beavers: Oddibe McDowell
    23) Jaxx: John Cerutti
    24) Dust Bunnies from Angels: Floyd Youman
    25) Hard Cider:Lance McCullers
    26) Iron: Rob Murphy
    27) Legends from Thunder: John Dopson
    28) Badgers: Jose Guzman
    29) Tyrants: Mark Portugal
    30) Tyrants from Boys: Bill Swift
    31) Legends from Corsairs: JPat perry
    32) Dust Bunnies from Skipjacks: Ernie Riles

    Third Round (12 hour clock)

    33) Knights: Bill Wegman
    34) Corsairs from Llamas: Steve Buechele
    35) Dust Bunnies from Legends: [B]PChuck Cary/B]
    36) Gold Sox: Mariano Duncan
    37) Tyrants from Dust Bunnies: Bill Long
    38) Beavers: Steve Lyons
    39) Jaxx: clock expired, Bob Sebra
    40) Iron from Angels: Brian Fisher
    41) Hard Cider: Brian Holton
    42) Iron: Mark Knudson
    43) Dust Bunnies from Thunder: John Cangelosi
    44) Dust Bunnies from Badgers: Pat Clements
    45) Badgers from Tyrants: Charlie Kerfield
    46) Iron from Boys: Bob Kipper
    47) Corsairs: Edwin Correa
    48) Skipjacks: Bill Wilkinson

    Fourth Round (12 hour clock)

    49) Knights: Mike Gallego
    50) Badgers from Llamas: Steve Lombardozzi
    51) JAXX from Legends (via Dust Bunnies) : [I]Clock expired, make up due[/I
    ]52) Gold Sox: Bob Melvin
    53) Hard Cider from Dust Bunnies: Manny Lee
    54) Beavers:Al Newman
    55) Llamas from Jaxx: Curt Ford
    56) Dust Bunnes from Angels: pass
    57) Hard Cider:Rob Woodward
    58) Iron: Frank Eufemia
    59) Angels from Thunder: Rich Thompson
    60) Badgers: Pass
    61) Boys from Tyrants: Bob Patterson
    62) Corsairs from Boys: Gene Walter
    63) Corsairs: Mike Trujillo
    64) Skipjacks: Dave Shipanoff
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    I note the following errors in the listings above based on my data and on TIDP:

    Badgers #3: to Angels on to Dust Bunnies
    Thunder #4: To Dust Bunnies on to Angels
    Legends #4: to Dust Bunnies on to Lumberjacks

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum


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      In the first pick of the 1985 Rookie Draft, the Dust Bunnies select Teddy Higuera.
      Illegitimi Non Carborundum


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        --He was one of three guys I was looking at for 2nd pick. I'll decide between the other two shortly.


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          --After much deliberation the Knights select CF Lenny Dykstra. Had some serious character issues with both him and the better hitter I'm passing on, but Dykstra's speed, defense and earlier impact get the nod.


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            I agree with character issues. In the VAMBA League I have Reds. We get to keep 1 rookie each year. I traded away rights to Pete Rose, not so much because of gambling, more for personal contact when he was with Phillies.
            BTW, I inherited team from Scott.

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              I have 3 (#13, #14 and #20) of the first 20 picks in this draft. I would like to move 1 or 2 of these for a player that can help me in 1985 or for future picks.
              CKL - Maloy Boys
              P2PKL - Detroit Tigers


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                --Where do you need help? The Knights have an outstanding closer (Goose Gossage), solid 2b/3B (Ken Oberkfell) and a number of useful role players that might round out a deal. Any contract expiring after this year (or player who isn't usefull past this year) is VERY available.


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                  The Legends and Jaxx would both consider deals, depending on your needs Dan.
                  You see, you spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. J. Bouton


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                    Had to decide between two guys. Went with this one as, surprisingly (to me at least), he wouldn't make a bad 80s franchise player. The Legends may need that if we draft high over the next four years. BTW, it was rather distasteful to draft him based on what eventually transpired. With the number 3 pick, the Legends take:


                    JOSE CANSECO, OUTFIELD/DH
                    You see, you spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. J. Bouton


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                      At some point I'm going to have to stop taking outfielders because there just isn't enough room, but that point is not now. The Gold Sox select Mike Greenwell.


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                        Would anyone be so kind as to take our 4th round pick (59th overall) off our hands? It's the only pick we own and I haven't researched this year draft and really don't wish to put in the time and effort for just a mid 4th round pick. Will trade it for a 4th round pick in the 1986 draft. Any takers?
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                          --The Knights send LF Jim Rice to the Boys for the 13th overall pick in this draft. Dan will confirm.


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                            Originally posted by leecemark View Post
                            --The Knights send LF Jim Rice to the Boys for the 13th overall pick in this draft. Dan will confirm.
                            Welcome back Jim Rice...the Boys confirm.
                            CKL - Maloy Boys
                            P2PKL - Detroit Tigers


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                              With the 5th selection in the 1985 first year player draft the Milwaukee Iron select:
                              1B-Andres Galarraga

                              Was hoping to see Greenwell or Dykstra still here but happy to get The Big Cat!


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