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1963 Offseason Thread

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  • 1963 Offseason Thread

    --Okay, the offseason activity for 1963 has officially commenced. Trades may be posted starting now. Remember, one owner posts the trade and I make the adjustment in the program when the second owner confirms.
    --The deadline for non-tendering players without having them count against your 1963 cap figure will be Thursday, July 6 at midnight EST. Anyone not non-tendered by that time will count against your salary cap (including the 250K raise if applicable).
    --The rookie draft will commence at 9 PM EST on Thursday, July 13. The first 3 rounds will be conducted that evening so please either be there or get a draft list to somebody who will be. I don't have a pick until round 3, so I'll be happy to draft for anybody who needs a proxy. The draft will continue through however many rounds we get to by midnight EST on Wednesday, July 19.
    --Two owners had PFA's already signed to multi-year FA deals. These players (Willie Davis of Hard Cider and Al Smith of the Diablos) are considered to be demanding trades. Mac and ElHalo have until the end of the draft (midnight EST on July 19) to try and make a deal. At that time, if no deal has been made, they will be exposed to waivers for 24 hours (up to the start of the PFA auction). The team with the worst 1962 record to make a claim will assume their contract. If no team is interested in doing that, they will remain with their original team.
    --The Premium Free Agent auction (PFA) will commence at 9 PM EST on Thursday, July 20. We will be auctioning off the 7 PFA's one at a time, from least to most expensive. Again if you can't be there, please get a bid list to someone who can help out. The secondary free agent auction will commence immediately after the close of the PFA and run through 11 EST on Monday, July 24. Anybody not at 40 players at this point must release excess players or sign left overs to get there. The deadline for being at 40 players will be midnight EST, July 25. If you are below 40 at that point you will be assigned at 250K penalty for each vacant roster space. If you are over, I will release however many minimum wage players needed to get you there.
    --Our new owners in training will have the next 10 days to pick through any players left over to get their rosters filled up. No established team may sign players during this 10 day window. The owners in training may add 1 player per day during this period, with the exception of the last day when they may sign however many they need to get up to 40. WARNING: owners in training who don't participate in the roster filling activity will have their team revert back to the league.
    --The deadline for submitting manager profiles, lineups, etc will be noon EST on Sunday, July 30 (Yes, I know this is only mid-way through the doormat roster filling - only their first couple signing are likely to make the 25 man active roster and I'll run their existing profile if they aren't ready). Games will begin Monday, July 31.
    --Welcome back and good luck.
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    1963 rosters

    --Here are the ratings for your 1963 rosters. For those new to the league, rating rank how good a players is going to be at various phases of the game from Excellent to Very Good to Average to Fair to Poor. In the defensive rating, a player will get a range rating and outfielders and catchers will also get a throwing rating. The numerical ratings are a comparison to league average. On defense a 100 error ranking would mean that player would have an average number of errors for his position. Higher would be more and lower less. The exception would be passed balls for catchers where the number is a projection for PB per 100 games.
    --For base stealing there are two rankings. Jump indicates how often the program will allow a player to attempt to steal ( a PR jumper will seldom attemtp no matter how aggressive you set your team up). The second rating is for success rate. This allows a guy who stole 3 bases in 3 tries to not get thrown out (much), but doesn't allow him to morph into Maury Wills.
    --Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish on translating this data.
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      Hard Cider trade their 4th round pick in the upcoming '63 draft to the Redbirds for catcher Jimmie Schaffer.
      "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
      - Danielle Rousseau


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        Available Players

        --Attached is the list of all eligible players not currently on a roster. Remeber only those who made their first MLB appearance are eligible for the rookie draft. All players with previous experience will join the non-tendered players in the secondary free agent market. If you see a player who should be on a roster and not eligible, please let me know so I can make the correction.
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          Knights for sale

          --The Knights have a number of players available for the right price.
          --Billy Stafford has an arm injury that will render him useless for 1963, but he bounces back for a nice 1964 season. Barney Schultz fell into a fit of depression over his collapse in the 1962 Diamond Classic Series and will be mediocore (but okay as a long/mopup man) in 1963. He will recovered to have an outstanding 1964 campaign and a solid 65. Draft picks wanted.
          --Johnny Romano celebrated his big 1962 season a little too hard and is headed for a disappointing and injury plagued season in 1963. He bounces back with 3 120+ OPS+ years, but phenom Tim McCarver makes him expendable in the right deal.
          --Max Alvis had a big season in the minors last year and looks ready to make a nice contribution in 63 (118 OPS+ and solid D at third). However, he is blocked by Eddie Mathews with the Knights. We are hoping to deal him for a replacement for free agent Rfer Roger Maris. Or Eddie Mathews could be had for a blockbuster offer.


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            Trade: Skipjacks / Cannons

            With the PFA release of Milt Pappas the Skipjacks are now $5 mil under the cap, which facilitates this deal:

            Skipjacks to Cannons
            - Ron Perranoski ($6.5)
            - Fred Whitfield ($.5)
            - 1st round pick, 1964

            Cannons to Skipjacks
            - Whitey Ford ($10.5)

            Cannons, please confirm.


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              Going for the wins record in '64, JW? Horlen, Chance and Ford might all win 25+.
              "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
              - Danielle Rousseau


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                Originally posted by mac195
                Hard Cider trade their 4th round pick in the upcoming '63 draft to the Redbirds for catcher Jimmie Schaffer.

                --Thats really starting the offseason out with a blockbuster .


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                  Premium Free Agents

                  --This years "premium" free agent crop consists of 7 players;
                  Andre Rodgers of the Gamblers
                  Woody Held of the Legends
                  Earl Battey of the Avengers
                  Clete Boyer of the Cannons
                  Bill White of the Redbirds
                  Milt Pappas of the Skipjacks
                  Roger Maris of the Knights
                  --Some helpfull guys in that crew, but it seems unlikely any will pocket the huge money of last year's group.


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                    Cannons confirm the trade with the Skipjacks.


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                      Well, I needed a part time right handed catcher for '63, and Schaffer might be the only decent one availible cheap. Battey will cost a lot, and I'm sure you'll want substantial value for Romano... more than I need to be givng up for a new catcher. Having Schaffer should let me keep Pavletich in the minors another season, so I won't have to increase his salary.
                      "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
                      - Danielle Rousseau


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                        --Decent is a pretty generous adjective for Schaeffer, but I guess you could do worse for a backup. A 4th rounder probably wasn't going to get you much anyway.
                        --JW, Ford is a pretty nice addition for making a run in 63, much less 64. Salary dump Chris?


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                          Knights Non-tenders

                          --The Knights announce the non-tender of 6 players; Lou Johnson, Chet Nichols, Jerry Zimmerman, Don Rudolph, Frank Thomas and Frank Torre. 1962 Rookie of the Year Don Rudolph was the surprise of the group. Rudolph pitched the second half of the season with an elbow problem that required frequent cortizone shots. Team doctors strongly recommended offseason surgery, but Rudolph refused - fearing it would end a career that took a dozen years to get going. Today's moves, coupled with Roger Maris official removal from the roster, brings the Knights payroll to 80.75M for 37 players.


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                            1963 Rookie Draft

                            --Lots of traded picks, so please let me know if I missed anything here
                            First Round
                            1) Hard Cider from Gamblers
                            2) Legends
                            3) Diablos
                            4) Shoeless Joes
                            5) Cannons
                            6) Legends from Redbirds
                            7) Skipjacks
                            8) Gamblers from Knights via Skipjacks
                            9) Legends from hard Cider
                            Second round
                            1/10) Gamblers
                            2/11) Legends
                            3/12) Diablos
                            4/13) Hard Cider from Avengers
                            5/14) Hard Cider from Cannons
                            6/15) Shoeless Joes from Redbirds
                            7/16) Skipjacks
                            8/17) Legends from Knights
                            9/18) Hard Cider
                            Third round
                            1/19) Gamblers
                            2/20) Legends
                            3/21) Diablos
                            4/22) Shoeless Joes
                            5/23) Cannons
                            6/24) Redbirds
                            7/25) Gambler from Skipjacks via Hard Cider
                            8/26) Knights
                            9/27) Hard Cider
                            Fourth round
                            1/28) Gamblers
                            2/29) Legends
                            3/30) Diablos
                            4/31) Shoeless Joes
                            5/32) Cannons
                            6/33) Redbirds
                            7/34) Skipjacks
                            8/35) Knights
                            9/36) Redbirds from Hard Cider
                            --If we go past the 4th everyone still has their own picks.
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                              Hard Cider non-tenders are marked on the roster thread.
                              "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
                              - Danielle Rousseau


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