We started our league back in 1993. It was an 8-team NL-only points league. We've added players in the past and morped alot of things over the past (almost 20 years), but 50% of the original core is still in tact... EDIT: our core from 1993 is 25% in tact - our core from 1994 is 60% (6 of 10).

We changed this league into a full NL/AL league in '96, became a keeper-style system by 1998 and then changed to an AL-only in 2007. Every rule was created by us and even still most of what we invented back in the day still stands.

Anybody who remembers doing roto/fantasy ball back then knows that resources were hard to come by. All scoring was done manually by me for 7 years on a printed out spreadsheet with a calculater, pencils and alot of erasers. I scored everything on the final day of the week (Sunday) and would start at about 11AM and finish around 7PM - you young kids don't know how good you have it now that everything's automated lol.

I was digging thru some boxes I had back when I moved into my apartment. Some of them haven't been opened since 2000 or so and were buried in my closet. I came across my first ever team I drafted in '93. It brings back memories, and I really missed the target on offense since those who grabbed Rockies slobs were very well rewarded. Here it is...

SP - Jose Rijo
SP - Ken Hill
SP - Charlie Hough
SP - Mike Morgan
SP - Tom Candiotti
P - Rheal Cormier
P - Stan Belinda
CL - Bryan Harvey

C - Tom Pagnozzi
1B - Eric Karros
2B - Delino Deshields
3B - Tod Zeile
SS - Barry Larkin
OF - Marquis Grissom
OF - Ron Gant
OF - Brett Butler

B - Derrick May OF
B - Archi Cianfrocco IF
B - Geronimo Pena IF
B - Jeff Conine OF

Not a pretty sight, though it was good enough to get me 3rd place - mainly on the back of Rijo, Hill, Harvey, Larkin, Gant and Grissom.

Derrick May was a great surprise for me and became more involved as the season rolled along. I also really thought Geronimo Pena was going to turn into the next great 2B - I missed that one.

Anybody else have their first teams?