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The worst HOF Nominees

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  • The worst HOF Nominees

    Every year they come with the ballot and there's at least one name there that just plain makes you scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking of. I'm not talking about borderline candidates or even flash in the pans that had a couple of good years and at some point made people think that just maybe they might develop into HOFers. I'm talking about guys that when they played in the other league you didn't even know who they were; or even if they played in the same league as your favorite team you didn't know which team they were playing for.

    The name that comes to mind for me is Scott Sanderson - he was on the ballot a couple of years ago. His thoroughly pedestrian 163-143 record wasn't punctuated by anything remotely resembling a HOF peak - his career high in wins was 17 and he passed 12 wins just 3 times. His career ERA+ was a yawn inducing 102. His only claim to fame is that he is 54th on the all time list for K/BB ratio. He does appear on one other top 100 list ... but I don't think that he brags too much about being 38th on the all time gopherball list ...

    So, who do you think was the worst player to make it on the ballot?
    97 years and counting ...

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