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Jim Rice Not Hall-Worthy?

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  • Jim Rice Not Hall-Worthy?

    I was a huge Jim Rice fan when I was a kid; he absolutely dominated the A.L. for a period of 4-5 years. I used to think he was a first-ballot HOFer... but now I have changed my mind. Despite his prodigious power, his HR supremacy didn't last long; his last good/great year was '86, after that he "mailed it in." Moreover, he was a one-dimensional player (great hitter, poor fielder, no speed) who benefitted from hitting in Fenway. 382 homers is good, but rather disapppointing, given his "superstar image." Lastly, the issue of character. From things I have read and heard, Rice was a highly unpopular teammate and treated virtually everyone badly. I realize "character" is a subjective term, but it should count for something! Overall, he doesn't belong in Cooperstown.

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