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carlos delgado's chances

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  • carlos delgado's chances

    what do people think about carlos delgado's chances? he hasn't passed any of the 4 tests yet, but he's still only 33 years old , has 7 100 rbi seasons, and has done pretty well in mvp voting, finishing as high as 2nd in 2003. he has 369 homers, which seems rather good for a 33 year old, and baseball ref sees him as comparable to greenberg and kiner already. i think he has a decent shot at getting in.
    i think what could potentially derail his chances is going to the mets though. barring something very weird happening,he's certainly passed his peak- and would almost certainly put up bigger numbers in texas, boston, or some other hitter's park instead of shea. it's speculation, but what do you guys think?

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