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what does Curt Schilling need to do to get in the HOF?

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  • what does Curt Schilling need to do to get in the HOF?

    For many years, Curt Schilling has been my favorite pitcher. In my opinion, there is not a better big-game guy active today. However, while he is undeniably one of the premier hurlers of his era, his career numbers will be severely hurt by the fact that he lost parts of five different seasons due to injury between the ages of 27 and 34. It didn't help either that, except for 1993, he played on losing Phillie ballclubs. However, he may be a late-bloomer, and he might buck the odds and keep performing at the level he's currently at for more than just the next couple of years. If he could average 16 victories a year for the next five years (very possible so long as he stays healthy), he'd end up with about 235 victories. Will that be good enough to get him in? Not by itself, but maybe with enough other credentials, he'll slip in. One of his more solid credentials will be his career strikeout total, which will have climbed past 3,000 before he's done (he's currently at 2348). Another thing that can only help his chances is his post-season performance. Before he was co-MVP of the 2001 World Series, he was MVP of the Phils' triumphant NLCS over the Braves in '93. He's 5-1 in 6 post-season series. If he makes it to another Fall Classic or two, his Cooperstown fate could become assured. Memorable WS moments can go a long way towards being remembered years later. Nonetheless, barring a run of three or four more 20-win/300 strikeout seasons, he'll probably be a borderline candidate along the lines of a Don Drysdale or Jim Bunning.

    What do people think? Does my man Curt have what it takes to join the immortals in Cooperstown someday?
    "The kid doesn't chew tobacco, smoke, drink, curse or chase broads. I don't see how he can possibly make it." - Richie Ashburn

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