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The rest of the 2006 class

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  • The rest of the 2006 class

    My choices are highlighted. What say you?

    Negro Leagues Ballot
    Allen, Newt
    Hughes, Sammy T.
    Parnell, Red
    Beckwith, John
    Jenkins, Fats
    Pompez, Alex
    Bell, William
    Lundy, Dick
    Posey, Cum
    Brewer, Chet
    Mackey, Biz
    Scales, George
    Brown, Ray
    Manley, Effa
    Suttles, Mule
    Brown, Willard
    Marcell, Oliver
    Taylor, Candy Jim
    Byrd, Bill
    Minoso, Minnie
    Taylor, CI
    Cooper, Andy
    Moore, Dobie
    Torriente, Cristobal
    Dixon, Rap
    Oms , Alejandro
    Wilkinson, J.L.
    Donaldson, John
    O’Neil, Buck
    Wilson, Jud

    Pre-Negro Leagues Ballot
    Grant, Frank
    Hill, Pete
    Johnson, Home Run
    Mendez, José
    Poles, Spot
    Redding, Cannonball Dick
    Santop, Louis
    Taylor, Ben
    White, Sol

    Ford C. Frick Award
    Tom Cheek
    Bill King
    Ken Coleman
    Tony Kubek
    Dizzy Dean
    Denny Matthews
    Jacques Doucet
    Graham McNamee
    Gene Elston
    Dave Niehaus
    1968 and 1984, the greatest ever.

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    If I understand you correctly, you are saying that only Buck O'Neill among the Negro Leaguers will make it? Each man gets an individual up/down vote by a panel of guys specifically selected for their expertise on the Negro Leagues. Furthermore, this has been advertised as the last go-round for Negro Leaguers. While there may be some vote in the future notwithstanding this idea floated by Cooperstown, it stands to reason that if Cooperstown is thinking that way, the panelists are likely to put in everybody among those 39 who they think are qualified, at least to a point. They might feel sheepish about voting for all 39, for instance. Anyway, with the way this is set up, the induction of only one Negro Leaguer would be a huge upset.

    If you want to see some other perspectives on the Negro League selections or to join in the for pride only contest I've set out in this thread: feel free to take a look and/or join in.

    Jim Albright
    Seen on a bumper sticker: If only closed minds came with closed mouths.
    Some minds are like concrete--thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.
    A Lincoln: I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.


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      Do you honestly think players like Torriente, Suttles, and Mackey aren't HOFers? If you don't, then, well, there's just nothing I can say. Try doing some research on them. I hope I'm misunderstanding.


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