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    Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose
    When Nettles was playing, there was Schmidt and Brett and a significant drop off. By the time Wade Boggs came around, the chasm became more apparent. I'm not taking anything away from Nettles, he was a very good player for some very good teams, but you'll have a hard time selling a .248 batting average to the great majority of baseball fans, the ones who are the ones mostly going the the actual museum.
    A closer look reveals not much of a significant difference, looking at all aspects of the player, between Brooks Robinson and Nettles. But for whatever reason Robinson was held in higher regard. The Fame factor that is sneered at but seems to somehow resonate with the people who actually vote.
    Nettles was a great player. Forget the BA, look at everything else he did. You'll find he did everything else just about as well as it could be done. Then there's the BA that draggs him down, but IMO not enough. In any way I measure players, Nettles is probably better than Brooks, though I rate Brooks ahead because of contemporary respect (as much as I hate it, I have to consider it sometimes)

    Nettles is HOF quality player, but if what you say about him never being regarded as that good is true, I'm not sure if I can endorse him as a HOFer.


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