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    I was just curious to see who everyone thinks have been the top 10 Designated Hitters in major league history. When considering a player, could you limit him to just his time as a DH, and not include any achievements made as a player at another position? I feel I have to have some kind of career minimum - say 4000 career at bats as a DH. Maybe that's too many. You decide. The DH as been around for over thirty years, and I feel like I don't have a good grasp on who have been the top players at that position, other than Edgar Martinez, Paul Molitor, and Harold Baines.

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    I've never really thought about making a DH ranking. I think it's because the list is really skewed because it discounts a century of the game. Imagine how different some players careers would have been if they had the luxury of the DH. Ralph Kiner? Hank Greenberg? Frank Thomas?

    Anyway, in addition to the three players you mentioned, I'm guessing I'd probably have at least some of the following in my top 10 DH list:

    - Frank Thomas
    - Hal McRae
    - Don Baylor
    - Chili Davis
    - David Ortiz
    - Jose Canseco


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      4000 career at bats would not be a good cut off since there have only been 6 players with more than that many. Here are my top DHs

      1. Edgar Martinez
      2. Paul Molitor
      3. Harold Baines
      4. Frank Thomas (has only batted .278 as a DH!)
      5. David Ortiz (Will go higher after a couple more years)
      6. Jim Rice
      7. Hal Macrae
      8. Jose Canseco
      9. Chili Davis
      10. Don Baylor
      11. Andre Thorton
      12 Willie Horton
      13 Rico Carty


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        100+ Runs Created Above Average
        647 Edgar Martinez
        479 Paul Molitor
        306 Jose Canseco
        284 Harold Baines
        277 Brian Downing
        244 Chili Davis
        226 Hal McRae
        218 Don Baylor
        207 Oscar Gamble
        175 Andre Thornton
        159 David Ortiz
        144 Cliff Johnson
        115 Travis Hafner
        108 Ken Phelps

        These guys were a DH a majority of their careers.

        100+ Runs Created Above Average as a DH
        519 Edgar Martinez
        295 Frank Thomas
        275 Paul Molitor
        227 Hal McRae
        208 Harold Baines
        180 Chili Davis
        166 Oscar Gamble
        153 David Ortiz
        136 Brian Downing
        115 Travis Hafner
        113 Jose Canseco

        This list counts only seasons at DH.

        Both lists are comparing the individuals to
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